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This is a table of purpose-made ranged weaponry available in the game. The list may not perfectly represent the current state of the game, as the weapons may be rebalanced but the page may not be updated to reflect this for some time.

Sidearms (Ballistic)

Ballistic weapons remain a popular weapon in the 26th century, typically however Nanotrasen prefer the usage of Energy weapons over Ballistic weapons, so don't expect to see many ballistic weapons on station.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Desert Eagle 64px
7 Rounds 60 Brute Summon guns, can spawn in the secure contraband locker on metastation. Nanotrasen Comes in three tasteful variants. Normal, gold and camo gold. Hope for the gold gun. 7 Rounds of pure mlg; spare ammo available nowhere.
64px Mateba 64px
7 Rounds 60 Brute Syndicate Uplink and summon guns. Nanotrasen All in all the syndicate revolver, but for death squad and emergency response team officers.
Revolver.png Revolver 64px
7 Rounds 60 Brute Syndicate Uplink and summon guns Syndicate Security (or generally anyone) will be quick to scream 'TRAITOR!' if they see you with one. You can get more ammo from hacked autolathes. Serve with a side of grenade to finish your foe off for good.
64px Revolver 64px
6 Rounds 15 Brute + Knockdown Detective's locker or summon guns. Security Knocks down targets, causing some minor damage. Can be modified to fire .357, but may break with the modification.
64px Stetchkin Pistol 64px
8 rounds 30 Brute Syndicate Uplink. Syndicate The nuke op's weapon last resort; spend telecrystals on something better. Small enough to fit in pockets. One of the few guns that takes the universal silencer.
Revolver.png Russian Revolver 64px
1 round. Can load up to 6. 60 Brute
300 Brute when used on self
MetaStation Old Russia A Russian made revolver. Uses .357 ammo. It has a single slot in its chamber for a bullet. A gun to play Russian Roulette! You can spin the chamber to randomize the position of the bullet. True men aim for the head.

Sidearms (Energy)

Energy weapons are among the most common kind of weapon you'll find on a Nanotrasen space station. Reliable but has issues with ammo.

Energy Based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Taser Recharger.gif
5 Electrodes Stun target Armory, taser crates and summon guns. Security If you're trying to kill someone, stun, then beat the living daylights out of them.
64px Energy Crossbow Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
Infinite Bolts (needs to cooldown after shooting) 10 Toxin + Stun Syndicate Uplink. Syndicate The syndicate's energy crossbow, small, silent and deadly. It's worth noting that the stun is shorter than the standard taser gun.

Pulse Based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Pulse Pistol Recharger.gif
5 Pulse, 10 Laser, 10 Stun 50 Burn Emergency Response Team Nanotrasen A sidearm based on the Pulse Rifle. Is capable of fitting inside pockets and other small places but has a very limited ammo capacity. Issued to all Elite Emergency Response Team personal.

Longarm (Ballistic)


Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px C20r SMG 64px
20 Rounds 20 Brute + Knockdown Can only be found in Nuke rounds, or with Summon guns. Syndicate It knocks the target down, similar to the detective's revolver, except chances are if you go down, you're not getting back up.
64px WT550 Automatic Rifle 64px
20 Rounds 20 Brute Security and Cargo. Nanotrasen A older rifle often used by paramilitary or high security forces.
64px L6 SAW 64px
50 Rounds 60 Brute Nuke ops and summon guns only. Syndicate Holds the most ammo of any gun, 50 shots dealing 60 brute damage each, two good shots on someone and they're down.
64px Uzi 64px
32 rounds 20 Brute Summon guns, Gang Wars Gangs A lightweight, fast firing gun, for when you want someone dead. Uses 9mm rounds.


Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Improvised Shotgun 64px
12 Gauge shells
1 Shell Depends on shell Crafted Civilian A handcrafted shotgun made of scavenged materials.

To load shells, simply use the full shell on the shotgun; when you shoot a shell, you need to eject it manually by using the shotgun in your hand before shooting another.

64px 64px Double-Barrelled Shotgun 64px
12 Gauge shells
2 Shells Depends on shell Bar. Civilian Easiest shotgun to get, yet the rarest. Only one starts on the station and the Bartender likes to keep it in case of bar fights. Can be sawn off with a circular saw (make sure it's not loaded). A sawn-off shotgun will fit in your backpack.

To load shells, simply use the full shell on the shotgun. Use it in hand to eject the shells.

64px Riot Shotgun 64px
12 Gauge shells
6 Shells Depends on shell The Armoury and summon spells. Security A uncommon shotgun, typically only used in emergencies by Security or when facing someone with ranged energy protection. Is the only main shotgun on the station at round start sans the bartender's double barrel.

To load shells, simply use the full shell on the shotgun; when you shoot a shell, you need to eject it manually by using the shotgun in your hand before shooting another.

64px Combat Shotgun 64px
12 Gauge Shells
8 Shells Depends on shell Ordered in Cargo and from Summon guns. Nanotrasen The highest ammo capacity of any shotgun. Best of all, you don't need to manually eject shells after shooting.
64px Bulldog 64px
12 Gauge shells
8 Shells Depends on drum Uplink Syndicate A powerful semi-automatic, drum fed, shotgun employed by syndicate nuclear operative teams.
64px Compact Combat Shotgun 64px
12 Gauge shells
4 Shells Depends on shell Wardens Locker Security Unique weapon held by the Warden. A compact version of the combat shotgun with a four shell capacity. Can fit in armor slots.

Shotgun Shells

  • 32pxBuckshot: Shoots 6 pellets dealing 12.5 brute damage each, for a maximum of 75. Extremely lethal at close range.
  • 32px Rubber Shot: Shoots 6 pellets dealing 3 brute and 25 stamina damage each. More effective at stopping a target, but stamina damage fades with time.
  • 32px Beanbag: Shoots one single beanbag, dealing 5 brute and 80 stamina damage. The bartender uses these by default.
  • 32px Stun Shell: Shoots an electrode that stuns on hit, much like a taser.
  • 32px Incendiary Slug: Shoots a single projectile that leaves a fire trail and ignites the target, on top of 20 brute damage.
  • 32px Shotgun Dart: A single dart that can contain up to 30 units of chemicals that'll be injected on hit.
  • 32px Technological Shells: Unloaded technological shells can be made in a Protolathe. See here for the recipes.
    • 32px Meteorshot Shell: A single powerful projectile, deals 30 brute damage and stuns for 8 seconds. Pushes back machinery on hit.
    • 32px Pulse Slug: Works like one of the deathsquad's pulse rifle shots, dealing 50 burn damage and damaging or destroying walls and machinery.
    • 32px Dragonsbreath Shell: Like the incendiary slug, but shoots a spread of 4 burning pellets. Deals less direct damage.
    • 32px FRAG-12 Slug: An explosive shell that knocks down targets and causes an explosion where it hits, on top of dealing 25 brute damage.
    • 32px Ion Scatter Shell: Shoots a spread of 4 ion bolts, each of which ions a single target instead of the 3x3 area hit by normal ion rifles.
    • 32px Laser Slug: Shoots a laser similar to a normal laser gun shot, dealing 20 burn damage.

Longarm (Energy)

Laser Based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Laser Gun Recharger.gif
10 Lasers 20 Burn Armory, weapons crates and summon guns. Security No real reason to use this over the energy gun as it is lethal ONLY.
64px Laser Cannon Recharger.gif
10 Lasers 40 Burn R&D Lab once researched first. Nanotrasen Must be researched first. This is the Laser Gun's bigger brother, fear him, he will fuck you over.
64px Energy Gun Recharger.gif
10 Lasers, 20 Disable 20 Burn
Armory, Energy Weapons Crate or Summon guns. Security A versatile energy weapon. Best thing is to disable a target and then either handcuff (for arresting) or spam the other remaining shots at them on kill mode (for murder).
64px Advanced Energy Gun Powercell.png
10 (recharges over time) 20 Burn/Stun target R&D Lab once researched first. Nanotrasen Using advanced wizardry SCIENCE, a mini nuclear generator has been fitted into this gun to provide unlimited shots! Researched from R&D. Cannot be used in recharging units. Unreliable models may emit radiation, take caution.
64px Antique Laser Gun Recharger.gif
12 (recharges over time) 20 Burn Captain's Quarters. Nanotrasen The prized weapon of the Captain, and the target of many enemy horses. Similar to the laser gun except it's recharged all by itself. They just don't make guns like they used to.
64px X-01 Multiphase Energy Gun Recharger.gif
5 Stun, 10 Laser, 20 Disable 20 Burn Head of Security. Nanotrasen The first attempt by Nanotrasen to remake the Captain's Antique Laser. Has more firing modes on offer but lacks the ability to recharge.
64px Ion Rifle Recharger.gif
10 Ion Pulses 20 Brute to silicon mobs
Up to 90 damage to mechs
3x3 EMP
Armory and on the Nuclear Operative shuttle. Security Large and unwieldy, great for dealing with mechs. Cyborgs are weak to it: flashing cyborgs totally immobilizes them and it leaves you free to robust them to your heart's content.
64px Retro Laser Recharger.gif
12 Lasers 20 Burn White Ship. Unknown Found on the white ship, this old beast is like the laser gun; anyone with a spaaaaaace suit and a little know-how can reach it.
64px Temperature Gun Recharger.gif
40 Freeze/heat Beams Heats/Cools target dependent upon the setting. R&D Lab once researched first. Nanotrasen Another researched gun, if you can make this (more importantly, open that damn lockbox), chances are you can construct something better (read: laser cannon). Generally useless, except perhaps for killing slimes if you really don't want to get close.
64px X-Ray Gun Recharger.gif
20 Lasers 15 Burn + 30 Irradiate R&D Lab once researched first. Nanotrasen This beams from this gun will pass through everything but a wall. While it does do less burn damage, the radiation it inflicts causes toxin damage and can make someone mutate. Great for shooting up crowded hallways. Kills blobs dead. Current range of the gun is 15 tiles and drops further with every obstacle passed by the beam.

Pulse Based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Pulse Rifle Recharger.gif
200 Pulse 50 Burn Deathsquad Nanotrasen The most powerful energy weapon in existence. Bruteforces energy weapon's ammo problems by having a very large power source. Its pulse setting is capable of doing massive damage to a target as well as destroying cover and walls.
64px Pulse Carbine Recharger.gif
10 Pulse, 20 Laser, 10 Stun 50 Burn Emergency Response Team Nanotrasen A scaled down version of the Pulse Rifle, holds significantly less power than the Pulse Rifle but is capable of being placed inside bags. Issued to Elite Emergency Response Team Security personal.

Misc Weapons

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Chem Sprayer Chemicals 600 units total Confusion, blindness, dizziness, knockout, and random mutations with the standard reagents. Ordered via syndicate uplink, costs 10 telecrystals, only available to Nuclear Agents. Syndicate Think of it as a spray bottle. Except each spray is three tiles wide and can travel the entire screen. Generally kept away from players due to the potential of the lubepocalypse.
64px Flamethrower 64px
Gas of your choice
Depends on tank pressure Depends on the gas Made by yourself or with a hacked Autolathe Civilian You are a firestarter! Allows for creative gas mixes if you know your atmos. An area denial tool, generally useful for making small areas uninhabitable for people, not so useful when trying to kill someone, as it's easy to run away.
Sgun.png Syringe Gun 64px
1 Syringe 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Medbay Storage. Civilian In fact, this is very robust. Think of it as a ranged hypospray.
64px Rapid Syringe Gun 64px
6 Syringes 6 Brute + 15u chemicals R&D Lab once researched first. Nanotrasen See the syringe gun, but take into account it holds six syringes. Can be made through researching them, and only costs metal and glass to make. This gun gives you the power to fuck over six people at once!

Admin Only Weapons

These weapons are currently restricted to admin spawn only, some may also appear in 'summon gun' events during a Wizard round however.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
64px Silenced Pistol 64px
12 rounds 20 Brute + Knockdown Away missions. Admins. Admin A small, quiet, easily concealable gun. Uses .45 rounds.
64px Tommy Gun 64px
50 rounds 20 Brute + Knockdown Admins Admin A genuine Chicago Typewriter.
64px Gyrojet Pistol 64px
8 Rounds 74 Brute from direct hit
24 from a tile away
explosion (-1, 0, 2)
Summon guns exclusive. Admin Delivers an explosion with every shot, plus you can afford to be less accurate with it, as the explosion hits 3x3, so it's great against groups.