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As you walk and move about on station, your starting nutrition bar will start to drain from starting green, down to dark red; if your hunger bar turns black, you've eaten way too much. The effects of fullness and hunger are equally bad, so it is best to stay at a happy medium. So keep in mind how much you've eaten and how long it has been since you last ate, and you will be fine.

Go with the rule that, "If you have a hard time getting it down, don't eat any more". Note that nutrition is typically slow-release, so if you don't fill up immediately, you will in the near future.

Several reagents will increase your fullness:

  • Nutriment, found in most foods. This is the main one, and the most effective.
  • Most food-type reagents, such as sugar, sprinkles, coco, corn oil, cherry jelly. Also found in foods.
  • Some alcoholic drinks.



If you drop to dark red, you move very slowly and your description reveals your lack of eating habits. You are starving, this is not good! You will move slowly until you eat some food, so head to the chef for a burger or slice of meatbread!

Some things will decrease your hunger faster:

  • Vomiting
  • Being cold (by exposure to cold environments or because you were in a cryo tube)
  • Recovering from blood loss
  • Taking Lipozine
  • Some viruses

If you eat too much, your description will note that you are "chubby". Too little, and you will be described as "malnourished".



  • Kahlua = Coffee Liqueur
  • Vodka = Tunguska Triple Distilled
  • Whiskey = Uncle Git's Special Reserve

Many of these drinks, while they do have toxic ingredients, are not toxic in and of themselves. However, because they have toxic ingredients, if you mess them up, you will poison your patrons--not something a good bartender wants to do. An evil one, though...

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol. Depending on how much you drink, you may slur your speech, get dizzy, start stumbling around, and even pass out. Just as in real life, the more slowly you drink, the less you are affected by alcohol. Some species have special reactions to alcohol: Skrell will always treat any alcohol as extremely strong, and will get very drunk, very quickly. Humans will take liver damage from drinking too much; this damage happens at around the same level where the character passes out.

Drink List

Due to how often the drink list changes, and the nature of wiki-editing, instead of the list being here, it is routinely scraped out of the game data automatically and posted at the link below, so that it is always current and people don't need to come here to manually update it.

Click here for the current recipe list: VOREStation Drink List

Food Recipes

  • Milk, Soy Milk, Berry Juice, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, Cold Sauce, and Sugar are all measured in reagent units rather than by number of containers. They can be poured directly into the microwave.
  • Sliceable foods can be divided into smaller portions by slicing them. Their reagents are divided equally into the slices. The slices noted here are the maximum number of slices, which you can get by using a precise cutting tool like a kitchen knife, cleaver, or scalpel; crude cutting tools, like axes, shovels, and saws will result in fewer slices.
  • Condiments are reagents can be added to food, possibly increasing their nutrition value or adding some fun extras. A chef can create condiments by grinding up things that contain them and isolating them in the CondiMaster in the back room. Condiments let you put ketchup on your fries, salt in your soup, dylovene on your fish fingers, or psilocybin on your ghost burger--the possibilities are endless. Foods hold a maximum of fifty units of reagents.
  • Some poisonous foods can be prepared safely if Dylovene is added to the finished product, or if the poisonous reagent is neutralized somehow. Experienced chefs only!
  • Poisonous reagents are marked in red text. Reagents which have other, non-deadly effects--like intoxication, sleepiness, or the effects of hot or cold sauce--are marked in blue text.
  • Traitor chefs can make some sneaky substitutions.
    • Stew and Mushroom Pizza can be made with any type of mushroom. Using a poisonous mushroom in a dish will result in a poisonous dish.
    • Poisonous apples can be used in all apple dishes, and the final dish will be poisoned.
    • Slime jelly can be substituted for cherry jelly, and will poison the resulting food.
    • Special types of kabobs and burgers can be made with human meat. (It's still necessary to emag the gibber before butchering one's murder victims.)

Click here for the current recipe list: VOREStation Food List

Intermediate Ingredients

This section was very outdated and mostly misleading. If anyone would like to rewrite it, feel free. Most things are covered in the recipes list linked above

Reagents/Condiments/Recipes from Blending or Mixing:

To mix reagents, put them in the same container. You should hear a bubbling sound if it's successful.

This section was very outdated and mostly misleading. If anyone would like to rewrite it, feel free. Most things are covered in the recipes list linked above

Ingredients from Processor

This section was very outdated and mostly misleading. If anyone would like to rewrite it, feel free. Most things are covered in the recipes list linked above

Junk Food

When there's no chef, or the chef is serving unidentifiable, possibly toxic glop, most people resort to one of two things: grazing on produce or the vending machines.

Junk food requires no chef or machinery, but on the other hand, it's generally not as filling or interesting.


Item Source Reagents & Notes
Candy Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 1 Nutriment, 3 Sugar
Chips Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 3 Nutriment
Scaredy's Private Reserve Beef Jerky Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 4 Nutriment
4no Raisins Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 4 Nutriment
Space Twinkie Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 4 Sugar
Cheesie Honkers Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine 4 Nutriment
Syndi-Cake Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine (Hacked) 4 Nutriment, 5 The Doctor's Delight
Monkey Cube Stocked in Science and Virology. Kills you as a monkey grows inside you.

Add water to get a monkey. Also comes in other animal varieties, available through Cargo.


Item Source Notes
Dry Ramen Getmore Chocolate Corp vending machine Ramen is modeled as a drink to allow for adding water.
Hot Ramen Mix 3 parts Dry Ramen, 1 part Water
Hell Ramen Add 1 part Capsaicin to 6 parts Hot Ramen No more nutritious than Hot Ramen, but a lot hotter.
Space Cola Robust Softdrinks
Space Mountain Wind Robust Softdrinks
Dr Gibb Robust Softdrinks
Star-Kist Robust Softdrinks
Bottled Water Robust Softdrinks
Space-Up Robust Softdrinks
Vrisk Serket Iced Tea Robust Softdrinks
Grapel Juice Robust Softdrinks
Thirteen Loko Robust Softdrinks (Hacked) Alcoholic and caffeinated.
Robust Coffee Hot Drinks Machine
Duke Purple Tea Hot Drinks Machine
Dutch Hot Coco Hot Drinks Machine Can also be mixed (see Drinks).
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