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Vasilissans are a carnivorous, large spider-like people with tall, lanky bipedal bodies covered in chitin, and four large spider-like limbs protruding from their backs. They come in a variety of colors and are extremely diverse in that aspect. The females are usually about a foot taller than the males, averaging in at about seven feet. The females are also much stronger than the males. Their faces have four eyes of solid and varying colors. On the top of their heads are strange, thick, leg-like feelers that are normally styled in much the same way as hair. Their color varies greatly and isn’t normally the same color as the Vasilissan’s body. They have several feelers and sharp claw-like limbs around their lipped human-like mouths. These mouths contain only fangs, a strange, bulbous, long tongue, and spinnerets, giving them the ability to spit large strands of silk from their mouths. Their faces are traditionally very pretty, long, and elegant, almost elf-like despite their hard chitin plating and lack of a nose.

From a temperate jungle planet, the Vasilissans were once solitary, territorial people until great queens began to subjugate them. These 'Star Queens' ruled with an iron fist and urged their subjects to expand her territory and to attempt to build great towering cities tall enough to reach the stars and their sun, which they believed to be gems of great magical power and spiritual significance. First contact has been made by NT, who rigorously tried to exploit their culture and adaptive architectural keenness, which went poorly for the Vasilissans until they have managed to contact the greater human diaspora.