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The following is our policy and guidelines regarding posting content on our Discord Server. These guidelines are subject to change without forewarning.

NSFW Content Policy

  • Images, videos, and embeds are all treated as a part of a work. When moving or removing any artwork, the staff will check all related information of any complaints about the work beforehand. If the work is deemed problematic, it will either be deleted or moved to the appropriate channel.
  • A user will be informed of the staff's decision on a content post and be given the chance to move or remove the post themselves. Otherwise, the staff will move or remove the post themselves.
  • Any content or conduct related to the content that is deemed to be malicious will be acted upon based on our Global Rules.
  • Considerations for this policy includes:
    • Discord's ToS.
    • Allowing community members to visit the Discord Server's SFW sections without fear of accidentally loading a NSFW picture onto their screen. Especially around family and co-workers.
      • While we recognize that a community member should take care to not expose the people around them to the content they consume, they should nevertheless not be put in a position to explain themselves when someone else breaks this policy.
      • A community member may also be using our server as their main online social network.
      • Some community members have their on and off days when it comes to NSFW. We want to respect that by establishing clear boundaries.
    • Parts of this policy has wording with minors in mind despite minors not being allowed on the server to begin with. This is on purpose since we consider exposing minors to explicit forms of sexual content unethical and illegal in many jurisdictions. It is also a uniform test we can apply to images that require examination against this policy. ("Is it considered appropriate to expose a minor to this content? If no, NSFW.")

Prohibited Conduct

  1. Posting works that break our Global Rules or Discord ToS.
  2. Repeatedly posting content that was already deemed inappropriate or prohibited by staff.
  3. Posting content (including drawings) that depict minors sexually or suggestively are strictly prohibited. This includes Shotacon and Lolicon artwork regardless of context.
  4. Anything that places an extreme, excessive, or undue burden on the server(s).

Prohibited Content

The following are subject to staff review:

  1. Content (including drawings) that depict minors sexually or suggestively are strictly prohibited. This includes Shotacon and Lolicon artwork regardless of context.
  2. Images containing defamation, threats, or that cause economic or mental harm.
  3. Images that contain inhuman cruelty purposely exaggerated to be needlessly shocking.
  4. Images that turn cruel or shocking content into a meme.
  5. Images that have an excessively unfavorable depiction of any ethnicity, belief, occupation, sex, orientation, or religion.

NSFW Works

This community requires members to self-regulate and post works that are not suitable for viewing by the average non-member or minor to the appropriate NSFW channel. Please use great care when deciding where to post. A post that falls into any of these categories should go in NSFW:

  1. [ R-18 ] [ R-18G ]: Works containing depictions that are unsuitable to those under 18. Softcore included.
  2. Anything sexually related or work that depicts it, genitalia contact, or anything which strongly resembles any sexual act.
  3. Depictions that suggestively expose or emphasize cleavage, nipples, buttocks, or nether regions, or other body part.
  4. Depictions of characters in immodest clothing such as revealing clothes, underwear, swimwear, see-through clothes, BDSM gear/clothing, and characters that can be considered naked.
  5. Depictions of a kink in any context.
    • Any depiction of vore and themes related to vore falls under this because we are an adult community built around vore and related themes. As such, vore and related themes must go under the correct NSFW channel.
  6. If it takes more than 4 seconds to decide whether or not a post is NSFW, it can be safely assumed that the post should go under NSFW. Better safe than sorry.
    • If you approach staff and get conflicting rulings on an image or post, assume it goes under NSFW.