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The pilot is responsible for flying the excursion shuttle (and any other shuttles that require a manual pilot). They are generally better trained to operate the shuttle than others, and may have benefits in terms of shuttle travel speed and failure rates when piloting. The pilot reports to the Head of Personnel and is considered a member of the Civilian staff of the station.

Set Up

There is no equipment that a pilot particularly needs over other equipment. Should they wish to depart the shuttle while away, they will need appropriate vacuum or atmosphere rated equipment to don before disembarking. Otherwise, having a toolbox for field repairs and a radio are suggested.

The shuttle will not take off during the first 30 minutes of the shift, in order to give potential expedition members time to join and gear up without someone blasting off out the hatch without them.

Muh Spaceship

While a pilot is on a shuttle, they are responsible for the crew on board. All passengers must listen and follow pilot instructions with regards to their shuttle. This only applies while the pilot has assumed responsibility for the shuttle, of course, not while they are off-duty.

The pilot's main responsibility is being available to fly a shuttle should an expedition begin, and to remain able to fly the shuttle if the expedition needs to return to the station. This does mean that the pilot should stay in relatively safe areas while the expedition is ongoing, preferably near their ship where they can monitor the equipment and conditions at the landing site for changing weather. If the site is confirmed non-hostile, they may disembark and explore, but should remain available for their piloting duties.

It is within a pilot's right to evict people from their shuttle, though overt discrimination is usually against company policy and can be reported to Central Command. The pilot can even demand that a Colony Director leave their shuttle, and this is a fully legal order (however, the Captain/Director can just immediately fire them, removing their authority, if necessary).

Note: Using the right of eviction to assist people evading security is sedition.


Piloting a shuttle along a network of destinations is fairly simple:

  • Ensure all normal doors are closed, bolted, and secured, with the exception of the airlock, which may be open if it detects a habitable atmosphere or docking area.
  • Undock the shuttle. This should cause any remaining airlocks to seal. Perform a final inspection and roll-call.
  • Select a destination in the computer, and begin piloting to the destination using the console. ((In-universe, this requires actual piloting finesse, it's not all automated))
  • Proceed along the destination paths until you arrive at a point where your passengers will be disembarking. Allow them to disembark, but monitor their use of the airlocks and doors to ensure safety.
  • Maintain a position inside the shuttle until the exterior has been confirmed as being safe, and make sure to remain available in the case of a need for a hasty departure.
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