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As you walk and move about on station, your starting nutrition bar will start to drain from starting green, down to dark red; if your hunger bar turns black, you've eaten way too much. The effects of fullness and hunger are equally bad, so it is best to stay at a happy medium. So keep in mind how much you've eaten and how long it has been since you last ate, and you will be fine.

Go with the rule that, "If you have a hard time getting it down, don't eat any more". Note that nutrition is typically slow-release, so if you don't fill up immediately, you will in the near future.

Several reagents will increase your fullness:

  • Very effective: Nutriment, found in most foods. The main one and most effective; Corn oil; Animal Protein, found in meat and Egg Yolk.
  • Somewhat effective: Ketchup, Sugar, Sprinkles, Coco powder, Corn oil, Cherry jelly.
  • Some alcoholic drinks.



If you drop to dark red, you move very slowly and your description reveals your lack of eating habits. You are starving, this is not good! You will move slowly until you eat some food, so head to the chef for a burger or slice of meatbread!

Some things will decrease your hunger faster:

  • Vomiting
  • Being cold (by exposure to cold environments or because you were in a cryo tube)
  • Recovering from blood loss
  • Taking Lipozine
  • Some viruses

If you eat too much, your description will note that you are "chubby". Too little, and you will be described as "malnourished". Food will also factor into your characters Weight. Gain weight by eating food, lose weight by walking or working out in the stations Gym.


While on other servers the races have mechanically included allergies (such as Skrell and animal proteins.) We have removed most code pertaining to these. But there are still reactions that you must take into account. Some drinks and food will raise and lower body temperature for example. Please be mindful of the species you are serving to. As a example Teshari should not be given Antifreeze or foods that raise their body temperature.

Please Help us keep this list up to date! (if you know of a reaction not listed, Then please add it or flag someone done in our #wiki Discord Channel.

Food or Drink Species Effected Amount needed Time needed to be effected Cause Effect
AntiFreeze Teshari, Promethians 30units near Instant Increased body temperature Heavy burn damage to internal organs
Deathbell Promethian, Teshari One drink Instant **unknown** Instant limb explosion and heavy burn damage for Promethians, Heavy internal burn damage to Teshari
Coldfront Humans **unknown** **unknown** Decreased body temperature Heavy freeze damage to internal organs
Named Bullet Every non-Promethean **Unknown** **Unknown** Slime jelly. Massive toxic damage to non-Prometheans, but heals Prometheans.
Sbiten **Unknown** **Unknown** **Unknown** Raised Temperature **Unknown**
Vox Delight All non-Vox **Unknown** **Unknown** **Unknown** Poisons Non-Vox, heals tox damage on vox.
Three Mile Island Iced Tea **Unknown** **Unknown** **Unknown** Uranium induced High **Unknown**
Garble Blaster **Unknown** **Unknown** **Unknown** **Unknown** Varies: Flashing colors, lights, sounds, Slurred speech..

Outside Recipe Lists

Due to how often the recipe lists change, and the nature of wiki-editing, Two external sites have been created for the purpose of offering a convenient full list of Virgos many food and drink recipes. (Warning, may also be out of date. Please check the top of the page for date of publishing. If they are out of date by a month please tell us on our discord. Otherwise, We will try our best to keep the recipe pages and wiki guides up to date.) NOTE: These pages will only contain what the ingredients are, not how to cook it. Consider this more a In-character friendly reference guide.

Click here for the current recipe lists: VOREStation Drink List and VOREStation Food List.


IMPORTANT: Many of these drinks, while they do have toxic ingredients, are not toxic in and of themselves. However, because they have toxic ingredients, if you mess them up, you will poison your patrons--not something a good bartender wants to do. An evil one, though...


  • Kahlua = Coffee Liqueur
  • Vodka = Tunguska Triple Distilled
  • Whiskey = Uncle Git's Special Reserve

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol. Each drink is given a numerical value, that reflects how much it takes to raise you one stage of drunkenness. Lower numbers mean the drink is stronger. Depending on how much you drink, you may slur your speech, get dizzy, start stumbling around, and even pass out. Just as in real life, the more slowly you drink, the less you are affected by alcohol. Some species have special reactions to alcohol: Skrell will always treat any alcohol as extremely strong, and will get very drunk, very quickly. Humans will take liver damage from drinking too much; this damage happens at around the same level where the character passes out.

Mixed Drinks

Since a drinking glass will hold only 30 units of liquid, it's recommended that bartenders use their drink shakers to concoct these drinks before pouring them out.

Picture Cocktail Ingredients Strength Notes
AcidSpit.png Acid Spit 1 part sulphuric acid, 5 parts wine 30 Get sulphuric acid from the chemist.
AlliesCocktail.png Allies Cocktail 1 part Classic Martini, 1 part vodka 25 Classic Martini (2 gin, 1 vermouth)
Aloe.png Aloe 1 part cream, 1 part watermelon juice, 1 part whiskey 15 The whiskey must be added last. Makes 2 parts.
Amasec.png Amasec 1 part iron, 5 parts vodka, 5 parts wine 25 Makes 10 parts. Get Iron from the chemist.
Andalusia.png Andalusia 1 part lemon juice, 1 part rum, 1 part whiskey. 15 Get lemons from the gardener and process them.
Antifreezeglass.png Anti-Freeze 1 part cream, 1 part ice, 2 parts vodka 12 Raises body temperature.
Atomicbombglass.gif Atomic Bomb 10 parts b-52, 1 part uranium 10 Gets you drunk immediately, and maybe high.
B-52.png B-52 1 part irish cream, 1 part cognac, 1 part kahlua 12 Irish Cream (2 Whiskey, 1 Cream)
Bahamamamaglass.gif Bahama Mama 1 part ice, 2 parts orange juice, 1 part lime juice, 2 parts rum 25
BananaHonk.png Banana Mama (Banana Honk) 1 part banana, 1 part cream, 1 part sugar 12 Yes, it's an alcoholic drink with no alcoholic ingredients. Get Bananas from the gardener.
Nobarsprite.png Balloon 1 part Cream, 1 part Blue Curacao 66
Barefoot.png Barefoot 1 part berry juice, 1 part cream, 1 part vermouth 30 Get berries from the gardener and process them.
BeepskySmash.gif Beepksy Smash 1 part iron, 2 parts lime juice, 2 parts whiskey 12 Briefly stuns.
Brownglass.gif Bilk 1 part beer, 1 part milk 50 Get milk from the kitchen.
Nobarsprite.png Binman Bliss 1 part sake, 1 part Tequila 24
BlackRussian.png Black Russian 3 part vodka, 2 part kahlua 15
BloodyMary.png Bloody Mary 2 parts tomato juice, 1 part vodka, 1 part lime juice 15 Tomato juice from booze vending machine.
Boogerglass.gif Booger 1 part banana, 1 part cream, 1 part watermelonjuice, 1 part rum 30 Get bananas from the garden and process them.
BraveBull.png Brave Bull 2 parts tequila, 1 part kahlua 15
ChangelingSting.png Changeling Sting 1 part screwdriver, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part lime juice 10 Screwdriver (2 Vodka, 1 Orange Juice); get lemons from the gardener and process them
Nobarsprite.png Chrysanthemum 1 part Sake, 1 part Melon Liquor 35
ClassicMartini.png Classic Martini 2 parts gin, 1 part vermouth 25
Nobarsprite.png Clover Club 1 part Berry Juice, 1 part Lemon Juice, 3 parts Gin 30
Nobarsprite.png Cold front 1 part Iced, 1 part Whiskey, 1 part Mint 30 Functionally the opposite of antifreeze
CubaLibre.png Cuba Libre 1 part cola, 2 parts rum 30
Nobarsprite.png Daiquiri 3 rum, 2 limejuice, 1 sugar 25
Demonsbloodglass.gif Demons Blood 1 part blood, 1 part Mountain Wind, 1 part Dr.Gibb, 2 part rum 15 Blood can be drawn with a syringe or juiced from Blood Tomatoes.
DevilsKiss.png Devils Kiss 1 part blood, 1 part kahlua, 1 part rum 15 Blood can be drawn with a syringe or juiced from Blood Tomatoes.
ErikaSurprise.png Erika Surprise 1 part banana, 1 part ice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part ale, 1 part whiskey 15 Get bananas from the gardener and process them.
GinTonic.png Gin and Tonic 2 parts gin, 1 part tonic 50
GinFizz.png Gin Fizz 2 parts gin, 1 part soda water, 1 part lime juice 30
Goldschlagerglass.gif Goldschlager 10 parts vodka, 1 part gold 15 Grind up Gold from Mining. Can be got from a party crate through Cargo.
Grog.png Grog 1 part rum, 1 part water 100
HippiesDelight.png Hippies Delight 1 part psilocybin, 1 part gargle blaster 15 Gets you high. Psilocybin comes from several types of mushroom that grow in the garden.
Brownglass.gif Hooch 2 parts ethanol, 1 part fuel (welder fuel), 1 part sugar 25 Is mildly toxic. Ethanol from the chemistry dispensers; welder fuel from welder fuel tanks.
IcedBeer.png Iced Beer 5 parts beer, 1 part ice OR 10 parts beer, 1 part frost oil 50 Lowers body temperature.
Irish Car Bomb.png Irish Car Bomb 1 part ale, 1 part irish cream 15 Irish Cream (2 Whiskey, 1 Cream)
IrishCoffee.png Irish Coffee 1 parts irish cream, 1 parts coffee 15 Irish Cream (2 Whiskey, 1 Cream)
IrishCream.png Irish Cream 2 parts whiskey, 1 part cream 25
Nobarsprite.png Jelly Shot 4 Cherry Jelly, 1 vodka 10
LongIslandIcedTea.png Long Island Iced Tea 1 part Cuba Libre, 1 part vodka, 1 part gin, 1 part tequila 12 Cuba Libre (1 Cola, 2 Rum)
Manhattan.png Manhattan 2 parts whiskey, 1 part vermouth 15
Manhattanprojglass.gif Manhattan Project 10 parts Manhattan, 1 part uranium 10 Gets you high. Manhattan (2 Whiskey, 1 Vermouth)
Margarita.png Margarita 2 parts tequila, 1 part lime juice 15
Nobarsprite.png Mint Julep 2 Whiskey, 1 water, 1 mint 25 Lowers body temperature
Nobarsprite.png Morning after 1 sbiten, 5 coffee 60
Nobarsprite.png Mojito 3 rum, 1 limejuice, 1 mint 30
Nobarsprite.png Named Bullet  4 Slime Jelly, 1 vodka 10 Gives drinker 0.2u slime jelly on drink. Massive tox damage to non-promethean, heals prometheans.
Nobarsprite.png Negroni  1 gin, 1 bitters, 1 vermouth 25
Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin 1 part gargle blaster, 1 part soporific 10 Also stuns you. Soporific available from Medical.
Nobarsprite.png Old Fashioned 3 whiskey, 1 bitters, 1 sugar 15
Nobarsprite.png Paloma 1 orange juice, 1 sodawater, 1 tequilla 20
GargleBlaster.gif Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster 1 part gin, 1 part vodka, 1 part whiskey, 1 part cognac, 1 part lime juice 10 Gets you drunk and high.
Patronglass.gif Patron 10 parts tequila, 1 part silver 30 Can be got from a party crate through Cargo. Grind up silver from Mining.
Nobarsprite.png Pisco Sour 1 Wine Brandy, 1 lemon juice, 1 sugar 30
RedMead.png Red Mead 1 part blood, 1 part mead 30 Blood can be drawn with a syringe or juiced from Blood Tomatoes.
Nobarsprite.png Rotgut Fever Dream 3 vodka, 1 rum, 1 whiskey, 1 cola 10
Nobarsprite.png Robustin 1 antifreeze, 1 phoron, 1 welder fuel, 1 vodka 10
Sbiten.png Sbiten 1 part capsaicin, 10 parts vodka. 15 Raises body temperature. Capsaicin is found in Chili from the garden.
Screwdriver.png Screwdriver 2 parts vodka, 1 part orange juice 15
Nobarsprite.png Screaming Viking 1 vodka, 1 vermouth, 1 limejuice, 1 rum, 1 gin, 1 tonic 9
Nobarsprite.png Silencer 1 Nothing, 1 cream, 1 sugar 12 Get Nothing from the mime costume crate
Singuloglass.gif Singulo 5 part vodka, 1 part radium, 5 part wine. 10 Get Radium from Chemistry.
SnowWhite.png Snow White 1 part beer, 1 part lemon lime 30
Nobarsprite.png Soemmer Fire 2 parts Manhattan, 1 part Condensed Capsaicin 25 Raises body temperature.
Suidream.png Sui Dream 2 parts Space-Up, 1 parts curacao, 1 part melon liquor 100 Curacao and melon liquor are in the booze vending machine.
SyndicateBomb.png Syndicate Bomb 1 part whiskey cola, 1 part beer 10 Whiskey Cola (2 Whiskey, 1 Cola)
TequillaSunrise.png Tequila Sunrise 2 parts tequila, 1 part orange juice 25
ManlyDorf.png The Manly Dorf 1 part beer, 2 parts ale 25
Threemileislandglass.gif Three Mile Island Iced Tea 10 parts "Long Island Iced Tea", 1 part uranium 10 Also gets you high. Grind up Uranium from Mining. Long Island Iced Tea (2 Rum, 1 Cola, 3 Vodka, 3 gin, 3 Tequila)
ToxinsSpecial.gif Toxins Special 2 parts phoron, 2 parts rum, 1 part vermouth 10 Raises body temperature. Grind up Phoron from Mining.
Nobarsprite.png Virgin Sip 1 Driest Martini, 1 water 60
Nobarsprite.png Vesper 3 gin, 1 vodka, 1 wine 20
VodkaTonic.png Vodka and Tonic 2 parts vodka, 1 part tonic 15
VodkaMartini.png Vodka Martini 2 parts vodka, 1 part vermouth 12
Nobarsprite.png Vox Delight 3 phoron, 1 welder fuel, 1 water 10 Poisons Non-Vox, heals tox damage on vox.
WhiskeyCola.png Whiskey Cola 2 parts whiskey, 1 part cola 25
WhiskeySoda.png Whiskey Soda 2 parts whiskey, 1 part soda water 15
Nobarsprite.png Whiskey Sour 2 whiskey, 1 lemon juice, 1 sugar 20
WhiteRussian.png White Russian 3 Black Russian, 2 part cream 15 Black Russian (3 Vodka, 2 Kaluha)

Poured Drinks

Picture Drink Strength Notes
Absinthe.png Absinthe 12 Bottles are labeled "Jailbreaker Verte". Causes alcohol effects faster than most drinks.
Aleglass.png Ale 50 Bottles are labeled "Magm-Ale".
Beerglass.png Beer 50 Also available in the bar's back room or from the beer keg. Mix 10 corn oil and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Pourdrinknosprite.png Bitters 50 5 mint, 5 enzyme (catalyst) Poured
Curaco.png Blue Curacao 15 Bottles are labeled "Miss Blue Curacao". Mix 10 orange juice and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Cognac.png Cognac 15 Bottles are labeled "Chateau De Baton Premium Cognac".
Glass clear.png Ethanol 10 Comes from chemical dispenser.
Ginglass.png Gin 50
Kahluaglass.gif Kahlua 15 Bottles are labeled "Robert Robust's Coffee Liqueur". Mix 5 coffee + 5 sugar + 5 Enzyme (Catalyst).
Meadglass.png Mead 30 Mix 1 sugar + 1 water + 5 Enzyme (Catalyst)
Melonliquorglass.png Melon Liquor 50 Bottles are labeled "Emeraldine Melon Liquor". Mix 10 watermelon juice and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Glass clear.png Moonshine 12 Mix 10 nutriment, 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Pwineglass.png Poison Wine 10 Made from poison berries. Hallucinogenic and poisonous. Mix 10 poison berry juice and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Rumglass.png Rum 15 Bottles are labeled "Captain Pete's Cuban Spiced Rum". Dispenser labels it "Deadrum".
Sakeglass.png Sake 25 Made from rice. Mix 10 rice and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Tequilaglass.png Tequila 25 Bottles are labeled "Caccavo Guaranteed Quality Tequilla".
Thirteenloko.png Thirteen Loko 25 Comes from hacked soda vending machine. Will also make you jittery.
Vermouthglass.png Vermouth 15 Bottles are labeled "Goldeneye Vermouth".
Vodkaglass.png Vodka 15 Bottles are labeled "Tunguska Triple Distilled". Mix 10 Potato Juice + 5 Enzyme (Catalyst).
Whiskeyglass.png Whiskey 25 Bottles are labeled "Uncle Git's Special Reserve".
Wineglass.gif Wine 15 Bottles are labeled "Doublebeard Bearded Special Wine". Mix 10 grape juice and 5 universal enzyme (Catalyst).
Pourdrinknosprite.png Wine Brandy 20 10 wine, 10 enzyme (catalyst). Gives 5 units

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Picture Cocktail How to Get It
Shakenosprite.png Arnold Palmer 1 iced tea, 1 lemonade
Bananajuice.png Banana Juice Process a banana.
Shakenosprite.png Banana Honk 1 part Banana Juice, 1 part Cream, 1 part Vermouth
Berryglass.gif Berry Juice Process berries.
Shakenosprite.png Berry shake 1 milkshake, 1 berryjuice
Brownstar.png Brown Star Mix 2 parts orange juice, 1 part cola

Cold Drinks vending machine.

CafeLatte.png Cafe Latte Mix 1 part coffee, 1 part milk
Hot coffee.png Coffee Drinks dispenser; Hot Drinks vending machine.
Shakenosprite.png Coffee Milkshake. 1 milkshake, 1 coffee. ((lowers body temp.))
Carrotjuice.png Carrot Juice Process a carrot.
Shakenosprite.png Chocolate Milkshake 1 milkshake, 1 coco
Glass white.png Cream Drinks dispenser.
Shakenosprite.png Dream Cream 2 milk, 1 cream, 1 honey.
Dr gibb.png Dr. Gibb Drinks dispenser; Cold drinks vending machine.
Nobarsprite.png Ent's Draught 1 tonic, 1 honey, 1 holy water
Grapejuice.png Grape Juice Process grapes or green grapes; Cold Drinks vending machine.
Grapesoda.png Grape Soda 2 parts grape juice, 1 part cola
Grenadineglass.png Grenadine Syrup 10 parts berry juice, 5 parts Universal Enzyme (Catalyst)
Icecoffeeglass.gif Iced Coffee 1 part ice, 3 parts coffee
Hotcocoglass.png Hot Chocolate 5 parts Water, 1 part Coco Powder; Hot Drinks vending machine.
Iceglass.png Ice Drinks dispenser; hacked Hot Drinks vending machine.
Iceteaglass.gif Iced Tea Mix 1 part ice, 3 parts tea; Cold Drinks vending machine.
Kiraspecial.gif Kira Special 1 part orange juice, 1 part lime juice, 1 part soda water
Lemonglass.gif Lemon Juice Process a lemon.
Lemonlime.png Lemon Lime Drinks dispenser.
Lemonade.png Lemonade 1 part Lemon juice, 1 part sugar, 1 part Water
Limejuice.png Lime Juice Drinks dispenser; process a lime.
Drinknosprite.png Love Potion 1 cream, 1 berryjuice, 1 sugar
Glass white.png Milk From the biogenerator, or from a cow that has been fed Wheat.
Milkshake.png Milkshake 1 part cream, 2 parts ice, 2 parts milk
Space mountain wind.png Mountain Wind Drinks Dispenser; Cold Drinks vending machine.
Nukacolaglass.gif Nuka Cola 1 part uranium, 6 parts space cola. Gets you high.
Orangeglass.gif Orange Juice Drinks dispenser; process an orange.
Poisonberryjuice.png Poison Berry Juice Process a poison berry.
Brownglass.gif Potato juice Process a potato.
Rewriter.png Rewriter 1 part Spacemoutainwind soda, 1 part Coffee
Glass clear.png Soda Water Drinks dispenser.
Space cola.png Space Cola Drinks dispenser; Cold Drinks vending machine.
Space up.png Space-Up Drinks dispenser; Cold Drinks vending machine.
SoyLatte.png Soy Latte 1 part coffee, 1 part soymilk
Glass white.png Soy Milk Process a soybean.
Teacup.png Tea Works as a weak anti-toxin. From drinks dispenser or hot drinks vending machine.
DoctorDelight.gif The Doctor's Delight 1 part lime juice, 1 part tomato juice, 1 part orange juice, 1 part cream, 1 part tricordrazine
Tomatojuice.png Tomato Juice Process a tomato; Booze vendor.
Glass clear.png Tonic water Drinks dispenser.
Drinknosprite.png Vile Lemon 5 Lemonade, 1 space mountain wind
Waterglass.png Water Drinks dispenser, Cold Drinks vending machine, sinks, and water tanks.
Tomatojuice.png Watermelon Juice Drinks dispenser; Process a watermelon slice.


Grill, deep-frier, and candy machine.

You can make any ingredient or existing food listed below into a variety of other interesting variants by using these kitchen machines. Even wondered what a boiled egg gobstopper would taste like? Now's your chance! Experiment and disgust/delight your crewmates.

Microwave.png Microwave Recipes

Note: Milk, Berry Juice, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, Cold Sauce, and Soy Milk are all measured off of reagent units rather then containers (like in previous version). They can be poured directly into the microwave. Additionally, you only need at LEAST the suggested amount of those ingredients instead of exactly the right amount.


Picture Recipe Ingredients Reagents & Notes
Plain Burger.png Burger Bun + 1 Meat OR combine Bun + 1 Cutlet OR Bun + Meatball If you use human meat, the burger will share the name of your victim. If you add a crayon in the microwave it will color the burger. 3 Nutriment, 13 Animal Protein
Cheeseburger.png Cheeseburger Combine 1 Cheese Wedge with Burger 2 Animal Protein, 2 Nutriment
Tofubuger.png Tofu Burger Bun + 1 Tofu 6 Nutriment, 1 Animal Protein
Spell.png Spell Burger Bun + 1 Wizard hat You will eat this until you have had Ei Nath. 6 Nutriment, 3 or 13 Animal Protein
Ghostbur.PNG Ghost Burger Bun + 1 Ectoplasm Terror-ifficly tasty. 2 Nutriment, 1 Animal Protein
Roburger.png Roburger Bun + 1 Robot Head 2 Nutriment, 1 Animal Protein, 5% probability of 2 units of Nanites
Brainburger.png Brain Burger Bun + 1 Brain 7 Animal Protein, 6 Alkysine, 5 Blood
Xenoburger.png Xenoburger Bun + 1 Xeno Meat 15 Animal Protein, 6 Polytrinic Acid
Jellyburger.png Jelly Burger Microwave 1 Bun, 5 units of Cherry Jelly/Slime Jelly 5 Nutriment, 5 Slime Jelly or Cherry Jelly, 1 Animal Protein
Clownburger.png Clown Burger Bun + 1 Clown wig and mask 6 Nutriment, 1 Animal Protein
Mimeburger.png Mime Burger Bun + 1 Beret 6 Nutriment, 1 Animal Protein
Bigbite.png Big Bite Burger 3 Meat + Burger + Egg Forget the Big Mac.
Superbite.png Super Bite Burger 1 Big Bite Burger, 1 Dough, 1 Meat, 1 Tomato, 1 Boiled Egg, 1 Cheese Wedge, 5 units of Salt, 5 units of Pepper If this doesn't clog their arteries, nothing will. Two bites will take you from starving to overfed.

Breads & Sandwiches

Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Bread.png Bread 1 Dough, 1 Egg Sliceable.
Bread Slice.png Bread Slice Slice up a Bread with a knife to get 5 of these Sliceable.
Meatbread.png Meatbread 3 Meat, 3 Dough, 3 Cheese Wedges Sliceable.
Tofubread.png Tofu-Bread 3 Tofu, 3 Cheese Wedges, 3 Dough Sliceable.
Xbread.png Xeno-bread 3 Xeno-meat, 3 Dough, 3 Cheese Wedges Sliceable. A fitting, and filling, end to xeno scum.
Spidermeatloaf.png Spider Meatloaf 3 Spider Meat, 3 Dough, 3 Cheese Wedges Sliceable. Green but delicious.
Bananabread.png Banana-nut Bread 3 Dough, 5 units Milk, 15 units Sugar, 1 Banana Sliceable. Contains a massive amount of banana essence.
Creambread.png Cream Cheese Bread 2 Dough, 2 Cheese Wedges. Sliceable.
Baguette.png Baguette 2 Dough, 1 unit Salt, 1 unit Pepper Hon hon.
Sandwich.png Sandwich 2 Bread Slices, 1 Meat Steak, 1 Cheese Wedge Talking to your food may result in a trip to the Chaplain.
Toastsand.png Toasted Sandwich Microwave 1 Sandwich What was that, Sandwich? Kill them all.
Toastsand.png Grilled Cheese Sandwich Microwave 2 Bread Slices, 1 Cheese Wedge Space Vegetarian, but not Space Vegan friendly.
Jellytoast.png Jelly Toast 1 Bread Slice, 5 units of Cherry Jelly/Slime Jelly As if science are gonna give up their slimes for toast!
Twobread.png Two Bread 2 Bread Slices, 5 units of Wine Classy.
Jellysandwich.png Jelly Sandwich 2 Bread slices, 5 units of Cherry Jelly/Slime Jelly
Bunbun.png Bun Bun 2 Buns
Croissant.png Croissant 1 Dough, 1 unit of Salt, 5 units of Water, 5 units of Milk
Benedict.png Benedict 1 Cutlet, 1 Fried Egg, 1 Bread Slice A traitorous breakfast.


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Margheritapizza.png Margherita Pizza 1 Flat Dough, 4 Cheese Wedges, 1 Tomato Sliceable.
Mushroompizza.png Mushroom Pizza 1 Flat Dough, 5 Chantrelle Mushrooms, 1 Cheese wedge, 1 Tomato Sliceable.
Meatpizza.png Meat Pizza 1 Flat Dough, 3 Meat, 1 Cheese Wedge, 1 Tomato Sliceable. Extremely nutritious, despite the grease.
Vegepizza.png Vegetable Pizza 1 Flat Dough, 1 Cheese Wedge, 1 Eggplant, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn, 1 Tomato Sliceable.


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Lasagna.png Lasagna 2 Tomatoes, 1 Eggplant, 2 Cutlet, 2 Flat Dough Fresh from Space Olive Garden
Spagettiboiled.png Boiled Spaghetti 5 units of Water, 1 Spaghetti. Mama Mia!
Pastatomato.png Tomato Pasta 5 units of Water, 1 Spaghetti, 2 Tomatoes. Don't put it in your pockets. That's just unsanitary.
Meatballspag.png Spaghetti & Meatballs 5 units of Water, 1 Spaghetti, 2 Meatballs. That's-a a spicy meat-aball!
Spesslaw.png Spesslaw 5 units of Water, 1 Spaghetti, 4 Meatballs. Lawyer's choice!
Eggplantparmigiana.png Eggplant Parmigiana 2 Cheese Wedges, 1 Eggplant Clogs your arteries, healthily!
Kitsuneudon.png Kitsune Udon 3 units of Egg Yolk, 1 Spaghetti, 1 Tofu Clogs your arteries, healthily!

Soups & Stews

Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Meatsoup.png Meatball Soup 10 units of Water, 1 Meatball, 1 Carrot, 1 Potato Out of spaghetti? Don't like stew? Here's the thing for you.
Nettlesoup.png Nettle Soup 10 units of Water, 1 Nettle, 1 Egg, 1 Potato Contains trace amounts of sulpheric acid.
Vegesoup.png Vegetable Soup 10 units of Water, 1 Carrot, 1 Corn, 1 Eggplant, 1 Potato Force feed the Botanists this.
Tomatosoup.png Tomato Soup 10 units of water, 2 tomatoes What, no crackers?
Bloodsoup.png Blood Soup 30 units of Blood They may think you're the homicidal maniac you are when you produce a large amount of these.
Metriodsoup.png Slime Soup 10 units of water, 5 units of slime jelly. Mmm, mmm, oh God my guts.
Mysterysoup.png Mystery Soup 10 units of Water, 1 Burned Mess, 1 Tofu, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese Wedge. This dish contains all the essential nutriment for a growing crew, and almost anything else you can feed them.
Mushroomsoup.png Chantrelle Soup 5 units of Water, 5 units of Milk, 1 Chanterelle. The debate on whether you can use Aminitas for the soup goes on.
Beetsoup.png Borscht 10 units of Water, 1 White Beet, 1 Cabbage. Feed your inner Russian with borscht.
Milo.png Milo Soup 10 units of Water, 2 Tofu, 2 Soy Dope. Made when the hippies decide to only grow soy crops.
Stewedsoymeat.png Stewed Soy Meat 2 Soy Dope, 1 Carrot, 1 Tomato Like a steak dinner, only with less murder.
Stew.png Stew 10 units of water, 1 meat, 1 tomato, 1 potato, 1 carrot, 1 eggplant, 1 Chantrelle mushroom. The perfect thing for when the bar starts to get cold.
Coldstew.png Cold Chili Stew 1 Meat, 1 Ice Pepper, 1 Tomato Ice, ice, baby!
Hotstew.png Hot Chili Stew 1 Meat, 1 Chili Pepper, 1 Tomato Some like it hot, hot, HOT!
Wishsoup.png Wish Soup 20 Water Make you wish the chef could cook.
Goulash.png Goulash 1 Tomato, 1 Cutlet, 1 Spaghetti Everyone's favorite set of leftovers.
Hotsoursoup.png Hot and Sour Soup 1 Cabbage, 1 Mushroom, 2 units of Salt, 2 units of pepper, 10 units of Water, 1 Tofu It's Hot! It's Sour! It's a Soup!
Onionsoup.png Onion Soup 1 Onion, 10 units of Water Don't cry!


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Carpsandwich.png Fillet -o- Carp Sandwich 1 Bun, 1 Carp Fillet Slightly toxic.
Cubancarp.png Cuban Carp 1 Carp Fillet, 1 Dough, 1 Chilli Pepper Slightly toxic, and very spicy.
Fishandchips.png Fish & Chips 1 Space Fries, 1 Carp Meat The Brit's favorite. Good luck getting space carp meat. (Note: POISONOUS)
Fishfingers.png Fish Fingers 10 units Flour, 1 Egg, 1 Carp Meat Good luck getting space carp meat. (Note: POISONOUS)
Sashimi.png Sashimi 1 Carp Meat, 5 units of Soy Sauce Made with actual fish!


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Meatstake.png Meat Steak 1 unit of Salt, 1 unit of Black Pepper, 1 Meat (Any Type) Wait, how can it have grill marks if it's in the microwave...?
Sausage.png Sausage 1 Cutlet, 1 Meatball Who even knows what or who it's made from anymore.
Roastbeef.png Roast Beef 2 Carrots, 2 Potatoes, 1 Meat Just like Grandma used to make.
Generalschicken.png General's Chicken 2 units of Capsaicin, 2 units of Sugar, 10 units of Flour, 2 Meat Mm! Just like they make it in Space China.
Meatbun.png Meat Bun 1 Meatball, 1 Flat Dough The traditional hot pocket


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Herbsalad.png Tossed Salad 2 Cabbages + 1 Carrot + 1 Tomato + 1 Apple What if, like, WE'RE the aliens, man?
Aesirsalad.png Aesir salad 3 Ambrosia Deus + 1 Goldapple Duuuuuuuuuude.
Validsalad.png Valid Salad 3 Ambrosia Vulgaris + 1 Potato Heals everyone! Not really
Fruitsalad.png Fruit Salad 1 Orange, 1 Apple, 1 Grapes, 1 Watermelon Very fruity, but where does the salad part come in?


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Pie.gif Banana Cream Pie 1 Flat Dough, 1 Banana, 5 units Sugar Contains a moderate amount of banana essence.
Berryclafoutis.png Berry Clafoutis 1 Flat Dough, 1 Berry It's like asking the deep-friers at a carnival for something healthy!
Meatpies.png Meatpies 1 Meat, 1 Flat Dough Made of people, or not?
Meatpies.png Tofu Pie 1 Tofu, 1 Flat Dough Made of plants, or not?
Xpie.png Xeno-pie 1 Xeno-meat, 1 Flat Dough A delicious end to the xeno threat.
Applepie.png Apple Pie 1 Flat Dough, 1 Apple The traditional dessert.
Cherrypie.png Cherry Pie 1 Flat Dough, 1 Cherry, 10 units Sugar "To bake a pie, we must first invent the universe." -Carl Sagan
Amapie.png Amanita Pie 1 Flat Dough, 5 units Amatoxin Only slightly toxic, really!
Pumpkinpie.png Pumpkin Pie 1 Pumpkin, 10 units Flour, 3 units Egg, 5 units of Milk, 5 units of Sugar Can be sliced. Dangerously delicious.
Plumppie.GIF Plump Pie 1 Flat Dough, 1 Plump Helmet Has a chance to be "exceptional" - it'll contain Tricordrazine!
Gappletart.png Golden Apple Streusel Tart 10 units Flour, 1 Egg, 1 Golden Apple, 5 units of Milk, 5 units of Sugar. Tastes like chaos!


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Regularcake.png Vanilla Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk Slicable and boring vanilla flavored.
Carrotcake.png Carrot Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 3 Carrots Slicable. Heals minor eye damage.
Cheesecake.png Cheese Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 2 Cheese Wedges Slicable. Does not come with scantily dressed ladies.
Birthday.png Birthday Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Cake Hat Sliceable. Don't forget to make a wish.
Applecake.png Apple Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 2 Apples Sliceable.
Braincake.png Brain Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 15 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Brain Sliceable. Bother the Roboticist for unusable brains.
Orangecake.png Orange Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 5 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Orange Sliceable.
Limecake.png Lime Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 5 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Lime Sliceable.
Lemoncake.png Lemon Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 5 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Lemon Sliceable.
Choccake.png Chocolate Cake 5 units Milk, 15 units Flour, 5 units Sugar, 9 units Egg Yolk, 1 Chocolate Bar Sliceable.

Side Dishes

Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Cheesefries.png Cheese Fries 1 Space Fries, 1 Cheese Wedge Tasty, tasty cheese fries.
Cheesepmelet.png Cheese Omelette 2 Eggs, 2 Cheese Wedges Can eat these with a fork. Have a medical team on standby in case of utensil-related injuries.
Friedegg.png Fried Egg 1 Egg + 1 unit Salt + 1 unit Pepper The ancient and sacred meal of the solar wiring engineer.
Begg.png Boiled Egg 1 Egg + 5 units Water Precracked, just eat!
Bakedpotato.png Loaded Baked Potato 1 Potato + 1 Cheese Wedge No bacon bits?
Popcorn.png Popcorn 1 Corn Some bites will contain unpopped kernels, which will cause brute damage.
Donkpocket.png Warm Donk Pocket 1 Dough, 1 Meatball Contains tricordrazine, until they cool. Reheatable once they do.
Hotdog.png Hot Dog 1 Sausage, 1 Bun Fresh footlong ready to go down on.
Wingbasket.png Chicken Wings 5 units of Capsaicin, 10 units of Flour, 4 Meat Now all you need is Pizza and Beer. Complete the trifecta!
Chocegg.png Chocolate Lizard Egg 1 Lizard Egg, 1 Chocolate Bar Ask your resident, egg-laying Lizard.
Friedegg.png Fried Lizard Egg 1 Lizard Egg, 1 unit of Salt, 1 unit of Pepper Ask your resident, egg-laying Lizard.
Begg.png Boiled Lizard Egg 1 Lizard Egg, 5 units of Water Ask your resident, egg-laying Lizard.
Mashedpotato.png Mashed Potato 1 Potato Goes well with Gravy!
Bangersandmash.png Bangers And Mash 1 Mashed Potato, 1 Sausage Still goes well with Gravy!
Cheesymash.png Cheesy Mash 1 Mashed Potato, 1 Cheese Wedge You don't even need gravy!
Blackpudding.png Black Pudding 5 units of Blood, 1 Sausage Made from real blood!
Onionrings.png Onion Rings 1 Onion, 5 units of Flour A good substitute for Fries.
Bakedbeans.png Baked Beans 2 Soybeans, 5 units of Ketchup The musical fruit!
Eggroll.png Eggroll 1 Fried Egg, 10 units of Soy Sauce Mm, Space China.
Eggbowl.png Egg Bowl 5 units of Water, 10 units of Rice, 3 units of Egg Yolk A simple, soupy breakfast!
Porkbowl.png Pork Bowl 5 units of Water, 10 units of Rice, 1 Cutlet When you need a bit more protein.


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Donuts.png Donut 1 Dough, 5 units Sugar Security members recover morale quickly with these.
Jdonut1.gif Jelly Donut 1 Dough, 5 units Sugar, 5 units of Berry Juice/Cherry Jelly/Slime Jelly Security members recover more morale with these.
Donuts.png Chaos Donuts 1 Dough, 5 units Sugar, 5 units Hot Sauce, 5 units Cold Sauce Produces a variety of (possibly dangerous) effects when eaten. Equal chance of containing 3 units of one of the following: Nutriment, capsaicin, frost oil, sprinkles, phoron, coco, Slime Jelly, banana, berry juice, and tricordrazine.
Soylenvirdians.png Soylen Viridians 10 units Flour, 1 Soybean SOYLENT VIRIDIAN IS PLANTS!
Waffles.png Waffles 2 Dough, 10 units Sugar Like pancakes with syrup traps.
Roffle.png Roffle Waffles 2 Dough, 10 units of Sugar, 5 units of Psilocybin. Like pancakes with hallucinogen traps.
Chawanmushi.png Chawanmushi 5 units of Water, 5 units of Soy Sauce, 2 Eggs, 1 Chanterelle. Nǐ xiǎng yào chī shénme?
Fortunecookie.png Fortune Cookie 1 Dough Slice, 5 units of Sugar, 1 Piece of Paper (with something written on it) Bad luck and misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity.
Sugarcookie.png Sugar Cookie 5 Flour + 1 Egg + 5 units of Sugar Just like your little sister used to make.
Muffin.png Muffin 1 Dough, 5 units Milk, 5 units Sugar Muffin!
Berrymuffin.png Berry Muffin 1 Dough, 5 units of Milk, 5 units of Sugar, 1 Berry Muffin, but with Berries!
50px Ghost Muffin 1 Dough, 5 units of Milk, 5 units of Sugar, 1 Berry, 1 Ectoplasm Spooky!
Cracker.png Cracker 1 Dough Slice, 1 unit Salt Poly yells, "POLY WANNA CRACKER!"
Poppypretzel.png Poppy Pretzel 1 Dough, 1 Poppy Heals brute damage with opium!
Phelmbiscuit.png Plump Helmet Biscuits 1 Plump Helmet, 5 units of Water, 5 units of Flour The perfect chaser for a Manly Dorf.


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Chocegg.png Chocolate Egg 1 Egg, 1 Chocolate bar NT regulations forbid stuffing toys in these things anymore.
Candiedapple.png Candied Apple 5 units of Water, 5 units of Sugar, 1 Apple Happy Halloween generic shift!
Reishiscup.png Reishi Cup 3u of Psilocybin, 3u of Sugar, 1 Chocolate Bar A popular candy treat that makes you see COLORS.
Mmmi.png Mämmi 1 Orange, 10 units of Water, 10 units of Flour, 5 units of Milk, 1 unit of Salt Traditional Easter Desert, in some places!
Ricepudding.png Rice Pudding 5 units of Milk, 10 units of Rice


Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Monkeydel.png Monkey's Delight 1 Monkey Cube, 10 units Flour, 1 Banana, 1 unit Salt, 1 unit Pepper EE EEE!
Wingchu.png Wing Fang Chu 5 units of Soy Sauce, 1 Xeno-Meat At least it wasn't the Head of Personnel's dog.
Enchi.png Enchiladas 1 Cutlet, 2 Chili, 1 Corn Spicy.
Taco.png Taco Dough slice, cutlet, cheese wedge Take a bite!
Kebab.png Kebab 2 Meat, 1 Metal Rod You get a metal rod back after eating. May break microwave.
Kebab.png Tofu-Kabob 2 Tofu, 1 Metal Rod You get a metal rod back after eating. May break microwave.
Mint.png Mint 5 units of sugar, 5 units of frost oil. It is only wafer thin.
Boiledcore.png Boiled Slime Core 5 units of water, 1 slime core Magically delicious~ Also poisonous.
AmanitaJelly.gif Amanita Jelly 5 units of Water, 5 units of Vodka, 5 Amatoxin It's evil, don't touch it!
Duff.gif Space Liberty Duff 5 units of Water, 5 units of Vodka, 5 units of Psilocybin The colors, maaaan, THE COLORS.
Sushi.png Sushi Roll 1 Cabbage, 20u of Rice, and 3 Meat Sliceable. Appease your inner weaboo.
Donerkebab.png Donerkebab 1 Tomato, 1 Cabbage, 1u of Salt, 1 Meat Steak, 1 Flat Dough Open Kebab, Show Vagene.
Grubball.png Bugball 1 Grubmeat, 5 units of Carbon Do you really want to eat this?
Makaronilaatikko.png Makaroni 15 units of flour, 5 units of Milk, 1 Grubmeat, 1 Egg, 2 Cheese Wedges Krafty!
Ruinedvirussample.png Ruined Virus Sample 1 Virus Dish Just like vaccination!
Meatburrito.png Meat Burrito 1 Soybean, 1 Tortilla, 2 Cutlets Carne!
Cheeseburrito.png Cheese Burrito 1 Soybean, 1 Tortilla, 2 Cheese Wedges Queso!
Fuegoburrito.png Fuego Burrito 1 Soybean, 2 Chili, 1 Tortilla Fuego!
Nachos.png Nachos 1 Tortilla, 1 unit of Salt Now if only we had some cheese...
Cheesenachos.png Cheesenachos 1 Tortilla, 1 unit of Salt, 1 Cheese Wedge Now if only it were spicier...
Cubannachos.png Cuban Nachos 1 Tortilla, 1 Chili, 5 units of Ketchup Perfect!
Piginblanket.png Pig-in-a-Blanket 1 Flat Dough, 1 Sausage A simple breakfast treat, sometimes served for Brunch!

Icecream Vat.png Ice Cream Vat

Ding-aling ding dong. Get your Nanotrasen-approved ice cream!

For those hot days on the station there's an Ice cream vat, which can be used to make:

Picture Recipe Ingredients Notes
Waffle Cone.png Waffle Cone 1 unit of Flour + 1 unit of Sugar Delicious waffle cone, but no ice cream.
Chocolate Cone.png Chocolate Cone 1 Waffle Cone + 1 Chocolate Flavouring (obtained from Chocolate) Delicious chocolate cone, but no ice cream.
Vanilla Icecream.png Vanilla Ice Cream 1 unit of Milk + 1 unit of Sugar Scoop it up with a Waffle/Chocolate Cone.
Strawberry Icecream.png Strawberry Ice Cream 1 unit of Milk + 1 unit of Sugar Scoop it up with a Waffle/Chocolate Cone.
Chocolate Icecream.png Chocolate Ice Cream 1 unit of Milk + 1 unit of Sugar Scoop it up with a Waffle/Chocolate Cone. Chocolate flavouring is obtained from Cocoa powder.
Blue Icecream.png Blue Ice Cream 1 unit of Milk + 1 unit of Sugar Scoop it up with a Waffle/Chocolate Cone. Blue flavouring is obtained from bluespace tomato singulo.

Blender.png Reagents, Condiments, and Intermediate Ingredients

In order to create some of these items you will either need to mix the regents by hand or toss them into the blender/grinder and grind them. After which either a finished product will be produced or you will need to transfer the liquid to your CondiMaster Neo in the freezer to create it into a bottle.

Any recipe listed as Grind will require the use of the blender, any recipe listed as Mix only requires the beaker. All of your juices will require the Grinder's other setting Juice.

Picture Blends Condiments
Nutriment.png Nutriment Grind any solid food
Hotsauce.png Hot Sauce/Capsicum Oil Grind chilis
capsaicin Chili peppers and gelthi plants contain capscaisin. Condensed capscaicin can be made by a chemist using phoron and capscaisin, or from amauri plants
Coldsauce.png Cold Sauce/Frost Oil Grind ice peppers
Ketchup.png Ketchup Grind tomatoes
Flour.png Flour Grind wheat
Soysauce.png Soy Sauce Mix 40 units Soy Milk + 10 units Sulphuric Acid
Salt.png Salt Mix Sodium + Chlorine (from Chem Dispenser). Salt-shakers can be found in cafe
Pepper.png Pepper Grind pepper-mills in cafe
Cheesewheel.gif Cheese Wheel Mix 40 Milk + 5 Universal Enzyme. End result will magically pop a full wheel of cheese
Cheese Wedge.png Cheese Wedge Slice up a Cheese Wheel with a knife
Chocolatebar.gif Chocolate Bar Mix 2 units Coco powder (grind a Cocoa Pod) + 2 units Milk/Soy Milk + 2 units Sugar
Tofu.gif Tofu Mix 10 soymilk + 5 Universal Enzyme
Emptycondiment.png Sugar Grind white beet or sugar cane
Condiment.png Sprinkles Grind donuts
Dough.png Dough Mix 3 units of Egg and 10 units of Flour
Meatball.png Meatball Mix 3 Animal Protein and 5 Flour
Bun.png Bun Microwave 1 Dough
Flat Dough.png FlatDough Roll out 1 Dough with Rolling Pin
Dough Slice.png DoughSlice Cut Flat Dough with Kitchen Knife
Spaghetti.png Spaghetti Cut Dough Slice with Kitchen Knife
Raw Cutlet.png RawCutlet Cut 1 Meat (Any Type). Microwave for a Cutlet.
Cutlet.png Cutlet Microwave for a Raw Cutlet.
Soydope.png Soy Dope Cut 1 Soybean
Meat.png Meat From butchering or processing most animals (and people). Recipes that call for meat will accept any generic meat (except for specific, named meats such as the ones listed below, which have their own recipes). From the Biogenerator in Botany, or from mixing blood and Clonexadone.
Carpfillet.png Carp Fillet Butcher a Carp (gibbing gives three fillets, cutting with a knife gives one.)
Grubmeat.png Grub Meat A slab of grub meat, it gives a gentle shock if you touch it. Butcher a Solargrub (gibbing gives three fillets, cutting with a knife gives one.)
Xenomeat.png Xeno Meat Butcher a Xenomorph (gibbing gives three fillets, cutting with a knife gives one.)
Bearmeat.png Bear Meat Butcher a Spacebear (gibbing gives three fillets, cutting with a knife gives one.)
Raw Sticks.png Raw Potato Sticks Cut up one potato.
Carrotfries.png Carrot Fries Cut up one carrot.
Tortilla.png Tortilla Microwave 1 Flat Dough

Vending Machines

Vendsnack.gif Junk Food

If you're hungry and the Chef is not around to make you a meal, you might want to check the nearest Getmore Chocolate Corp -vending machine for some quick snacks to fill up your belly. Note that the Chef cannot (or doesn't want to) make these.

Picture Dispenses Description
Candy.png Candy Nougat; love it or hate it. Consists of nutriment and sugar, filling you a little.
Ramen.png Cup Ramen Just add 10u of water, self heats! A taste that reminds you of your school years. 30u Dry Ramen
Ramen.png Hot Ramen Makes 3 Parts Hot Ramen
Ramen.png Hell Ramen Add 1 part Capsaicin to 6 parts Hot Ramen
Chips.png Chips Commander Riker's What-The-Crisps. Consists of nutriment, filling you mildly.
Jerky.png Scaredy's Private Reserve Beef Jerky Beef jerky made from the finest space cows. Consists of nutriment, making it a filling snack!
Raisins.png 4no Raisins Best raisins in the universe. Not sure why. Consists of nutriment, making it a very filling snack!
Twinkie.png Space Twinkie A few bite snack consisting of small amount of sugar.
CheesieHonkers.png Cheesie Honkers Bite sized cheesie snacks that will honk all over your mouth. Consists of nutriment, making it a filling snack!
Breadtube.png Bread Tube A tube of bread! A bread tube!
Syndiecake.png Syndi-Cake A delicious traitorous treat! Available from hacked Getmore Chocolate Corp Vending Machines
SkrellSnax.png SkrellSnax Mm, Tastes like Skrell! Available from hacked Getmore Chocolate Corp Vending Machines
Monkeycube.png Monkey Cube 10 Animal Protein; kills you as a monkey grows inside you. Add water to get a monkey. Also comes in Stok, Farwa, and Naera varieties, available through Cargo.
Liquidfood.png LiquidFood Ration Sometimes found in Maintenance. 20 Nutriment, 3 Iron
Honeycomb.png Honeycomb From beekeeping


  • Milk, Soy Milk, Berry Juice, Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, Cold Sauce, and Sugar are all measured in reagent units rather than by number of containers. They can be poured directly into the microwave.
  • Sliceable foods can be divided into smaller portions by slicing them. Their reagents are divided equally into the slices. The slices noted here are the maximum number of slices, which you can get by using a precise cutting tool like a kitchen knife, cleaver, or scalpel; crude cutting tools, like axes, shovels, and saws will result in fewer slices.
  • Condiments are reagents can be added to food, possibly increasing their nutrition value or adding some fun extras. A chef can create condiments by grinding up things that contain them and isolating them in the CondiMaster in the back room. Condiments let you put ketchup on your fries, salt in your soup, dylovene on your fish fingers, or psilocybin on your ghost burger--the possibilities are endless. Foods hold a maximum of fifty units of reagents.
  • Some poisonous foods can be prepared safely if Dylovene is added to the finished product, or if the poisonous reagent is neutralized somehow. Experienced chefs only!
  • Traitor chefs can make some sneaky substitutions.
    • Poisonous apples can be used in all apple dishes, and the final dish will be poisoned. Unlike poisonous mushrooms, cyanide apples can easily kill.
    • Slime jelly can be substituted for cherry jelly, and will poison the resulting food.
    • Anything made with meat can be made with human meat. (It's still necessary to emag the gibber before butchering one's murder victims.)
  • Blood is not necessarily poisonous. It is always the same type as the person the brain was taken from, and if the type is incompatible with the recipient, it will cause a rejection reaction. O-negative blood is always safe.
  • Units of egg are obtained by breaking eggs into beakers.

Advanced Cooking

Some reagents in the finished products are poisonous, you may want to serve these items safely. This is where a little chemistry can help neutralize or remove the dangerous reagents from your food.Any given piece of food can contain only 50 units of reagents.

When using Dylovene, it's okay to use more than you strictly need. Other chemicals you might use to neutralize poison aren't so forgiving, and some are poisonous themselves.

Reagent How to Neutralize
Animal Protein; Egg Yolk Harmless to most people, animal protein, including egg yolk, is unsafe for Skrell. A one-to-one ratio of Dylovene to animal protein will make it safe for Skrell to eat.
Blood Blood is not necessarily poisonous. It is always the same type as the person it was taken from, and if the type is incompatible with the recipient, it will cause a rejection reaction.

O-negative blood is always safe. Add one unit of Dylovene for every four units of blood. Alcoholic drinks made with blood, of any type, are safe; just be sure there is no blood left over after the reaction. Blood can also be neutralized with Clonexadone (1 unit Clonexadone to 5 units Blood), or by adding drink ingredients to create a blood-based drink.

Carpotoxin Anything made with carp meat will have carpotoxin in it. Counter it with 1 unit Dylovene per 3 units Carpotoxin. Carpotoxin also reacts with copper and cryptobiolin to form rezadone, but overdose of rezadone starts at 15 units and most carpotoxin-containing foods have five or more units of it.
Amatoxin Found in mushrooms. Add 1 unit Dylovene per 2 units Amatoxin.
Toxin Add 1 unit Dylovene per 2 units Toxin.
Slime Jelly Will poison your customers no matter how much Dylovene you add. Adding Dylovene (around 30 units or so) will keep them from dying of the poisoning before they can get to Medical, but if you're not a traitor, do you want to serve them such a painful dish? (No, don't answer that. We know customers can be annoying; that's still no excuse to poison them.)
Radium Found in roast diona and will cause radiation poisoning. Add 1 unit of Dylovene per unit of Radium; reacts to form Hyronalin.
Sulphuric Acid Dylovene won't cut it for sulphuric acid, which will burn as well as poison anyone unlucky enough to ingest it. Instead, neutralize each 1 unit of Sulphuric acid with either 3 units of Corn Oil (creates glycerol), 4 units of Soy Milk (creates soy sauce), or 5 units of wine (creates Acid Spit, an alcoholic cocktail).
Polytrinic Acid You're serious about serving that xeno meat, huh? Well, don't serve it plain; polytrinic acid will poison, burn, and generally kill your customers in a rather nasty manner. Like with sulphuric acid, dylovene isn't enough, but unlike sulphuric acid, it's not easy to neutralize. Polytrinic acid will react with foaming agent and either iron or aluminum to create metal foam, and 10 units of polytrinic acid and 20 units of plasticide will create plastic. When working out how to do this, remember that plasticide is poisonous and metal foam can be chipped through with a kitchen knife.
Alcohol An equal amount of Ethylredoxrazine reacts with Alcohol (including alcoholic drinks) to make water.
Synaptizine Synaptizine is poisonous, but the bigger problem is that it hangs around in the system for a long time. For every unit of synaptizine, you need 30 units of Dylovene.
Phoron Really, now? You could neutralize phoron by adding 2 rum and 1 vermouth per unit, but eating phoron is still a bit of a waste.