Virgo Orbital Research Establishment

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Welcome to Virgo-Erigone (Virgo for short), a system within the Coreward Periphery, one of the two current frontiers of Humanity they pay even a modicum of attention to. This is due to the reason you are stationed on one of the moons of Virgo 3, Virgo 3B. The gas giant, being a massive ball of liquid and gaseous phoron is one of the many of the Coreward Periphery, where a phoron heavy star has gone supernova millenia ago, scattering the coveted material over nearby star systems, just waiting to be exploited.

The Tether itself - or the "NSB Adephagia" Is the current most operated base. Though NT is always looking for new places to exploit explore!

Main map of the NSB Adephagia as of 08/23/2020

Maps of the NSB Adephagia.

Archive Maps.

As of June 03 2020
As of April 24 2020

Main map (with Talon) as of 04/24/20

As Of April 16 2020

Main map as of 04/16/20

As Of June 14 2018

Main map as of 7/14/18

As Of June 23 2018