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Hharar (“Highlander”)

The typical Tajaran.


Hharar are the first Tajaran met by humanity and thus are regarded as the typical “Tajaran”, a thought not far fetched from reality : Up to today, Hharar is the most populated ethnicity of Ahdomai.

Origin of the Ethnicity

Originated of the somewhat temperate regions of the southern hemisphere, Hharar were hill dwellers. Due to the warlike and expansionist mindset of the original Hharar, they quickly spread over the globe, where they intermingled with other ethnicities or replaced them completely. The modern Hharar hails from the northern plains.


Hharar culture dominates Ahdomai and is regarded as “main culture” on the planet. The system of clans, and clan families originated from Hharar bloodline castes. The belief of S'randarr and Messa was created too by the Hharar. Siik'Maas and Siik'Tjar are languages which descended from the dialect of the Hharar.

Relation with the other Tajaran

Hharar relations to other Tajaran ethnicities differ from individual to individual, but it can be safely assumed that there are communication problems and racism towards the others, as Hharar often think they are superior. The Overseers were almost all pure-bred Hharar.

Up to today, there are influential organizations to keep Hharar pure, which hinders interracial politics and relationships.

Relation to Aliens

Hharar are seen by the intergalatic community as “the” Tajaran. Generally, humanity is unaware that there are different ethnicities of Tajaran and see all Tajaran as Hharar, a mindset that Hharar tend to nurse. Especially when they see them as “true sons of the hills.”