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WIP IIC Station Events Page.

Listed below should be a collection of the chronicles of Virgo station. We would like to implore you to offer any information you can about the shift to shit action of the station. From a first hand IC interview to a simple vague rumor would be more then appreciated.

Timeline of Adephagi station operations.



An Exodus-class space station is purchased from an orbital shipyard in Tau Ceti, and is shipped to the Virgo-Erigone system.

January: The NSS Adephagia begins operation as the first Virgo Orbital Research Establishment (VORE-1) with Kessmia Mills as its first Captain. It is minimally crewed with only some heads of staff, even excluding a Head of Security.

February: VORE-1's crew exceeds 20 people for the first time.

March: An engineer from VORE-1 is knocked into orbit during an asteroid storm. He survives his injuries and ends up aboard the derelict remains of the Virgo Research Outpost, where he finds evidence of a conspiracy to kill the station's inhabitants, and that the alleged meteor storm was nothing but a cover-up. NanoTrasen blames Lead Supervisor Townes for the deaths and subsequent cover-up. SolGov issues a warrant for Townes's arrest. Townes disappears into hiding.

April: During a company celebration of VORE-1's success, James Townes returns from hiding alongside sympathizers from the Syndicate, and hijacks the NDV Brutus. In response, Captain Harmony Prechtl leads Operation Magnum, which results in the death of former Colonel Townes.

May: VORE-1 is intentionally destroyed in a code Delta nuclear detonation by Captain Jeremiah Acacius during an emergency caused by a xenobio slime infestation that got out of control and attained a hivemind-like sentience. VORE-2 is purchased and shipped in two weeks later, and replaces VORE-1. It is also an Exodus-class station, but with some modernization upgrades.

October: A crew from VG-Box outpost in the Tau Ceti system are somehow flown thousands of light years off course to the VORE-2 by mistake. The Red October Riot occurs, resulting in the complete loss of the VG-Box crew. The reason for the erroneous redirect to NSS Adephagia remains a mystery to this day. A memorial plaque is put up outside the VORE-1 bar in the aftermath of the incident.

December: Tal is annexed under SolGov's control, granting Sol Central passports to Sergals, and later Nevareans. These two races begin leaving Vilous to work for various corporations and businesses, including NanoTrasen.


The Redspace Crisis takes place. Between May and October, anomalous space-time rifts begin to appear in the Virgo-Erigone system, unleashing deadly creatures that terrorize the station's crew. A researcher aboard VORE-2 named Kisuke Gema spearheads research of the anomalies, and discovers a new field of inter-dimensional physics which becomes known as Redspace.

October: The Redspace Crisis ends with the destruction of a cultist citadel ship designed to open a massive gateway to the hellish creatures that had been invading the system. Captain Jeremiah Acacius is awarded the Medal of Exceptional Heroism by NanoTrasen for his role in the assault on the Citadel ship. Redspace anomalies in the sector decline sharply. Kisuke Gema is awarded with an honorary doctorate by the NanoTrasen Institute of Technology. He becomes the youngest member of the corporation with a doctorate.A lone image of the assault captured from the ships security system.

A lone image of the assault captured from the ships security system.
A lone image of the final assault during the Redspace Crisis, captured from the ships security system.

November: Chase Monroe re-emerges from a portal through time, appearing on the station.


Feb: The Space Nazi Incident begins. The USDF Jörmungandr is hijacked by an extremist organization called The Fourth Reich, which is commanded by Adolf Hitler look-alike who claims to have escaped 20th century Germany on Earth via time travel.

May: Chase Monroe and several V.O.R.E. crew members board a Nazi vessel threatening the Tajaran homeworld of Meralar with a planet-destroying Singularity Bomb. Chase Monroe activates the bomb prematurely aboard the ship in order to destroy it, and is killed in the implosion. Chase Monroe refused to have himself clone-scanned at any point prior to the incident, so his death was permanent. He is posthumously awarded the Medal of Extraordinary Heroism. NanoTrasen has created a documentary holofilm surrounding the exploits of Chase Monroe and the crew of the Adephagi. footage showcases the mission to investigate Syndicate-Nazi relations, the death of Sgt Chase Monroe, the Nazi retaliation and the 21 gun salute at Monroe's funeral. Sgt Monroe's Last Stand

June: USDF Admiral Glenn Pink conscripts V.O.R.E. crew members to aid in the recapture of his flagship, the USDF Jörmungandr. Operation Wolf Hunt brings an end to the Space Nazi Incident, and 'Hitler' is killed. ONI agents confiscate the body of the Nazi leader shortly afterwards.

December: The VORE-2 is retired and demolished in favor of VORE-3, which is an asteroid colony based on the blueprints of the Northern Star in the Vir system. Technical issues plague its deployment. NanoTrasen brings in a pair of experts from Kitsuhana Heavy Industries to oversee the technical development of the new station, which results in these issues being resolved.


Disciple of the Honk Mother Chuckles LeFuck, performed a miracle of the weird. Compressing themselves out of existence through traveling up their own Ass. His last words being "CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE!"



January: Kitsuhana Heavy Industries sells Resleeving technology to NanoTrasen, intended to replace traditional flash-cloning. Medical trials of the new technology begin on VORE-3.

The role of Captain is retired from use aboard NanoTrasen facilities in favor of the term Station Administrator, and later, Colony Director.


October: VORE-3 is decommissioned in favor of the tether on Virgo-3B, which is opened for operation, and is designated as the NSB Adephagia (VORE-4).

September: The Auream Imperium reveals its self to humanity, arriving in the Virgo-Erigone system under the command of Livius Thraun. However, conspiracies claim that ONI had known about the Imperium long before their public appearance.

2562: A Tesla engine prototype is built onto NSB Adephagia. Several accidents occur, causing insurance rates for the station to rise dramatically.



October: We have just received clearance to cover a concerning story here in Virgo-Erigone. Nanotrasen officials have asked that we greatly emphasize its importance! However, this story does contain content that could be considered disturbing to some readers. We ask those with weak constitutions to skip down to the ‘Summary’ section... Summary: Unknown band of criminals at large after fight with a Nanotrasen Search and Rescue team. Escaped with one hostage. Illegal body modifications and possible mind manipulation involved. Please exercise caution! Anyone with information is asked to report it to local authorites as soon as possible.