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The People and society

Mermaids are a race from the aquatic world of Utholla, with fish tails for a lower half, and lungs that can process both water and air for oxygen. Their ears are long and pointed, giving much needed sensitivity while underwater, and their hands are webbed, despite how some would imagine them, and have a slit that functions as their vagina right at where on a normal human the vagina would be, between their 'hips', just below where the tail starts, males having a penis in the same location. Their hair has a large variety of natural colours, from bright reds, to greens, to yellows, and any colour in between, and sometimes multiple at once. Their eyes however, tend to be blue or green. As can be expected from the name, they have a rather large gender ratio, with males being at max 10% of the population. As such, they can be rather protective of their men and they are rarely seen outside their underwater communities. Oddly, they DO seem cross species compatible with Humans and some types of Naga, though with humans the child is always a Mermaid, and Naga its a Sea Snake Naga.

The difference in body structure is rather small, all things considered, males being generally larger then women, having tails that are at max nine feet long, and torsos that are three four and a half long, having a large variety of builds. They often leave their communities, but never for to long unless they are going to live in another place, and are the ones most often at the center of a mass of mermaids trying to breed, but often they travel in groups to avoid such, instead looking for single willing mermaids who are waiting for a male. Sometimes, these bands of males can get rather predatory against women, generally after they have been made to partake in mating with dozens of mermaids against their will, seeing out, ambushing, and raping females they can.

Females, meanwhile, have tails up to seven feet in length, and torsos five feet long, encompassing a variety of builds, and are often the ones that people see when they see a mermaid. Often, packs of up to thirty younger females will roam around, going after any male they can find in an attempt to mate with them, sometimes ambushing as many as thirty men in a single day if they can find them. This behavior is in a weird position legally, as on one hand it keeps the population up, and on the other it IS rape. The behavior is thankfully, highly rare these days, most often a woman will just sit in a park and advertise her arousal and eagerness, letting people have sex with her in a free love type atmosphere.

This lack of men leads to a quite bi-sexual society, and one of rather carefree sex between multiple partners, with some Mermaids just sitting on a rock in the middle of a park or other such area, and advertising their arousal, leading to common scenes of public sex. They give birth, and carry their children, in a similar way to humans, having a child grow in them for around ten months before being given birth to. Their tails can either a solid colour of a large variety of hues, or patterned like various other fish, this sometimes changes with time or age, the age of thirty usually seeing them develop a pattern, though some do not, and others are born with one.

Their diet generally consists heavily of fish, with plant matter being various sea weeds and algeas, but the eating of fish leads some to call them cannibals, despite this not being the case at all. It is unknown if this is a joke or not, but Mermaids tend to take it personally. What to many people is normal meat, coming from land animals, is often unappealing to them, possibly due to its particular balance or nutrients and minerals, or just due to texture compared to their usual diet of fish. Land vegetables and fruit however, are quite sought after to add more variety to their diets, carrots and potatoes being favorite imports when possible.

One interesting thing that seems to happen among groups of mermaids is the occasional abduction of one or more men from ships or seaside homes, to illegally make them into Mermen. While completely illegal, and large attempts are made to deal with it to keep interracial relations good, it still happens, with rumors that a lot of high government officials partake in it in order to reproduce themselves, especially if the transformation results in one of the rarer giant Mermen.

The Government

Utholla is a planet ruled by the Mermaid Confederacy, a global representative democracy currently led by President Hephnair, though the system is similar to the old American style of government, with a split between a legal, legislative, and executive branch. Unlike the American system, its a run off vote for all candidates, meaning that your vote, if your candidate loses, transfers to your second choice, and so on, meaning that, to this day, their governmental system has over five hundred parties vying for both the presidency and the two thousand different senate seats.

They have, for the most part, perfected inter-planetary communications to ensure that none of their ten worlds are out of contact, especially during election periods, due to the high amount of people who actively vote at about 90% of the population. Their ten worlds are, as can be expected, mostly inhabited in the seas, with their land being left generally uninhabited. As such they are rather willing to accept other races to join them on their worlds and under their governments, so long as they are not racist themselves or are going to try to incite violence against any other races who migrate to them.

Their fleets however, are rather small, only around twenty corvettes in size due to more focus being put on getting along with their neighbors then fighting them. The low number is also due to how their ships are made generally, being filled with water to allow them to swim around inside it and access things in a sphere around them. Being already adjusted to the idea of being able to move in such ways, they have proven to be rather capable at maneuvers, if their ships are slow due to high mass.