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or How The Server Should Be Ideally

The goal of VOREStation is to provide a fun SS13 environment for our intended playerbase, and to keep things reasonably modern and current, while remaining amenable to requests from the intended playerbase.

The intended playerbase:

  • Is interested in vore ERP on the server
  • Is interested in playing SS13 as a game
  • Will not eschew casual RP in general
  • Enjoys participating in the setting
  • Will contribute to the environment

The environment and setting should be kept suitable for this intended playerbase, and as such, there is a set of criteria that the environment should be kept towards:

  • Being “heavy roleplay” (e.g. most interactions with others are fully roleplayed)
  • Has natural roleplay opportunities invoked by mechanics
  • Allows roleplay and mechanics to coexist in equal amounts
  • Does not allow an individual to accomplish large tasks in isolation without RP
  • Allows the use of vore mechanics in as many tasks as feasible, while at the same time not making the tasks trivial just because vore was used (i.e. don’t play ‘favorites’ with it)

The headmins are the steering committee for the server, and shall keep the server in line with the above goals and sentiment. The admins, developers, and other staff assist the headmins in this goal by volunteering their time (and patience) to ensure the server aligns with the above goals.