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NanoTrasen offers a variety of decorations to crew members who do great things in service to the company. Some medals are awarded by the Colony Director, while the highest honors are only given by NanoTrasen's administrators. Here are all of the medals currently in service, listed below in order of prestige in order of highest to lowest from top to bottom. This page also lists notable recipients of various medals who have worked aboard the Virgo Orbital Research Establishment. Some medal recipients were given under specific conditions that are worth mentioning, while others are self-explanatory.

Medal of Extraordinary Heroism

An extremely rare golden medal awarded only by CentCom. To receive such a medal is the highest honor, and as such, very few exist. This medal is almost never awarded to anybody but commanders.

Notable recipients:

Outstanding Leadership Medal

A prestigious medal awarded to employees for notably outstanding leadership which affects technical or administrative programs of Nanotrasen.

Notable recipients:

Medal of Unity

A silver medal awarded to a group which has demonstrated exceptional teamwork to achieve a notable feat.

Notable recipients:

Medal of Valor

A silver medal awarded for acts of exceptional valor.

Notable recipients:

  • There's a few but we don't have them listed yet. Add their names here!

Robust Security award

An award for distinguished combat and sacrifice in defense of Nanotrasen's commercial interests. Often awarded to security staff.

Notable recipients:

Bronze Heart medal

A bronze heart-shaped medal awarded for sacrifice. It is often awarded posthumously or for severe injury in the line of duty.

Notable recipients:

Emergency Response Team Service medal

A bronze medal awarded for veterans of the Emergency Response Team. This medal is given by Central Command only after a lengthy career in the ERT.

Notable recipients:

Nobel Sciences Award

A bronze medal which represents significant contributions to the field of science or engineering. (In other words, you performed, discovered, or came up with something so cool, it made the admins add it to the lore.)

Notable recipients:

  • Dr. Kisuke Gema, for his contributions to the field of Redspace Research.
  • An orange-eyed shadekin, for beating the crap out of an electric spider that annoyed it by making too much noise as it tormented a miner by zapping them over and over. May not count officially, but shiny thing and it's not giving it back.
  • Cain Tate, for being the first crew member to create Morphium.

Health Service Achievement medal

A bronze medal which is issued to personnel who display meritorious achievement and excellence in the field of medicine.

Notable recipients:

  • Kira Alekhin, for figuring out how to clone people from Keegan's fat ass.
  • Mederic Chesnais, for his services as combat medic in the Redspace Crisis.
  • Dr. Tempest Venesare, for hir continued, exceptional services as a physician.

Distinguished Conduct medal

A bronze medal awarded for distinguished conduct. Whilst a great honor, this is most basic award given by Nanotrasen. It is often awarded by a Colony Director to a member of their crew.

Notable recipients:

Supreme Banner of Courage

A medal given to though who show strength in the face of grave danger.

Notable recipients:

  • Jingo, Emerald Slime(Honorary inclusion.)

Distinguished Banner of Supreme Ineptitude

This "medal" can be made by ripping off some cardboard and using a scrap of string from your uniform. It's given as a cruel joke by the crew sometimes as a way of saying, "Well, you tried! But you still failed." (If you end up on this list, relax, and just laugh along with us because we were all idiot noobs once. Else we'll make sure you never live it down.)

The actual reason this is rewarded is when you fail so spectacularly that people don't even care you failed. It's downright impressive how badly you failed.

Notable recipients:

  • Koshi Yoshimanatori (posthumously), for opening a door into a phoron fire in an effort to rescue people inside, thus burning down most of the Science Department and killing himself in the process.
  • Mederic Chesnais, for joining an assault on a nest of giant fucking spiders against the orders of his Captain, with no knowledge of weaponry, wielding only a double-barrel shotgun, a kitchen knife, and a chef's apron, while everyone else came with heavily armed mechs. Very nearly died from multiple venomous bites.
  • Sam Michels, for managing to light the entire planet on fire. Nanotrasen denies that this ever occurred, and is simply a dream some crew members had.
  • Bites-The-Dust, for pretending he knew how to operate a supermatter engine. When asked about the unusual noise emanating from said engine, the engineer was quoted saying "The thumping means its working" shortly before before dousing the station in atomic fire.