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This is a list of admin decisions in chats or the forums about issues that have come up in gameplay, divided up by department. They are not necessarily rules, however complying with them will, at the very least, avoid long discussions about whether you should have done something or not.


  • 'Mentally' underage characters are still considered underage characters and are against the server rules. The opposite is also true ("young body, old mind").
  • Soul stuff: See This Article
  • Prey's responsibility to notify pred in LOOC before calling for help, unless pred preference notes specify that it is fine, or prey preference notes specify that they always do.
  • CentCom characters are not "walking admins". Don't metagame and treat them weird or assume that everything they say is now a rule. Unlike admins, CentCom characters are characters, and sometimes have biases, grudges, and other things that are the result of in-character incidents.
  • You don't HAVE to have different characters for different departments, but it's preferred. It starts to push the powergaming and realistic character rules if your one character knows how to do many jobs across different departments, even if they only stick to one job per shift.
  • Is someone who has previous training in a job (Job A) but is working another job (Job B) in the same department obligated to fulfill the duties of Job A? No. There is no obligation to do a job you are familiar with but are not currently working in. You can volunteer. If you're a Psychiatrist, but a surgeon is needed, you are not required to suddenly become a surgeon unless you are literally the only person there who can currently do the job, in which case you might want to try to help them for the sake of their gameplay time and not leaving them crippled. At that point it is more an OOC favor to that player to allow them to continue playing.



  • The following two are related to each other:
    • Is someone that works in engineering in a job that isn't specifically engineering/engine tech and has no engine training required to set the engine? The answer is 'no' without supervision/on-site training, due to lack of ability to troubleshoot. A person should use this as an opportunity to RP with an engineer.
    • Should someone who DOES have previous training but is in a different job be able to touch the engine? This falls under the general ruling on doing someone else's job, meaning you are not obligated to touch the engine unless there is a pressing need to do so, or there is nobody else in the department with a more appropriate role.
  • Please do not fuck with the engine if it has already been set up and is running smoothly. Unless you are prepared to sit there and monitor it because you're experimenting with it, don't do it, or you risk a job ban if something goes wrong.


  • You should not patrol maintenance regularly, for the sake of actually allowing the other side of the game (people trying to get away with things) a chance.
  • The Head of Security (or whoever is the securityboss) can issue a blanket license to carry e-guns for sec officers if they wish, if people are being particularly problematic with guncargo or R&D guns or something. Or if they want to. It's their prerogative.
  • A victim can drop charges directly relating to them except for Murder.
    • However if both pred and prey, IC and OOC want to drop charges over their scene, then it should be dropped.


  • People needing resleeving may OOCly ask for one but may not OOCly demand it because they have alternative respawing abilities to use in the event asking fails. Demand in this case means to aggressively ask for something with no regard to the other player's own activities and being obscenely unreasonable in the process. At the same time, doctors should at least make the effort to resleeve that specific person at least once. After that one time for that specific person, the doctor may prioritize other activities for a reasonable period of time.



  • Please don't try to solo gateway missions by yourself. People later in the shift, or even your coworkers may have wanted to participate in the mission. If you complete it by yourself, then you're depriving other people of the enjoyment of it. Admins reserve the right to purposely set you up for failure if you try to solo the mission, as it is borderline unrealistic for a character to just charge gung-ho into the gateway.