Virgo Orbital Research Establishment

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This article or section is based on Vorestation's legacy lore.

This article or section is severely outdated, and is no longer canon as of May 2020. If this lore is still relevant to the server, you can help by updating it.

The NSB Adephagia, more commonly known as V.O.R.E., is a NanoTrasen science outpost on a moon in orbit around a phoron gas giant that is part of the Virgo-Erigone star system. The original V.O.R.E. was a station that began operation in 2558, three years after the NSS Exodus entered service, which the original NSS Adephagia was based upon.

The current station is a space tether which opened in 2561. The station is crewed by approximately 20 to 50 employees who transfer periodically to and from the An-Nur Spaceport, NanoTrasen's planet-side hub in the Virgo-Erigone system.

Main map as of 06/03/2020

Maps of the NSB Adephagia.

Archive Maps.

As of April 24 2020

Main map (with Talon) as of 04/24/20

As Of April 16 2020

Main map as of 04/16/20

As Of June 14 2018

Main map as of 7/14/18

As Of June 23 2018