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Mechanical Toolbox

Mechanical Toolbox
Found in: Engineering, auxiliary storage and many places around the station including tool storage and the locker room
Used for: Contains tools which are needed whenever you want to construct or deconstruct something
Strategy: Contains the basic tools all engineers should probably have.
Contents Description
Screwdriver tool.png Wrench.png Welderon.gif
Crowbar.pngAnalyzer.png Wirecutters.png
This toolbox contains many tools needed in the day to day lives of engineers.

Electrical Toolbox

Toolbox yellow.png
Electrical Toolbox
Found in: Engineering, Primary Tool Storage, Tech Storage
Used for: Contains tools which you'll need when fixing or breaking electrical equipment
Strategy: Has a fair amount of wire to wire multiple rooms up. Or to make wire art, your choice.
Contents Description
Screwdriver tool.png Wirecutters.png T-ray.png Crowbar.pngCableCoils.png CableCoils.png CableCoils.png The electrical toolbox's contents are intended to help fix electrical equipment. Yellow toolboxes have a small chance of containing a pair of insulated gloves.

Wirecutters.png Wirecutter

Heavy duty scissors. Primarily cuts wire lain wire, machine wires, and grilles.

Welderon.gif Welding Tool

Used for cutting through metal and welding certain objects shut, as well as repairing some items.

Wrench.png Wrench

Wrenches are usually used to take things apart, like wall girders or tables, or to un/fasten pipes.

Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver

Screw and unscrews a variety of things.

Analyzer.png Analyzer

Effectively a standalone PDA atmospheric scanner, which provides a more in depth readout.

Multitool.png Multitool

The multitool is for hacking. Used to send a pulse through wires in a machine or door. Can also be used to see how much power is in a lain wire.

T-ray.png T-ray Scanner

Allows you to periodically see items under floor tiles, primarily disposal pipes and wires.

Crowbar.png Crowbar

Used to pry things, such as floor tiles, unpowered doors, and machines.

CableCoils.png Cable Coil

Superconducting heavy duty wires. Normally found in mechanical and electrical toolboxes, as well as the Engi-Vend. More can be assembled from an Autolathe.

Advanced Tools

Jawscrowbar.png Jawswirecut.png Jaws of Life

A crowbar and wirecutter contained in one hydraulic tool. Accomplishes tasks faster than the standalone tools.

Drillscrew.png Drillwrench.png Power Drill

A screwdriver and wrench contained in one power tool. Accomplishes tasks faster than the standalone tools.

Ewelder.gif Advanced Welder

A welder that holds about the same amount of fuel as standard welders, but is capable of regenerating fuel. Accomplishes tasks faster than other welders.


Emergency Toolbox

Emergency Toolbox
Found in: Emergency lockers and storage areas
Used for: Contains tools which are useful in emergencies.
Strategy: Contains a flashlight which is useful as well as a crowbar.
Contents Description
Flashlight.png Station Bounced Radio.png FireExtinguisher.pngCrowbar.png The toolbox contains a flashlight, a crowbar, a radio and a fire extinguisher.

Cellcharger.pngCell Charger

Place power cells into these to charge them up. Can be secured and unsecured using a wrench. Takes up 60 kW while in use.

Powercell.pngPower Cell

Used to power APCs, cyborgs, and various electrical equipment. There are a few different cells, some being high-cap, super-cap, and hyper-cap cells.


Shines light when turned on. Can be recharged in a recharger.

Inflatables.pngInflatable Barrier Box

A large case with a few inflatable doors and walls. Used to section off areas that are exposed to bad atmosphere.

Station Bounced Radio.png

Radios to use when Telecommunications are down.

FireExtinguisher.pngFire Extinguisher

Activate in hand to turn the safety off, click on visible tile to spray contents of the extinguisher towards it. Refilled at water tanks.

RCD.pngRapid Construction Device (RCD)

A device capable of (crudely) constructing and deconstructing floors, doors, and windows. Uses compressed matter cartridges to accomplish these tasks.

Compressed matter cartridge.pngCompressed Matter Cartridge

Ammo for the RCD. More can be ordered at cargo.


Tool Belt

Tool Belt
Found in: Primary Tool Storage, Emergency Storage, Engineering, and Maintenance.
Used for: Storing tools more easily on your belt.
Strategy: Engineers would benefit the most from these.
Holds all standard tools and has as much space as a toolbox. Very useful.

MGlasses.pngOptical Meson Scanner

Allows you to see turf (walls, floors) that would normally be obscured by obstructions or lack of light. Cannot see mobs or objects. Normally found in YouTools.

Hazard.pngHazard Vest

A vest that is worn on your outer clothing slot. Has some storage space inside, and can hold some engineering related items in the suit storage slot. Safety first!


A dark and bulky piece of equipment commonly found in emergency fire lockers. Can withstand extreme temperatures, whether they be hot or cold.

Advancedsuit.pngEngineering Voidsuits

Standard EVA voidsuits that can withstand vacuum and some temperature extremes. Found in Engineering EVA, EVA Equipment, and Atmospherics.


Specialized boots that can be attached to a voidsuit to ensure you don't slip in space. They can also secure you to the ground so that you don't get blown around the room from wind.

Hardhat.pngHard Hat

Protects your head. Has a nice little light on top.

Fire Fighter Hat.pngFire Fighter Hat

Protects against heat when used with a firesuit.

Welding Goggles.pngWelding Goggles

Goggles to protect your eyes when welding.

WeldingHelmet.pngWelding Helmet

A helmet to protect your eyes when welding.

Radiation Suit.pngRadiation Hood.pngRadiation Suit

Protects the wearer from radiation.

Gas mask.pngGas Mask

Filters out some harmful gases. Completely nullifies N2O. Can be used as a mask for internals.


Plasma canister.pngCanister

A container for gases, such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Phoron. Can be wrenched to a connector.

Tank Storage Unit.pngTank Storage Unit

A rack that dispenses tanks, either Oxygen or Phoron. Use a wrench to unsecure from the floor.


Advanced tech that can download an AI's personality from a core. Usually used to secure rogue AIs.

Handheld-Plasmatank.pngPhoron Tank

An orange tank containing Phoron.

Oxygen tank.png Oxygen Tank

A cylindrical blue tank containing pure oxygen. Set distribution pressure to 21 kPa to use.

Fueltank.pngFuel Tank

A large tank containing fuel. Refuel (not lit) welders here.

Watertank.pngWater Tank

A large tank containing water. You can fill buckets to water plants or refill fire extinguishers with it.

Proximitysensor.pngProximity Sensor

A sensor that sends a signal when something/someone moves next to it. Near useless on it's own.

Infrared sensor.pngInfrared Sensor

A sensor that sends a signal when something/someone crosses the beam it emits. Near useless on it's own.

Infrared beam.pngInfrared Beam

A beam emitted by an infrared sensor.

RemoteSignalingDevice.pngRemote Signaling Device

A device capable of sending a signal to a frequency and code of the user's choice. Can be attached to wires in a machine or door to pulse them when it receives a signal.


A device with a basic clock that will begin counting down from whatever the user input as soon as it receives as signal. Near useless on it's own.


A device that can create a spark when it receives a signal. Near useless on it's own.

Book.pngEngineering Books

Basic guidebooks found around Engineering that detail certain procedures and tutorials related to engineering.

Engineering Circuit Boards

Power control module.pngPower Control Module A module board used in assembling APCs. Found in YouTools.

Airlock electronics.pngAirlock Electronics An electronic board used in assembling airlocks, automatic doors, and windoors. Activating in hand will allow you to configure which IDs are allowed and denied entry.

Uploadmodule.pngReset AI Module Resets the AI's laws when used on an upload console.

Circuitboard.pngCircuit board (xxxxx) A machine board. Used in assembling machines. The name of the board will determine which machine will be built upon completion.

Atmospherics Items

See Atmospherics Items.

Construction Materials

See Construction Materials.

Constructions & Assemblies

See Basic Construction, Guide to Advanced Construction and Guide to Construction.


Shield Generator.gifShield Generator

Gravitational Singularity Generator.pngGravitational Singularity Generator

Shield generator.gifshield generator

shield capacitor

Machine that charges a shield generator


Field Generator.pngField Generator

Emergency Shield Projector.gifEmergency Shield Projector

SMES.pngPower Storage Unit(SMES)

EngiVend.pngEngi-Vend Vending Machine

YouTool.pngYouTool Vending Machine

Solar Panels

Solar assembly.pngSolar panel.pngSolar Array

Solar Control Computer

Solar tracker.pngSolar Tracker

Particle Accelerator Engine

Control box.pngParticle Accelerator Control Computer

Particle Accelerator Top.pngAlpha Particle Generation Array

Particle Accelerator Middle.pngEM Acceleration Chamber

Particle Accelerator Bottom.pngParticle Focusing EM Lens

Particle Accelerator Emitter Left.pngParticle Accelerator Emitter Middle.pngParticle Accelerator Emitter Right.pngEM Containment Grids

Collector array.pngRadiation Collector Array

Supermatter Engine

Supermatter.png Supermatter

Collector array.png Radiation Collector Array