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This page lists changes to the game that have been added over time. It is user run and not automated, therefore there will be delays between the update itself and the update to the changelog.

Dates may not be entirely accurate and some changes may be included under dates that happened within a few days of the update.

Dates are listed in the format of YYYY-MM-DD.

Map swaps are not included here as they happen weekly, and would unnecessarily increase the length of this page.


  • Added a "Track Prey Through Walls" verb to all simple mobs controlled by players that lets them see mobs through walls for one minute, with a five minute cooldown. Specific mobs can be excluded from this, the mice mobs have been excluded.
  • Added a "Thermal vision toggle" verb that can be applied to simple mobs by admins, this verb allows the mob to simply turn thermal vision off and on at will.
  • Added the possibility of non-syncable R&D consoles (in tgui).
  • Fixed entrepreneurs losing their PDA by moving the ticket printer to their left hand.
  • Fixed the new tiger tail.


  • Added the following new ear options: "cat, big, colorable", "hare, colorable", "deer ears, alt", "floppy dog ears, colorable"
  • Added the following new tail options: "rabbit, colourable (vwag)", "rabbit, dual color (vwag)", "tiger tail, alt (vwag)", "deer alt, colorable (vwag)"
  • Added Food Preference traits, ported from RogueStar. Foods with the relevant allergens present will give you bonus nutrition, approximately a 25% boost.
  • Added a "Toggle Safety" option to cooking appliances, ported from RogueStar. This is off by default, can be toggled with a verb on the appliance. When on, instead of food burning when it reaches that point, it is instead ejected from the machine safe to eat.
  • Added a new Kelpie vore mob.
  • Added a varient of the fax machine for talon to fax specifically for talon crew.
  • Added permission ticket printers to entrepreneur's starting loadout.
  • Added the ability to climb onto computers. Like a cat.
  • Added a separate chat filter that blocks out all says, emotes, whispers and subtles that come from z-level that isn't your own. Doesn't affect stuff like radio and such.
  • Changed appliances to significantly increase the speed that machines reach cooking temperature at. Generally reducing the wait time from about 10 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • Changed the cooking time of food in general to be significantly increased.
  • Changed Captain Crumsh's access to match that of a bridge secretary.
  • Fixed and issue preventing objects to be pulled through stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the prompt clears the ooc note section (like/dislike)
  • Updated follow-redirects from 1.15.5 to 1.15.6 in /tgui


  • Added matrix recolouring (ported from Chompstation), which allows more detailed recolouring of items via the colormate.
  • Added a verb to simple and silicon mobs to allow them to recolour as they like.
  • Added a fat and vwag version of the deer taur, resprited by VerySoft.
  • Added new mobs for the jungle event: A new catslug, variant of the phoron dragon called space dragon and a yellow feathered variant of the raptor.
  • Added wooden signposts for mapping use.
  • Added another security form "Deputization Waiver" provided by Skol.
  • Added the ability to properly scale objects in StrongDMM.
  • Changed ahelp and mhelp inputs to allow multiline.
  • Changed the unignore proc from free text input to tgui list select from ignored players.
  • Optimized chat export verb.
  • Fixed the destination selection not updating until the ui is reloaded.
  • Fixed wrong event usage in the canvas UI leading to painting not working.
  • Fixed handing over the round ID to the chat properly.
  • Fixed text input trimming.
  • Fixed inheriting previous input's text (and as a consequence, fixed editing OOC notes' likes/dislikes while in-game being overwritten by general entry)


  • Added the verb "Vore Occupant" to all closets, found in the object tab. This allows you to instantly vore another person who is inside of the same locker as yourself.
  • Added pillows. They come in a variety of colours and can be made using cloth via the crafting menu or ordered from cargo. Adding two pillows of the same type together creates a pillow pile. The pillow pile comes in two parts that can be dissassembled seperately to retrieve the pillows used.
  • Added tents. They act in the same way as lockers, you can hide items inside of them or fit a couple of people in there. The can be crafted via the crafting menu using cloth.
  • Added a single wristband that is colourable to the accessories loadout and the Looty Inc vending machines.
  • Added a collection of three wristbands that have a choice of 6 preset combos to loadout and the Looty Inc vending machines.
  • Added an option for admins to hide important messages (system, looc) within admin tabs to keep them out of e.g. Debug or Remote LOOC tabs.
  • Added a setting to allow borg players to disable petting.
  • Added a check to mentorhelps to see if any mentors are online. If none are online, the user is offered a chance to escalate their mentorhelp to an adminhelp.
  • Changed the resonance cascade algorithm of the "Resonator" mining tools to no longer work through recursive logic, instead spawning all resonances independent of each other through a logic entirely contained in the create_resonance() procedure.
  • Changed syndicate borgs to spawn emagged to have scrambled access, their ai wire unpulseable and can be assigned a single operator as long they have no zeroth law (scrambled module still shows as uninstalled on analyser to hide emagged state).
  • Fixed forgotten movement check for upwards movement in ocean tiles.
  • Fixed various runtimes.


  • Added the following bodyparts: Synth Dangle Ears, Kaiju Spikes (with glowing variant), Kaiju Tail (with glowing variant).
  • Added a cascade mode for resonators. On clicking a tile it proceeds to spread in a pattern of opposite the origin, then relative left and relative right.
  • Changed smart fridge sheet storage loss rate from 35~45% to 20~25%.
  • Changed smart fridge sheet storage sheet maxcap from 250 to 500.
  • Changed smart fridge sheet storage to not lose materials below a minimum of 20 sheets.
  • Changed find_references functionality to have a few extra debug modes.
  • Changed machinery SS a little in structure.
  • Changed timsort from tgstation changes.
  • Fixed broken datum_component variables in mobs.
  • Fixed integrated_electronics debugger not allowing decimals or negative values.
  • Fixed tgui and nif runtimes.
  • Fixed Chatmessage runtime.
  • Fixed missing landmine sprite.
  • Fixed sensor console (and other overmap consoles) not accepting decimal input when appropriate.
  • Updated es5-ext from 0.10.62 to 0.10.64 in /tgui.
  • Updated vscode dmieditor.


  • Added the ability to enable chat timestamps for TG chat using local time.
  • Added dump_harddel_info proc, a newer version of the garbage collector proc.
  • Changed the first healthbar proc from 99% to 95% to avoid some edge cases.
  • Fixed most of the TGUI UIs.
  • Fixed the NTOS crew monitor.
  • Fixed a displaying bug in the chat healthbar leading to digesting instead of digested being shown on the final proc.
  • Fixed an oversight that allowed players to pick up an item they were inside of or possessing.
  • Fixed the sorting section of the character directory.
  • Fixed for planetary lighting on open space.
  • Updated Whitespace Standardization.


  • Added unique model names to all of the different PDA sprites.
  • Added a TGChat function to remove the red "missed messages" count from chat tabs.
  • Added another command form to the form printer provided by Kip, Employee of the Month Nomination Form.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the escape key during character slot reset could reset the slot.
  • Fixed tgui_input_number, we can change this later when TG made a decision or just keep our version.
  • Fixed view variable number input.
  • Updated yarn.lock.


  • Added a new variant of the size collar that is created by using a wrench to break the crystal. This prevents the user from changing the size manually, and triggering the collar with a signal flips the wearer back and forth between a random size and their original size.
  • Added a new verb "Spin Size Dial" to size guns to spin the dial to a random size. Found in the object tab or on right click.
  • Added an alt-click effect to gradual size guns that toggles a size-trading mode. With this active, when you shrink a target you grow at the same speed, and vice versa.
  • Removed some unused defines.


  • Added a new 18th century outfit.
  • Added a port of fox ears from skyrat.
  • Added a port of 8 Replikant bodysuits and side cap from CitRP.
  • Added a port of 4 Sleek uniforms, a jacket and NT patch from CitRP.
  • Added a port of 4 variants of Replikant armor as statless accessories from CitRP. Can be attached or worn directly.
  • Added a port of both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Replikant leg prosthetics from CitRP.
  • Added a port of two pairs of Replikant leg markings and two body markings from CitRP.
  • Added Manage PDA identities admin verb in the EventKit to create fake identities to easily create fake conversations for event purposes.
  • Added a new view variables topic to all PDAs to easily create fake conversations on them.
  • Added a new admin spawn weapon: The Short Stacker.
  • Added the ability for admins to directly swap modules on a robot to any available option.
  • Updated to TGUI 5.0. This means that IE8 will no longer be supported. Moved from inferno to react.
  • Changed various features related to TG Chat logging, allowing for round based exporting.
  • Changed colour for binary slightly on TG-Chat Themes.
  • Fixed wrong sprite location for the adv/debug cataloguers.
  • Fixed bonnie alt and bonnie alt long sprites.
  • Fixed an issue with the robot analyzer showing modules as missing instead of the upgrade not applied.
  • Fixed a few css issues in the vchat themes.
  • Fixed the AI being informed when a borgs modules are reset by an admin.


  • Added coloured vore healthbars that are printed to the chat box with the verb "Print Prey Healthbars" in the Abilities tab, and "Toggle Vore Health Bars" in the Preferences tab. These have been ported from the Rogue Star server and were created by VerySoft.
  • Added vertical Nom, submit to prey and dominate prey traits and abilities to borgs.
  • Added four new rubber duckies that are currently admin spawn only, with their own abilities.
  • Added timestamps to all radio messages and makes borg radio timestamps depending on the client pref.
  • Changed NPC says to now also be under the NPC filter in TG-Chat.
  • Changed mindswap traits to check for borg job bans.
  • Changed disposal units to require significantly less pressure.
  • Changed the place_dismantled_product to accept an amount variable to allow to drop stacks larger than 1, defaulted to 1
  • Changed dogborg jaws to have higher damage and cleaned up the emagged section. They are not currently in use on this server.
  • Fixed a typo in the text of belly messages for when prey struggle and activate digestion.
  • Fixed a typo in body scans.
  • Fixed some missing stylesheet classes.
  • Fixed Submit To Prey sending some messages to wrong party.


  • Added most of the lawboards (except for the event lawboards) to the circuit printer.
  • Changed the heatsink to now dissipate heat under normal conditions to prevent the general overheating. This stabilizes the FBPs and allows them to use winter clothes and voidsuits within the station without burning. This effect decreases with heatsink durability.
  • Changed the damage levels of overheating to be two tiered and the first tier halved to increase the time until death during overheating.
  • Changed raptor borgs to have a running animation and tweaks to their sprites.
  • Changed static chat colours to replace them with class tags.
  • Changed robot upgrade code.
  • Changed robot analyser so that it now has a mode to scan compatible / installed upgrade modules.
  • Changed the upgrade modules to sort them into categories in code and in the prosfab.
  • Changed admin module handling for borgs.
  • Fixed a division by 0 on fire effects.
  • Fixed empty stacks dropping during protolathe / mech fab deconstruction.
  • Fixed timestamping to take it back to the original implementation and should now show in all cases.
  • Fixed rejuvenate to now stop lingering bleeding effects.
  • Fixed borghypo reagent selection to no longer be under unsorted and is now under the info category in chat.
  • Fixed robots to no longer have their pre-defined cell overwritten on spawn.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed empty borg names.


  • Added a "Tank Top" to the casual dress category of the loadout menu. This is a white tank top with black pants.
  • Added an orange "Runner Jacket" to the Suits and Overwear category of the loadout menu.
  • Added a bad swimmer trait that slows you down in water and causes you to drown in deep water, this negative trait gives you one point when taken.
  • Added more PDA notes, adds copy and print function to PDA note app.
  • Added "can_sharpen" bool to material datums with TRUE by default, sets it to FALSE for foam, and adds it to the sharpen() check. This prevents players from creating the foam durasteel greatsword, a HALLOS weapon which can knock out most species in one hit.
  • Added GPS into Triangulating device design names, so that people find it when only searching for GPS.
  • Changed the wording on the organ treatment, from dress to treat.
  • Changed microwaves to now be OOC escapable.
  • Changed the trash eater ability to allow anyone with the adminbus variable to eat all items.
  • Changed resize to have var_edit rights.
  • Changed robot module handling to have var_edit rights.
  • Fixed many items not showing message when eaten with the trash eater perk.
  • Fixed there being multiproccs on butchering.
  • Fixed runtimes in the laundry basket which led to duplication of the off-hand.
  • Fixed runtimes if cyborg modules are installed whilst the robot has no active client.
  • Fixed every book having their own datum.
  • Fixed rocks to have the correct footstep sounds.
  • Fixed edge-case which sometimes repeatedly spawned POI's on top of each other.
  • Fixed Zombie powder to make hearts appear stopped again.
  • Fixed Highlander mode to no longer crash the server, and also doesn't delete your organs anymore
  • Fixed conveyor belts moving flashlight light cones.
  • Fixed particle accelerator to properly apply radiation to bumped mobs again.
  • Fixed missing surgery names.
  • Fixed healthy tesh appearing hurt on photographs and dogborg sleepers.
  • Fixed organs getting stuck to the HUD.
  • Fixed organ butchering so that it works again.
  • Fixed a typo in


  • Added an emag interaction to the sleevemate that gives it the abilities of a body snatcher.
  • Changed simple mobs to have a default 20% escape chance for absorption.
  • Changed carbon mobs to have a default 0% escape chance for absorption.
  • Changed most random spawns so that nurse spiders can no longer spawn from them. This includes spider egg clusters, spider spawners, and capture crystals.
  • Changed the Stellar Delight to no longer be christmassy.
  • Changed the altevian mining gun to have a better sound.
  • Fixed GLOB Edit for global view variables so it does not crash the server instantly.
  • Fixed altevian mining gun inhand sprites.
  • Fixed HANDLE webhook presenting a broken link to admins.
  • Bumped follow-redirects from 1.15.3 to 1.15.4 in /tgui.


  • Added the Altevian Repulsion Mineral Slicer, a powerful altevian mining tool
  • Added privacy to borgs when they are in dorm, preventing them from being used as cameras (such as via the security camera terminal) whilst in private rooms.
  • Added a "Disable Warnings" button for textlimit warnings of the vorepanel, these can now be disabled for the round / in the menu after viewing them once.
  • Changed appendicitis events to prevent them triggering on bellied mobs. Appendicitis events do not happen automatically on this server regardless.
  • Fixed self resizing being blocked by the size changing preference where it should have been excluded.


  • Changed some portions of the snowy redgate maps, such as adding steam to hotsprings.
  • Fixed paper spawn location of paper that is picked up.
  • Fixed omni key to allow listening to mercenary channels.

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