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Getting Started on Vorestation
The Basics General Help
Commands Server Rules
A Crash Course in Roleplaying
Character Creation Guide to Vore
Terminology More Guides

Welcome to the help page. Here's a bunch of information for you! See The Basics if you're new.


A basic, starter tutorial can be found on the this page. Additional guides can be found here.

Tips on roleplay can be found in A Crash Course In Roleplaying


  • To move, use the arrow keys. With hotkey mode enabled, WSAD is used for movement instead.
  • Either hit Tab or click 'Hotkey Toggle' to the right of the command line to toggle hotkey mode on or off.
  • Most hotkeys can still be accessed when hotkey mode is off by holding CTRL and hitting the hotkey.
  • To speak in game, type say "text" OR Click on the chat button on the bottom right. Once you do this, you will automatically have say " as your starting text on your command text line.
  • To speak on standard radio channels type say ";text". To speak on your department channel, use say ":h text".
  • To speak in OOC chat type ooc "text". You can ask questions about game mechanics in out of character (ooc) command or use the adminhelp command. Please do not state any information about anything IC related in OOC!
  • You can also locally speak in OOC to those within Say range using LOOC. Type looc "text"
  • Instead of asking over OOC, it's sometimes better to ask a question IC, such as "If someone should be doing something" in game. As in saying in your radio ";Should the security officer have a revolver?"
  • Left clicking an object makes you interact with your active hand, or whatever object is being held. Usually this will let you pick up items. You can drop items by using the drop option in the tool bar, or throw option (followed by a click on screen for the direction and distance).
  • Right clicking will bring up options for the tile you selected, such as an item list and options on how to interact with an object.
  • You have a number of equipment slots you can change about with different items, and two hand slots.
  • Of all the option slots, the ones you should pay attention to are the "Run/Walk" tool bar option (which allows you to slow your character down so they don't slip on wet floors or walk more carefully), and the "Intent" buttons (which changes how your hand and weapons interact with people).

Most objects can be interacted with in the game world by clicking on them, click-dragging them, or right-clicking them.

More Controls

To change the direction you are facing ensure the command line isn't active then use CTRL+(Arrow Key). To pixel shift your sprite within a tile use CTRL+Shift+(Arrow Key)

To take items off a person, empty their pockets, or toggle their internals, click and drag the persons sprite onto your sprite with the left mouse button.

When you have done that, a popup window should come up and by simply pressing the names of the items you want to take off they will be removed from the person you are striping and appear on the floor underneath them.

If using only the mouse you can perform the following actions:

  • Pick things up (one left mouse click on the object when having a free hand selected).
  • Switch hands (one left mouse click on the "Swap" button above the hands, or clicking the empty hand slot).
  • Drop what you are holding in the selected hand (one left mouse click on the "Drop" button above the body targeting area)
  • Attack (one left mouse click to attack once with the object you are holding in the selected hand).
  • Pull (right click on the item, in the drop down box select the item and click "pull", to let go of what you are pulling, click the button in the very bottom right corner, the person standing next to a box).
  • Activate objects, such as turning on a flashlight (one left mouse click on the object with the object in your active hand).
  • Examine what is on the tile your mouse is on (right click on the item, in the drop down box select the item and click "examine").
  • Grab (one left mouse click on the person while having "intent" set on "grab").
  • Use objects on people (one left mouse click on the person while having the object in the selected hand, same as "attack").
  • Help/Perform CPR (one left mouse click on the person while having intent set on "help").

See the Commands page, for more commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the hotkeys-help verb to get a list of most hotkeys, however some will be listed here for your convenience.

Shortcut Action
F1 AdminHelp
F2 OOC Text (OOC ")
F3 IC Text (Say ")
F4 Emote (Me ")
F6 Switch Gun Modes
Q, Home Drop Held Object
R, End Toggle Throw Object On/Off
Z, Page Down Activate Held Object
Shift + Click Examine Object
Ctrl + Click Pull Object
Delete Stop Pulling Object
F, G, Insert Cycle Intents
X, Middle Mouse Click, Page Up Switch Hands
Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down Scroll previously entered text

Starting Tips

Some general tips that will get you through game play:

  • If you need help, you can use the Mentorhelp option under the admin tab to ask for judgement free help from people have signed up to answer your questions.
  • To set internals, put an air or gas mask on your mask equipment slot, then take an air tank in hand and click it to open an options menu. You should leave the pressure output to default for air mix tanks, and you can change pure oxygen tanks as low as 17 pressure. Large tanks can hooked to your back, emergency tanks can hooked to your belt and in your pocket (both ways, once the tank is open, allow your hands to be free). You need internals if the environmental air is gone or poisoned.
  • Start out as a Visitor the first time you play. They are not really expected to do anything so you can explore all you want.
  • When you want to start learning a job for the first time, it is worth signing up as an Intern. You will not have access to the departments as an intern, but staff in the department can give you passes to get in. People are, on the whole, excited at the opportunity to tutor new players, and it can be a good opportunity to make friends. You can change your title of intern to something more specific in the occupation screen of character set-up.
  • If someone kills you in game, do not complain about it over the Out of Character channel - This is the most egregious case of IC in OOC! If this occurs, you can adminhelp using F1 and explain the full situation.
  • Please try not to let people know exactly what you are doing in game in OOC; "I can't stop bleeding, what do I do?". You can reword that and say, "How does bleeding work here?"
  • Do not complain to an admin if you got caught during a crime. Read Corporate Regulations to know what not to do in character.
  • Leave criminal catching to Security. If there is no security, or your life is in danger, try to just disarm or run away first! Killing is only an option if the person is persistently trying to kill you and you have no other way to stop them.
  • Try to listen to Security. They're trying to keep the station safe. Most of the time.
  • Breaches and space are deadly without a space suit on, and a set of internals running - Moreso than on other servers. Lifting environmental locks can be extremely hazardous and a player should strive not to breach an area.
  • Traitors, generally, are not a thing on vorestation. It is unlikely that you'll ever run into a traditional SS13 antagonist here.

Other Tips

Helpful hints and tips that don't really fit anywhere else. These are those small details which most people get through playing, but are here for players new and old to learn.

Checking out the Backstory, Terminology and Guides is also recommended.


  • By dragging the sprite of a container, for example a box or a character sprite onto your own characters sprite when next to them you will open a window with it's contents. This allows you take items without picking up the container, or to access a characters inventory (you also set Internals there). Containers that dispose it's contents by simply clicking, like the donut box or the paper bin can be picked up with that method.
  • You can give an item to someone quickly by right-clicking them and selecting the give option while adjacent to them. This won't work if their hands are full.
  • say ":b" is Cyborg talk; only the AI and other Cyborgs can hear this.
  • Almost every department has their own radio channel. Each can only be heard by the appropriate headset, or by someone standing adjacent to them. Examine your headset to find out what it is.
  • You can use the .ping command to measure the round trip ping-pong between you and the server.
  • If you want to use a command many times quickly for some reason (such as .ping), or your headset did not broadcast your message over its special channel, you can recall the text you have previously entered by holding control and pressing the up-arrow key.
  • When pulling an object, such as a locker, fuel tank or something else you can walk over, click a floor tile with an empty hand to push the object to the desired tile.
  • Press the drop button to drop someone while grabbing them.
  • Press the pull button (icon that has a man and a box) to stop dragging an object.
  • Drag a characters sprite onto yourself to open a window where you can forcibly take off or put items on their person after a delay. Both of you must be adjacent to each other during this time for it to be successful.
  • Click yourself with food or drink in hand to eat/drink.


  • Remember when using Internals that only pure oxygen should be set at around 17kPA. A tank of mixed air's distribution pressure should be set around 81kPa.
  • Clicking something on a table will set something down on it.
  • To use the Hand Labeler click it while it is in your hand, then write your text. This will produce a label, pick it up and click it to remove the backing, then you can stick it on whatever you choose- Before setting it down, doubleclick it to turn it off and avoid labeling the desk.
  • You can name a sheet of paper by right clicking it and choosing rename.
  • Labcoats and the detective's coat have pockets. You can store two small objects inside them (click with a free hand to open, click and drag to hand icon to take off). You can take off backpacks and belts in the same way.
  • You can buckle yourself or other people onto chairs/beds by dragging the character sprite onto the chair/bed that they are currently standing on. You unbuckle by clicking on it. You can unbuckle yourself as long as your aren't handcuffed.
  • To use a bed sheet, first pick the item up. Next, while it is in your hand, stand over the bed and click the "activate held item" button in your objects tab. This will make the bed sheet appear above you or the person you wished to cover.
  • When talking to/about someone, right click and examine the person (or shift+left click) to check their gender.
  • When being attacked, the number one thing you want to do is run and call for help. If this is not possible, clicking your attacker with the "Disarm" intent is your friend and will be the most helpful for you. Remember, if you think that you are being griefed, ahelp it immediately!
  • If someone is forcing something onto you (force feeding, taking off clothes, etc.) your best bet is to run away. If not possible, clicking resist can help.
  • You can remove handcuffs or straight jackets by clicking resist. This requires a couple of minutes and standing still. This also applies to being handcuffed and buckled to something.
  • Clicking on someone with the help intent will shake them. Use this on others and yourself to stand up faster from falling.
  • Remember suicide is against the rules: Log out via cryo if you have to leave!
  • If you log out you will fall asleep. You will most likely be buckled to a chair (or put into cryo after 30 minutes), so don't be surprised when you wake up. Unless you specify it in your flavortext or otherwise give permission, it's against the rules to eat you so ahelp if this happens.
  • While asleep, you can dream. It appears as blue text with random words.
  • Reinforced metal (plasteel) can be made by Miners by smelting plasma ore and iron ore in the smelter on the mining base.
  • You can weld and un-weld a locker/closet by using a welding tool.
  • Swipe your ID on a personal locker to claim it as your own. Only you, the HoP, or the Captain can open them once claimed.
  • Do not use a lit welding tool on a welding fuel tank. The results are explosive.
  • Wardrobes function like Plants Bags/Mining Satchels. Click it in your hand to drop all items to the floor. Click the items with the Wardrobe in hand to pick them all back up.
  • Laptops can be opened with alt-left click.


  • You can attach handcuffs to shoes to create shackles. You can have prisoners wear these to prevent them from running.
  • Keep a stun baton as your #1 choice of weapon against unarmed law offenders, use the taser only when you have to stun someone from distance to ensure he/she wont attack you as it has a much lower ammo reserve.


  • If your headset stops working, it's likely the Telecommunication Satellite is down. Station Bounced Radios and Intercoms will still work.
  • Electrical storms can change your radio messages to gibberish.
  • Use ; to speak in the common radio channel. Your command will look like: Say "; I'm speaking on the radio!"
  • Use :h to speak in your main departments channel, if you have access to multiple department channels, you can use :m for medical, :e for engineering, :s for security, :v for service, :c for command and more. For example, your command will look like: Say ":m I'm talking to medical!" If you examine your radio it will list what channels you have access to. A more complete list of radio channels can be found here.
  • You can emote over your radio using ! after your radio channel key. Of course, keep to things that people can hear, such as laughing, as no one can actually see you! Your command to emote over common would look like this: Say ";! laughs heartily."


  • The guide to Surgery can help you fix a lot if issues if your character has the anatomy skill at trained/professional.
  • Your health indicator works off of pain, and you might have more or less damage than you actually see- Check with a doctor if you hurt!
  • Sleepers cannot heal toxin damage. Soporific will send the patient to sleep.
  • All damage you take will add to your 'shock' damage. When your 'shock' damage gets high enough you will start to move slowly, only be able to whisper or stammer into your headset, be unable to see, and eventually collapse. Painkillers, such as tramadol are able to treat shock, but regular damage must still be treated normally.
  • The Body Scanner in Medbay can be used to tell where injuries, broken bones, and implants are located.
  • Spaceacillin will cure most moderate infections, but Corophizine can be used in the case of dire infections.
  • You can safely re-use syringes without risk of infection. Although for good RP you may wish to dispose of used syringes.
  • Bleeding can be stopped by the use of bandages or advanced trauma kits on the site of the injury.
  • Tricordrazine slowly heals all damage types, ideal for minor injuries or in addition to stronger, more specific chems.
  • Put splints on broken bones and fractures to make the pain more bearable and prevent the injury getting worse.
  • Do not pull a bleeding, wounded person. This will cause them to become much more seriously injured! If you have a medical trolley available, load them onto it instead. But if you can not, grabbing a wounded person with the grab intent will allow you to drag them more slowly without making the injury worse.

Kitchen and Bar

  • Chickens will lay eggs if fed wheat, and using a bucket on a cow can harvest milk.

Macro/Micro interactions

  • Generally, macro/micro interactions are enabled when one person is at least 50 scale larger/smaller than the other (180% and 130% scale will work, 80% and 30% scale will work, 80% and 31% scale will not work)
  • Left clicking a micro with an empty hand and the help intent will pick them up like an item. They can be placed in containers, your pockets or even on your head!
  • If both parties have step mechanics enabled in their preferences, macros can step over micros when on the help intent, step on them on the harm intent, or even pick them up with their feet if the macro is not wearing shoes and has the grab intent! Be wary of your active intent if you have step mechanics enabled, to avoid accidentally squishing those hard to see micros.
  • Whilst micros may have their step mechanic preferences turned on for certain reasons, make sure that they're okay with being stepped on OOC before you do it! Some people may find it very annoying. OOC consent is always important, so check preferences first.
  • You can remove and add equipment to a micro that is in your hand in the usual way. Click drag from them onto your sprite, and the menu will open as usual.


  • Break the game and win a Certificate of Awesome!
  • Report bugs to the admins.