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Money, money, money. That's what you're here for. Well, that and possibly vore stuff, who knows.


The Entrepreneur is position available to those who either run their own business or work for a small business, not directly owned by NanoTrasen. The station has given you a special permit to conduct your business aboard, allowing you to sell your services to the crew. However, just because you don't work for NanoTrasen directly, doesn't mean that you don't have to follow it's corporate regulations. You are supervised by the Head of Personnel, but your business is largely your own, as long as it is not too disruptive to the normal running of the facility.

The job titles that come with this job are broad and varied, very much up to your own interpretation. This role is very much encouraged to get creative with their roleplay, and hopefully make things fun for the crew, or create a vorny lead in to lewd scenes, we don't judge.


The following titles are available to have on your ID card:

Title Description
Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is basically a visitor that obtained special permission to offer personal services to people on station. They will offer people these services and, potentially, even demand payment!
Lawyer A Lawyer is knowledgable in various legal systems, including station's operations. They can try to offer their legal counsel, although nobody is really obliged to listen.
Private Eye A Private Eye is a detective that has no credentials or equipment. But if someone wants something found without security's knowledge, they are the one to go to.
Bodyguard A Bodyguard offers service of personal protection. They may not be allowed any weapons, but their own body is weapon enough.
Personal Physician A Personal Physicial is a doctor dedicated less to Hippocratic Oath and more to the moneymaking grind. Their license may be expired, but the grindset never will be.
Dentist A Dentist is a doctor that specializes in oral care. Company may not recognize them as a proper doctor, but surely their customers will.
Fitness Instructor A Fitness Instructor dedicates themselves to improving the health of the crew through physical activity, and boy, do they need the help.
Yoga Teacher A Yoga Teacher is similar to fitness instructor, but rather than turning the round bodies into firm ones, they focus on helping people find balance and harmony.
Masseuse A Masseuse is master of physical therapy and working others' bodies with their hands.
Tradesperson A Tradesperson is someone attempting to make money via the most obvious act of all - buying and selling. Now if only customs allowed you to bring your goods along...
Streamer A Streamer is here to entertain. Not the crew! Their audience across exonet!
Influencer An Influencer has lucked out with some exonet following, and was given permission to go onstation to provide free exposure. Don't let it go to your head.
Paranormal Investigator A Paranormal Investigator looks beyond what is accepted by modern science, and searches for the true unknown. Aliens, alternate dimensions, ghosts... The truth is out there!
Personal Secretary A Personal Secretary offers services of general assistance. Although it's doubtful anyone will ever actually need those.
Stylist A Stylist offers fashion advice, as well as helps with adjusting appearance of the crew to better suit their beauty standards.
Fisher A Fisher is a capable angler, who is good at obtaining large amounts of marine goods. Whether you generously give them to station or attempt to make a quick thaler by selling, it's up to you!
Fortune Teller A Fortune Teller peers into the future, and offers these visions to others. Occasionally those visions may even come true!
Spirit Healer A Spirit Healer offers alternative forms of medicine. Rituals, magic rocks, seances... It totally works. What's that about placebo?
Jobs on Vorestation


Command Site Manager, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Paramedic, Psychologist, Chemist,
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist, Xenobiologist
Service & Civilian Intern/Visitor, Bartender, Botanist, Chef, Chaplain, Command Secretary, Janitor, Librarian, Pilot
Station-Bound AI, Cyborg, Maintenance Drone, Personal AI, Ghost, Mouse
ITV Talon Talon Captain, Talon Pilot, Talon Guard, Talon Doctor, Talon Engineer