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Commonly known as ITG, Ironcrest Transport Group is primarily an interstellar cargo running company, however, they are known to train and hire out workers in a number of disciplines.

The company's origins are somewhat nebulous, amounting more to rumor than fact. Operating so far out and seemingly independent of any one governmental structure, the company came to be with only one ship, but has done well enough for itself within the last few years to be able to expand rather rapidly, with new ships being added to its fleet regularly.

ITG's primary function is in interstellar cargo running, opting for speed to arms when it comes to actually defending their cargo, their ships are rarely equipped for any kind of actual combat outside of specific need. ITG does however train and employ their own security forces for defending their vessels and facilities.

ITG does offer affordable passenger accommodations on many of their ships within the bounds of the Coreward Periphery. Their ships can be hired to go further, but this tends to be rather pricey.

ITG's latest business venture has been in training and contracting out workers to companies with shortages. Its workers typically commend the company for the high pay, but occasionally speak with some concern over their company contracts having some worrying clauses with regards to actually leaving the company. Still, the company seems to take very good care of those who work under them, going so far as supplying basic food, accommodations, and transport within the local area at no cost.

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