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The following is an excerpt from the "Vilous Journal of Higher Physics"...


Not a single discovery since electricity has been so impactful than the discovery of Bluespace for Humanity. Without it, the interstellar society humanity has built would have been absolutely impossible and just a pipe dream. But what is Bluespace? Which properties does it hold? And how does Humanity exploit this phenomenon? The following article will try to explain.

What is Bluespace

First of all, it is to be determined what Bluespace is. Which is harder to do than simply explaining how a cell functions. First of all, we are not exactly sure what it is. Fact is, we cannot access it with any other means beyond "creating" bluespace by isolating a pocket of realspace and saturate it with the natural catalysts that cause phenomenons associated with Bluespace. This has led to the theory that Bluespace as such does not exist.

What is known, however, that Bluespace seems to work on lower frequencies of excited matter than our universe, henceforth called "Realspace". This places it "under" realspace, as opposite of "redspace", the higher excited matter plane discovered by Dr. Kisuke Gema.

Bluespace dimensional space is remarkably malleable and the constants of physical properties can be changed with impulses of simple electrical currents and mathematical formulas amplifying or diminishing amplitudes of frequency - Thus, a correctly executed series of events can change the volume, mass and other physical properties of the created Bluespace bubble and the objects within.

What are catalysts

'When we speak of catalysts, we chiefly speak of a sub particle of quantum mechanics, the Alden-Saraspova particle. Currently, only the material "Phoron" is known to exhibit Alden-Saraspova particles naturally, making it chiefly used to facilitate Bluespace Effects, as the synthetic process of creating these catalysts is both dangerous and energy intensive. Enriched phoron is an extremely important resource for Humanity, as it makes extrasolar travel both possible and comfortable.

How do we use Bluespace

The main use of Bluespace is evident as soon as we gaze upon the stars - Travel amongst them. This is facilitated by the acceleration of a ship capable of interstellar travel and opening an isolated spot of Realspace and enriching it with the catalysts needed and boring through this bubble into another spot of Realspace, creating a tunnel. Then, through aforementioned excitement through electrical currents, the catalysts are arranged to compress their volume between these two spots. The ship passes through the bubble to the destination by a much shorter, compressed distance. This is not quite true faster-than-light travel, as the ship never reaches relativistic speeds, but currently it is impossible to reach lightspeed in Realspace anyway.

The other main use is communication, where ansibles and quantum entangled is supplemented with optical light signals through miniature bluespace tunnels to communication sattelites and towers, creating a sort of optical network similar to early 21th century Internet, making it possible to near lagless communication across vast distances. An email from Vilous to Sol only takes 10 minutes with moderate noise in the network! However, this speed is diminshed when someone tries to download larger packets of information through the extranet, as well making packet loss a dangerous prospect to everyone who thinks he can send out his mindstate through the extranet.

There are several, more esoteric usages of bluespace, like hammerspace backpacks or experimental teleportation devices. There is even rumours of extradimensional travel or Einstein-Rosen Bridges into the future or past. This, however, is still unproven and likely not possible.