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Ipsumollis Velodigium, or Teppi as they are known colloquially are large omnivorous quadrupeds with long fur. Unlike many horned mammals, Teppi have developed paws with four toes rather than hooves. This coupled with a thick, powerful tail makes them quite capable and balanced on many kinds of terrain. A recently discovered species, their origins are something of a mystery, but they have been discovered in more different regions of space with no apparent connection to one another. Teppi are known to reproduce and grow rather quickly, which if left unchecked can lead to serious problems for local ecology. Teppi are very hardy, engaging them in combat is not recommended. Teppi can be a good source of protein and materials for crafts and clothing in emergency situations. They are not especially picky eaters, and have a rather mild temperament. A pair of well fed Teppi can rather quickly become a small horde, so it is generally advised to keep an eye on their numbers."


Teppi are surprisingly durable, able to survive for quite a while even in unsuitable environments, and exceedingly tough physically. Their tissues even regenerate somewhat quickly if given time and the nutrition necessary even without medical treatment.

Teppi also reproduce and grow rather quickly with an ample food supply. There seem to be no demonstrable differences between Teppi in terms of sex or gender, and in terms of breeding, if copulation occurs, it seems that the Teppi are somewhat shy, as it has not been witnessed preceding a baby being born, but two Teppi are most certainly required to produce offspring.

A fully grown Teppi seems to only be able to breed after the first full growth of their fur. Teppi seem to lose their longer fur about once every year, and replenish it rapidly when well fed.

In Teppi breeding, offspring will typically inherit the colors of their parents, or a blend of their colors.

While their exact origin is unknown, it is suspected that Teppi are some form of genetically engineered animal meant for deep space colonization. It is not clear if their recent spread is deliberate or not.


While there is insufficient data at this time, it seems as though a healthy Teppi should live for a couple of decades at least, easily.


Teppi primarily seek food with nutriment, protein, or glucose content. They are very much omnivores, and perfectly capable of eating just about anything, including grown humans at their fully grown size.

One thing to note, is that Teppi seem to have individual preferences for certain kinds of foods. Feeding them food that they are excited about is more effective than food that they aren't excited about. And a Teppi eating food slowly seems to indicate dislike for it. It is not clear why Teppi like and dislike certain foods over others, but in caring for the Teppi, seeking the foods that an individual likes most leads to the most positive results in their health and production.


Teppi are all in all rather passive creatures. They eat just about anything they can find, so they don't struggle to survive in most habitable places. When food is abundant. Teppi may gather and reproduce. This can be a bit of a problem, as Teppi reproduce and grow very quickly, which can lead to very large populations that the local environment cannot support.

In captivity, Teppi have been shown to form preferences for those who are gentle and take good care of them, preferring to stay near those they like over others. Similarly, they are known to be evasive to those who are rough or hostile toward them. Teppi show enough intelligence to be capable of defending themselves from attackers, but they may also strike out at caretakers who handle them poorly or do things they dislike. Given their imposing size, this can lead to injury and death.

While quite imposing, Teppi are rather gentle themselves, and an evasive individual can easily get away from them if they can get out of sight.

Standard Operating Procedures

Teppi are mostly harmless, and so pose very little danger to the crew unless the crew disrespects them. However, it is advised that they be culled to a more reasonable amount if their numbers start to get out of control, as, it would be very easy for well cared for Teppi's population to spiral to disastrous numbers.

Interacting With Teppi

First and foremost, if you want to not get beaten up, use help intent. Teppi like people who are gentle with them.

You can use wirecutters, or knives to shear a Teppi's fur when it gets grown out. Teppi like being shorn.

You can pet Teppi. Sometimes they like being pet, and will lean into your touch. However, if you pet them too much when they don't want it, they may bodily contain you to get you to stop.

You can feed Teppi just about any kind of food. If they like the food, they will be excited to eat it. If they dislike a food they will eat it slowly. Food that they eat casually is food that doesn't really do anything for them, and if they stop eating, they are full. One thing to note, is that Teppi may rarely eat the one offering the food with the food.

If eaten by a Teppi, it is VERY DANGEROUS to struggle while they are laying down. When they lay down to rest, if their stomach is digesting their food, they process food much faster when resting.

Teppi breed when they are not hungry after their first proper fur growth. Two or more Teppi need to be near each other to produce offspring. Teppi cannot breed with baby Teppi.

Baby Teppi need adequate nutrition to grow up. Growing up still takes time, if a baby Teppi whines, it is too hungry, and will not grow.

If you make a collar out of Teppi wool, you can use that collar in your hand to attatch a name to it, and then use that collar on a Teppi to name it.

Teppi who like you enough may respond to 'lets go', 'come teppi', 'come [name]', 'stay here', 'stop teppi', and 'stop [name]'.

If you desire to cull a Teppi for whatever reason, it is recommended that you approach it carefully with a knife while it is resting. Attempting to kill a Teppi while it is awake is a very bad idea.

There can only ever be a maximum of 50 Teppi in the world by conventional means. If your Teppi are refusing to breed, you may need to cull some Teppi.

Playing as Teppi

When a baby Teppi grows up to be an adult, ghosts may inhabit them. Teppi are the same as most simplemobs. Player Teppi technically know galactic common to allow them to understand other players and facilitate roleplay, though, teppi should not really be speaking common, since they're supposed to be normal animals.

Player Teppi are immune to non player Teppi initiating breeding with them, they do however have a verb to allow them to produce offspring, and another to make them immune to others producing offspring with them. Player Teppi can initiate breeding with non player Teppi. These can both be found in the 'abilities' tab. I should note, that, the produce offspring verb is intended to preserve the mechanical utility of the mob they're playing as, and comes with a very stern warning the first time you try to use it. Otherwise this has mostly the same restrictions and limitations as normal Teppi breeding. If you abuse this to prefbreak people or otherwise be disruptive, you're liable to be banned, so. Don't do that.