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The Field Medic (FM) role is a rather new addition to medical that is essentially a long range paramedic, focusing on retrieving and saving people off station, and not necessarily the crew on station, as that is a job for Paramedics. As an FM, you will most likely be deploying on a shuttle piloted by the Pilot along with Explorers to particular waypoints to perform your duties.


This will be taken from the Paramedic page. Please view that page for more info.

FMs will need equipment necessary for rescuing, stabilizing, and sustaining someone long enough to endure the trip from the operation area all the way back to the Tether facility. Below is a good loadout to use.

  • PGlasses.png A pair of AR-M glasses to get an estimate of someone's health from a glance, check their records, and view suit sensors.
  • LGloves.png A pair of latex or nitrile gloves to prevent spreading infection.
  • BreathMask.png An internals mask for waypoints with inevitably harsh atmosphere.
  • Parachute.png A parachute to safely drop onto a planet's surface without turning into a pancake.
  • Medical Hardsuit.png A voidsuit assembled and ready.
  • GPS.gif A GPS tracker to allow others to track your exact coordinates and allows you to track other GPS signals.
  • Beacon.png A marker beacon that emits some light. Works like a breadcrumb.
  • Healthanalyzer.png A health analyzer for basic but very necessary diagnosis of injuries.
  • Syringes.png A syringe to extract reagents from bottles to administer to the patient quickly.
  • Medicalbelt.png A medical belt to store your medicines, normally bottles.
  • WWebbing.png A webbing vest/drop pouches to store more medical items, if not exploration gear.
  • Bottles.gif Bicaridine, KeloDerm/Dermaline, Dylovene, Dexalin Plus, and Inaprovaline bottles - with caps off - to draw from to stabilize and treat basic injuries.
    • Tramadol may also be useful in the event of broken ribs, and can help keep wounded explorers on their feet and moving at full speed.
  • AMed.png An advanced kit placed in your backpack.
  • Rollerbed.png A roller bed to transport patients quickly without dragging. Toss it in your backpack.
  • Stasis Bag.png A stasis bag to slow the progression of injuries. Take a few of these.

Locating Distress Signals



You've found someone injured. What do you do?

  1. Gauge the situation. Do the current surroundings or circumstances put the patient in danger?
    • If so, move patient somewhere safe, or back to the ship. Then...
  2. Scan the patient's injuries. Take everything into account (yes, even high temperature is a symptom of certain ailments).
  3. Treat the patient to the best of your ability until they can be evaluated back in medbay.
    • If they are critical with life threatening injuries, stasis them once the ship takes off for the Tether, no sooner and no later unless the situation demands it.
    • The reasoning behind this is because stasis bags have a limited air supply, and only slow down the progression of injuries instead of stopping them.
  4. Deliver patient to medical and allow Medical Doctors to take care of it.

Off The Clock

Pilot is missing or just doesn't want to fly you around? Then double up as a Paramedic for the time being, helping out around the station while you wait to deploy. You are medical, after all, why not assist the other staff? Perhaps even ask the other staff to counsel you on a good loadout. You can help medical before and after the expedition, but if there is an active Paramedic you shouldn't be doing their job for them. When in doubt ask the CMO but don't forget job hijacking is against the rules!

Roleplay Tips

  • The job of a Field Medic involves going into many situations that you don't have any beforehand knowledge of, most of them probably being quite dangerous in the end. You probably have a fair bit of experience given you've survived for so long.
  • Alternatively, you may play a character who is totally new to this line of work, unsure what to expect but keeping an open mind to learn.
  • You could probably search and rescue crew from bellies or something.
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