Admin Guide: Quality Control Bans

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Or: Banning For The Greater Good

Quality control bans are bans for a player which has technically not broken enough rules to warrant a normal permaban, but have either caused enough continuous disruption to other players, generally create a toxic environment, or detract from the server or setting in enough ways that they must be removed to maintain a healthy server.

Quality control bans can be used in several cases, such as players who...

  • Have exceptionally poor grammar or communication skills to the point where other players are regularly not able to understand or work with them in-game.
  • Are consistently negative towards the server, playerbase, or rules with no indications that they will seek entertainment elsewhere or work with others to rectify their complaints.
  • Maintain a consistently dour attitude in public, including making awkward negative comments about their self-worth and how much they are disliked.
  • Show no sign of interest in the server’s intended playstyle, content, playerbase (e.g. those that are grossed-out by vore but insist on being here).
  • Consistently form cliques or mobs to influence the server politics, generally phrased as demands for satisfaction contrary to the Mission Statement.
  • Repeatedly line-toe rules and debate with admins when told to stop doing so.

QC bans are dangerous!

They can lead to believing you can arbitrarily select people you do not like and get rid of them, accusations of playing favorites, being early 20th century war-instigating polities, etc. In general, if someone is making you angry, they are probably breaking a rule and would warrant another type of ban. You should step away and reconsider your feelings.

If you feel sorry for the person, and they show no signs of improving, that may be the right time to QC ban them so they can seek their fun elsewhere without harming the overall health of the server.

If it is ever found that you have attempted to QC ban someone for unethical reasons (don’t like them, private disagreement, different vore prefs, etc), you will be removed as staff, and will find yourself regretting this decision.

QC bans require at least 75% admin support from all current administration staff (excluding those who have opted out).

Admins can choose to opt-out of the vote, and are disregarded from the final 75% total. Developers and other staff can submit advisory opinions towards the result, but are not considered part of the required 75%.