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Resleeving is the process of putting a mind into a new body (the 'sleeve'), be that a copy of their original body, or an entirely new, maybe even custom-tailored body. It is the preeminent way to receive a new lease of life in the realms of Humanity. Other methods involve the more primitive "flash-cloning", still around in less technologically advanced societies or utterly frontier colonies.

The Backup Implant

The mindstate backup implant effectively replaces the clone scans of the past. The process is simply that medical (for organic crew) or robotics (for synthetic crew) injects an implant into the base of the skull, which begins storing and uploading the patient's memories and mindstate to a central database on the station every so often ((left purposely vague for RP purposes and 'forgetting' noncon scenes)).

Mindscan backups are invalidated by cryogenic technology, and handed off to other sectors if the subject leaves the station, or departs the station, thus resleeving crew that are not physically present and implanted on or near the station is not possible. This is just as much for privacy reasons as well as practical ones.

The Equipment

All staff wishing to be eligible for resleeving must have had a backup implant prior to needing to be resleeved, otherwise there will not be any mindstate backups of them, and they cannot be resleeved on station. They may have a backup stored with CC or another agency, and can be resleeved offsite.

The Body Printers

There are two types of manufactories for new sleeves: the growpod, and the SynthFab 3000. The former is capable of reproducing a wide variety of bodies, though it can only produce very small synthetic organs (such as a mechanical heart). Any synthetic limbs will be omitted during body production. The SynthFab 3000 is used for producing fully synthetic crew members from a previous scan, and does not require the blueprints to produce the pieces individually.

In both cases, the reproduction is not 100% perfect. Produced biological bodies may have genetic damage and will likely need treatment for such. It's perfectly feasible to perform this treatment BEFORE continuing with resleeving. Synthetic bodies may have minor damage that must be repaired as well.

The Resleeving Pod

The pod itself is the device by which you insert a backed up mind into a body. Just put the body into the pod, double-check on the resleeving pod's integrated screen that it's absent a mind and is the subject you're intending to resleeve, then use the console to inject their mind backup.

Note that some people have undergone scans at facilities with differing scanner technology, and that not every body can accept every mind. It just depends on the body, and how they were scanned. Note on the body scan the 'Mind Compatibility' score. If this is 'Low', then the body is unlikely to be viable with any mind other than the original being resleeved into it, and the resleeving pod will reject attempts to do otherwise.

Also note that resleeving is disorienting, particularly so if it is not your original body. Allow the patient to get their bearings, or administer drugs to alleviate their inevitable vision and motor control problems.

The Resleeving Console

This console allows you to inject minds into bodies in the resleeving pod, be they synthetic or organic, as well as browse the database of existing mind and body backups. Here you can review some basic statistics about each, and check to see if their mind backups are current. If they are not, it is likely they've met some untimely demise. The status of 'Past-due' on a backup does not necessarily indicate that they have expired RECENTLY, or even AT ALL. It could be that they were affected by an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed the implant, or that it was in a limb that was lost, but the owner is still alive.

Regardless, if the person in question is unable to be contacted, it's likely safe to assume they should be resleeved, and the medical/robotics technicians can begin working on that.

Legal Implications

  • Printing bodies and using them for non-emergency purposes without 'owner' consent is negligence.
  • Overwriting a functioning, living mind in a working body is murder.
  • Creating copies of the same mind in multiple bodies ("forking") is sedition.

The Meta/OOC Stuff

The 'mind compatibility' and the existence of a bodyscan at all are both settings on the 'Vore' tab of character setup. You can disable having a body scan at all if you would prefer your character be DNC, or you can enable the 'body impersionation lock' setting which will prevent anyone else from impersonating you if you so desire. Any attempt to resleeve into your body will be denied.

Resleeving living people IS possible, though for the sake of allowing things like kidnappings to still have gravity, we'd suggest that you consider 'live resleeving' from a distance to be a dangerous operation, and that it may result in corrupted/lost memories. If you're all standing there in the resleeving room and you're just asking nicely for a new body because you want to try out being a Tajaran or something when you've always been a Human, then you can probably handwave the danger for RP purposes. Basically: Don't let resleeving take away RP options from people, only let it add them.

It's also possible to OVERWRITE living people with the resleeving pod. Just make sure this is a reasonable thing for your characters to be doing, as it's hyper-illegal. Make sure prefs align and yadda yadda.

The rules are generally the same as for clone memory disorder, where you can/can't remember how you died (if you even died) and whatnot, in whatever way most optimally protects the scenes. See Guide to Vore#Being Resleeved for details.