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In order to facility creative RP this species has no HARD defined lore. As directly quoted from Admin Slingblade on the discord "As for all the fine details? Leave that to the players. They have to fill out an SCA and get it approved. If its approved, its as good as canon, since we're checking that its compliant and lets the player leave their little mark on what is a frankly unique lifeform." This article is here to simply help you better understand the basics of what a protean is so that you can better fill out the SCA on our forms.




  • Can change their form to appear as MANY MANY known model of synth, Either the whole form or just specific limbs.
  • Can change their appearance to mimic many biological features. Have similar powers to promethiens. Can change their body and eye colors, give themselves any ear, tail, hair, or wing sprites. can change their gender as well as access any special suits that would be locked to other species.
  • Can change their size at will, shrinking to gain some metal while using metal to grow.
  • Can change into a blob form and crawl around in vents.Protean-Ability.gif
  • Can heal themselves by eating metal.
  • can eat garbage to gain power.
  • Runs on power and requires charging just like normal Synthetic Crew.
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