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Moghes, in the Uueoa-Esa system, is the homeworld of the Unathi, and the capital of the Moghes Hegemony.

The average temperature on Moghes is a warm 23C. For the most part, the surface of Moghes is land, with massive saltwater lakes and seas dotting the supercontinent's surface. The tropical band on Moghes is mostly hot, rocky plains with occasional stretches of desert, while the temperate band is mostly swampland and savannas, while the poles are mostly swampland. The Northernmost polar region is a relatively cold plain, with very unusual life, as Moghes' moon Kharet is locked in orbit above this part of the planet. Moghes was once abundant in precious metals and other minerals, in modern times the supply is running low and the Unathi are forced to turn to other planets or asteroids to obtain what they need, this his had led to several conflicts where they've taken what they want from others.

  • City-Holds - Unathi build and live in City-Holds, massive industrial-residential complexes focused on enabling the works of the Unathi inhabiting them. These are often focussed into a more specific area of industry or craft.
  • Outside of the City-Holds, the land is dominated by farming and ranching. More space is needed to feed the carnivorous Unathi than most other species would allow for. This farmland is traced with roads and train tracks, mostly used for shipping goods and livestock.


  • Uueoa-Esa - A blue main sequence star, Uueoa-Esa, roughly translated to Burning Mother, is the star that gives its name to the home system of the Unathi. It is orbited by three planets, and an asteroid belt that may have once been a further two.
  • Ouere - The innermost planet to Uueoa-Esa. The only facility of note on Ouere is a solar power station on the on the surface, that beams power back to Moghes./
  • Moghes - See Above
  • Kahret - Tidally locked to Moghes, its only moon, Kahret, has an atmosphere and biosphere of its own, though nothing classified as intelligent was located. Some Unathi scientists theorize that Moghes and Kahret were once a larger planet, split by some ancient impact.
  • Yeora - The only gas giant in the Uueoa-Esa system, Yeora is orbitted by dozens of moons of various sizes. Some of these have small Unathi colonies or research facilities.
  • Yoos - Not actually a planet, the Yoos Asteroid Belt has been mined by the Unathi since their early space faring days. The mineral richness of the belt leads some to argue that it was once another planet, or up to three. The debate rages.


Although Moghes has many varieties of flora, the two known by most modern Unathi are the Velo plant and the Strangler Vine.

  • Strangler Vine - A large, thin vine that grows mostly in the Southern swamps, the Strangler vine wraps trees and rock formations near its base with strong, flexible vines covered in a stinging hair. When these hairs are triggered, the vines constrict, trapping the prey and injecting it with a potent sedative. The unconscious body is then dropped into the swamp below, likely drowning and decaying to feed the plant.
  • Velo - A short, thick starch plant with a white fibrous body. The root is the primary food source of Stok, and the body is easily usable in tailoring, so this plant has made its way to most Unathi colonies.



Hostile wildlife makes living on Moghes difficult, but many of the historical predators of Unathi are now farmed for meat. Ranching is more vital and more dangerous for Unathi because of their love of variety and dietary necessities.

A Thresher is a large predatory quadruped, and has large, poisonous quills on many parts of its body. They resemble large canines and come in at around 1.4 meters tall, with an average weight of about 160 pounds. Threshers have a pack mentality and are aggressive towards Unathi by nature, though they can be domesticated given enough patience and time.

Sissalik are huge, gecko-like creatures that serve as the workhorses of Unathi society. Almost two meters tall at the shoulder, a Sissalik is a gentle but predatory giant. They were once used as cavalry mounts, and while not as immediately dangerous as threshers they are far quicker on their feet. Their main use in today's society is as a beast of burden, as well as a source of meat. Sissalik are additionally useful in herding threshers and stok; a well trained Sissalik almost never samples from their master's herds.

The stok is a reptile native to Moghes, standing less than a meter tall. Stok are strangely colored, with with colorful scales on their bodies and feathers adorning their head. They stand on two legs and have short arms, the feet are digitigrade. Wild stoks spend their days eating and lounging in the treetops of the swampy regions of Moghes. Farming Stoks involves preparing tall platforms for this purpose, and most stoks are too foolish to flee an approaching Unathi rancher.

The Moghes Duneworm is a critically endangered delicacy for the Unathi. Completely blind, this pale creature is omnivorous, tracking plants and prey alike by sense of smell. According to Unathi legend, the Duneworm used to grow large enough to devour an adult Unathi whole, but it has since been hunted to the point of near-extinction for its succulent meats. Today, the Duneworm is kept alive in certain desert preserves, and very carefully certified ranches.

Though there are many aquatic creatures that call Moghes home, the lack of oceans means very few are universally known. Unathi do however find Earth fish to be very tasty.