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Hi. I played a pink-haired corpsman in medical. I did medical things. That's all I really ever did. I also ported WickedTempest's medical guide to Guide to Medicine. Hi.

Jayda Wilson shouts, "A wild neko!"
Jayda Wilson holds up the KHI "Hunter" capture gun. Take a closer look. 
Kee shouts, "Nya!"
Jayda Wilson shouts, "Screeeech!"
Jayda Wilson aims the KHI "Hunter" capture gun at Kee!
Angelina Pershing has grabbed Jayda Wilson passively!
Angelina Pershing has grabbed Jayda Wilson aggressively (now hands)!
Angelina Pershing puts Jayda Wilson on the wood bench.
Jayda Wilson says, "BLAGH"
Angelina Pershing says, "Spaghettrect."
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.
Angelina Pershing snaps her fingers.


Jayda's dumb solo med checklist

So if you adore suffering and a ton of inconveniences and find yourself alone in medical and want to keep yourself busy, here you go.

Cryo Cryo Cryo

You dunno what's going to show up and when so it's probably a good idea to get cryo going immediately. Be sure to mention over the radio that you'll be busy setting a few things up and for people to summon you over the radio if they need implants. Rush down to Secondary Storage and set cryo to 40 Kelvin or something, which can be achieved by mashing the left-most subtraction button a bunch until it reads 0 Kelvin (if you leave it at 0 then you're a butt) and then mash the middle addition button until it reads 40 Kelvin, then just turn it on. Don't worry about the beakers sitting next to the tubes since you can just toss those in whenever you want, but leave them out since we'll get to those later.

Buuuuut I Didn't Do This And People Are Already Dying

If you need cryo cold in a hurry, use the wrench on one of the canisters to disconnect it. Less gas means less stuff to cool down, though it's probably not going to cool instantly. For the time being, if someone is in critical, just stuff them in a Sleeper, set stasis to Complete, inject 20u Inaprovaline and 5-10u Dylovene to make a little Tricord for them.

Voidsuits R Ur Frend

Run down to the EMT Bay and swipe your ID over the Rescue Suit Control Module to unlock it, then clickdrag the blue toolbox sitting on the rack next and crowbar the panel open, then wrench the oxygen tank out and stuff it in your backpack. Run to the opposite wall and grab the two oxygen tanks there and stuff them in your backpack (or just hold them, I guess). Rush on out and exit from Secondary Storage by using the north maintenance tunnel. This will take you to the primary hallway of Asteroid 2. Run east and into EVA, jam an oxy tank into the canister, set release to maximum, then open the valve. Make sure there's a tank inside when you open it, and always close it before ejecting the tank. Do this for all three and maybe your own emergency oxygen tank if you want, then run back to the EMT Bay the same way you came out. Jam a tank into the RIG and seal it up, throw the other two tanks where you found them. If your anatomy isn't Human or Skrell, throw a suit and helmet into the suit cycler and select your setting, otherwise just pick up the magboots and helmet and click the suits to attach them, but leave the oxygen tanks out for now.


Chances are no one's even in here but oh well. Put in an order for a Vey-Med Voidsuits crate, found in the Voidsuits section. Make up some request like "our current EMT suits are slow and bad" and just slap the paper onto the table, then navigate to the Medical section and order a Clotting Kit crate which is unfortunately priced at 100 points, so just add a comment for whoever takes care of the order to take it easy and order when they have points to spare. Once that's done and no one is at the desk, announce over the radio that cargo has orders and the CD or whoever has access might take care of it themselves.

Clotting Kit

Internal bleeding sucks and Myelamine is hard to get your hands on in chemistry, so this is a nice thing to order. Just unlock the crate, take the kit out, then close the crate while you're at cargo/in front of the cargo tech and you're set. Throw the kit in reception or something.

Vey-Med Voidsuits

These voidsuits are nice and sleek and have no slowdown, so they're a pretty nice thing to have as an EMT. Drag the crate over to the EMT Bay and open it up. Dump the tanks, helmets, and boots under you and toss the suits themselves onto their own tiles. Put a helmet and pair of magboots on each suit, but take the two filled oxygen tanks on the rack and put them in the non-taur voidsuits (unless you're a taur, of course), then take the remaining three oxygen tanks and put them in the other voidsuits. Shove the old ones onto the south-most rack along with the taur suit and throw the other two onto the north rack. Don't bother with the breath masks, they're not needed as long as the helmet is deployed. Make sure the supply manifest is still in the crate and wheel it back over to Cargo.

There's Still No Frikkin Chemist

Yeah so basically this section is down here because it's a good idea to let one join so they have some job to do, given how rare they are. By now, though, Chemistry is pretty much for grabs, so go ahead and run in there. Here's a small list of medicines to make as well as how to make them. It's also a good idea to set the bottle type to Type 4, since it's easier to tell how much medicine is left in it from a glance. You should also grab a Chemistry Bag from the wardrobe to easily scoop bottles in and deposit into the fridge.

The Medicines

4 Bicaridine

20 Carbon Oxygen Sugar, 30 Carbon (x2).

4 KeloDerm

40 Carbon Silicon, 20 Phosphorous Oxygen.

Alternatively, Dermaline

20 Carbon Silicon, 40 Phosphorous Oxygen.

4 Dexalin Plus

4 Phoron (Set-Transfer-Amount with dropper), 40 Oxygen (x2) Carbon Iron.

2 Clonexadone

30 Phoron or something, 40 Oxygen, 20 Water Oxygen (IN THAT ORDER), 30 Sodium (x2, you'll have to extract the Clonexadone on the first go).

2 Peridaxon

Remaining Phoron from Clonexadone, 40 Oxygen, 20 Water Oxygen, 30 Sodium (x2 like above). Go to other dispenser, make Bicaridine, click first beaker six times, extract Peridaxon, pour 60u Clonexadone in beaker, pour remaining Bicaridine in beaker.

2 Alkysine

20 Nitrogen Potassium Silicon, 30 Chlorine Nitrogen (x2, you'll have to extract the Alkysine on the first go).

2 Imidazoline

20 Nitrogen Potassium Silicon, 30 Carbon Hydrogen (x2, you'll have to extract the Imidazoline on the first go).

Where They Go

Bicaridine, KeloDerm/Dermaline, Dexalin Plus

These all go in the fridge. Simple as that.


This goes in the three Cryoxadone beakers near the cryo tubes. The remaining 30u in the second bottle can be used to make synth flesh for the Resleever by injecting blood into the bottle. Two syringe-fulls will work.

Peridaxon, Alkysine, Imidazoline

These three medicines are best positioned on the three tables by the Sleepers and Body Scanner, since they deal with internal organs and that's where organ injuries are best diagnosed.

Everything Else

Still alone or got abandoned by angsty nurses wanting to scene? Well, there's not much else to do after all this except to implant people, buuuuuut...

IV Drips

There's four IV drips around medbay, one near the door to Reception, one in Primary Storage, two in the Operating Rooms. There's a blood cabinet next to the IV by Reception, open that up and take the two O- blood bags and hook one into the IV in front of you, take the other to the one in Primary Storage. The Operating Rooms should have their own blood bags near the drips.

The Search For Kits

Well, one kit in particular: the combat kit. It's brown and has a red medical cross and has an assortment of pill bottles with nifty medicines, but what you're really after is the improved health analyzer. Randomized medkits can be found in Secondary Storage next to the oxygen canisters and down in Surface Triage. Nevermind this was removed from the random spawn list. Embrace the suffering.

Power Cells

Maybe someone comes in with a bag of power cells, hopefully super capacity or higher. Hyper capacity cells will require recharging in either of the two rechargers in the ETC, though. Take the improved cells and swap out all of the defibrillators' current cells with them with a screwdriver, including the compact defib down in the EMT Bay. The Rescue RIG should get the highest capacity cell available due to the power draw on it's PAT system, and can be swapped out by swiping your ID over it, using a crowbar on the panel, and using a screwdriver to wedge the current power cell out. Then just jam the bigger one in and seal it up.

Research Toys?

If Research has a nice staff complement and has materials from Mining, go ahead and see if they can make some of this stuff:

  • Incision Management System or Laser Scalpel
  • Boneclamp
  • Bluespace Beakers
  • Advanced Roller Beds
  • Improved Health Analyzers
  • Hyper Capacity Power Cells
  • Resleever/Gas Cooler Upgrades

All of this stuff makes everything a lot easier, especially the first two on the list. Of course, it's likely you won't get everything if there's no miners or diamonds.

Another neat thing from Research may be slimes, preferably grey and pink slime cores. Grey so that you can just grind it down into jelly to do cool slime reactions, and pink to get Osteodaxon or Myelamine depending on what you inject it with. Very neat! If not for the cores, then a living, docile pink slime can heal people in the lobby much better than a medibot ever could.