Virgo Orbital Research Establishment

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Welcome to Virgo-Erigone (Virgo for short), a system within the Coreward Periphery, one of the two current frontiers of Humanity they pay even a modicum of attention to. This is due to the reason you are stationed on one of the moons of Virgo 3, Virgo 3B. The gas giant, being a massive ball of liquid and gaseous phoron is one of the many of the Coreward Periphery, where a phoron heavy star has gone supernova millenia ago, scattering the coveted material over nearby star systems, just waiting to be exploited.

The Tether itself - or the "NSB Adephagia" Is the current most operated base. Though NT is always looking for new places to exploit explore!

Main map of the NSB Adephagia as of 08/23/2020

Currently, the map occasionally rotates. Two other main maps are Rascalls Pass (GroundBase) and the Stellar Delight

Maps of the NSB Adephagia.

Archive Maps.

As of June 03 2020
As of April 24 2020

Main map (with Talon) as of 04/24/20

As Of April 16 2020

Main map as of 04/16/20

As Of June 14 2018

Main map as of 7/14/18

As Of June 23 2018

Maps of Rascals Pass

As Of July 3 2022

Normal Version:

Simplified Version (Credit to Yoof#1383 on Discord):

Maps of Stellar Delight

As Of July 3 2022

Normal Version: