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The Redgate

The redgate in it's active state.
The redgate in it's deactivated state.

On each map, there is a publicly accessible gateway called the redgate. This gateway is free to use for all members of the crew and does not require any sort of preparation or special permission from command to access. They can generally be found in public areas with nothing preventing even visitors from popping in to explore them, and we encourage anyone who might be interested to go and have a look.

What is beyond the redgate?

Who knows!? We do not want to give away all the surprises of what you might find on the other side of the redgate, and the pool of potential maps there will likely grow and change over time anyway. However, you can expect a few common traits:

  • There will be vore mobs and lots of them! Teppi are particularly prevalent beyond the gate.
  • It will be safe for any crew member armed with nothing more than a toolbox to explore.
  • Mobs that can be found here tend to only attack in retaliation, or occasionally very weak hostile mobs may be present.
  • The vibe and appearance of the locations will vary greatly, you may find some locations ideal for your scenes.


Redspace is a catch-all term for anything that isn't realspace, or has another assigned name. It's a fancy name for "We don't know where or what this place is". Whilst it has some historical connotations of being associated with danger, this is only due to some encounters with redspace locations being hostile and not representative of all of redspace.