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A scary monster from the Nanotrasen Pictures horror holovid, "The Thing From Sector 67P".

Nanotrasen incorporated would like to remind all crew that the movie was a work of fiction and any similarity to any beings, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

Every screen on the station lights up with an image of a vast starfield, a small outline of a ship drifting past the disc of some great purple gas giant. The image cuts to a bold caption, reading "THEY SOUGHT THE SALVATION OF MANKIND."

The text fades, cutting to the ship landing on a frozen moon. Another caption appears. "THEY FOUND SOMETHING ELSE."

The image cuts to a hardsuited figure, shining a flashlight at a jagged breach in some buried hull. The image fades, then cuts to the same figure looking at something out of focus in the foreground, saying "I found something!" The image cuts again, to the inside of a laboratory, a man in a sterile mask probing at a fleshy mass with a scalpel.


The crew of the station run in a panic down the halls, it is not revealed what they are fleeing from. It cuts to another scientist deciphering the message from a distress beacon, the word "changeling" clearly visible in his notes.


Clearly paranoid crewmembers are arranged in some sort of mexican standoff, one of them holding a tank transfer bomb in his hands.


The music builds to a crescendo, lots of jump cuts, gunshots, and screaming, crewmembers in a panic, then the screen goes black, finally resolving the title.

"THE THING FROM SECTOR 67P - A Nanotrasen Pictures production."

After a brief flash of the credits, the image cuts to a female security officer in a dark maintenance tunnel, slapping a flashlight to get it to light up as the batteries fail. Suddenly, she looks up, pointing the faltering beam and her sidearm into the darkness, and in a stammering voice asks "W-who goes there?" A final jumpscare and a flash of teeth, along with an unearthly screech, and the trailer flickers off.