Tajaran Minor Clans

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Hadhim Clan

A smaller clan, settled in the northern areas of Ahdomai just above the contested zone. The Hadhim clan hold the virtues of Family and Culture, because of this they are often known as being great Traders, Doctors and Historians.

Since the days before the arrival of the megacorporations, rumours have surfaced in regards to the clan, due to the way family members within the clan treat each other, it is often thought that people of the Hadhim clan are prone to incestuous relations among their family.

Formation, Rise and Fall


Long ago, a Hadii known as Nala Hadii, frustrated with her low ranking within her own clan and therefore limited political pull, decided that instead of dealing with the long process of groveling and politicking she would instead form her own. With that, she took what she had and anyone who would follow and went to the northlands, into an area that was previously unclaimed and formed her own clan, which came to be known as Hadhim.

Over the years, the Hadhim clan grew larger and larger due to skills presented by a good number of them as skilled traders, while other members worked as doctors, using their knowledge in local herbs and remedies to heal travellers, for a price.

The Fall

Due to their close proximity with barbarian lands, the Hadhim clan had many dealings with their more savage kin. Despite this, for a good portion of time the clan had never experienced problems with the tribes they dealt with aside from the occassional incident which arose naturally due to their differences in culture.

It wasn't until another tribe led by Raah Zhan-Khazan showed up for this peace to falter. Raah had noticed that the Hadhim clan freely traded with little fear with other raider tribes, and thus they seemed to let their guard down around the raiders.

With this in mind, Raah began a number of raids, stealing plenty of the Hadhim supplies and killing many, with even more dying off during the harsh winters due to now inadequate stocks.

Because of this, the clan numbers dwindled significantly and eventually fell to a dangerously low number, it has only been in the modern day in which their numbers seem to be returning to even a fraction of their former glory.


Within the Hadhim clan there are three families, the most prominent being what the clan is named after.

Hadhim Family

Making up 75% of the clan, The Hadhim family is proud, holding on dearly to their heritage and hoping that some day their glory will be regained. Older members of the Hadhim family likely having higher standards of living and therefore scoff when things are less then ideal, where as younger generations are more used to the standard of living they have now and while they still strive to attain the former glory of the clan, they realize they can be happy with what they have.

Typical features of someone from the Hadhim family are a thin build, green eyes and a light cream coloured fur.

Ramirh Family

Much smaller then the Hadhim Family, making up only 15% of the clan, the Ramirh are the faithful companions and servants of the Hadhim family. One may think they would be bitter about this position, however, most of the Ramirh seem fairly happy with it. Some say that the skills with medicines and herbs originated with the Ramirh family and were passed on to the other two families.

Typical features of someone from the Ramirh family are a somewhat stout build, dark blue eyes and light brown fur.

Hrash'im Family

The smallest of the three families at only 10% of the clan, Hrash'im are considered the enforcers of the clan and as such, took the biggest hit during the barbarian raids. While they still protect the clan's lands to the best of their ability, the Hrash'im seem almost resentful as they feel they aren't adequetly represented.

Typical features of someone from the Hrash'im family are a bulky, muscular build, yellow eyes and grey fur.