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Aces, better known as 'Ace', is the current owner and host of Vorestation. He has been a roleplayer since the year 2007, and first started administrating online roleplaying servers in 2010.

He started as an administrator for Vorestation in 2014 when the original founder Eliza decided to make Ace an administrator—against Ace's will. When Eliza left the community, Ace took over, and has been in charge ever since.

He can be found on Discord at Ace#6074.

Notable Characters

These characters are significant to Vorestation's lore in some way as they are part of major events. I will at some point make pages for them.

Other Characters

These characters are also played by this user, but are not significant to the lore.

  • Alex Ashbaugh
  • Amir Soun
  • Carl Johnson
  • Dararakah Al'Manq
  • Jeremy Neil
  • Titus Sharp
  • Others...