Kisuke Gema

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Kisuke 'The Nerd' Gema is a catnerd that sometimes does meows[1][2][3] and claims to rarely, if ever mlem[4], though many suspect he does so in private regardless.[5] He's a decorated researcher of bluespace and scientific anomalies, and is most known for his pioneering of the study of redspace, which he himself discovered, earning an Honorary Doctorate as a result of his efforts.[6] Other accolades include a bronze heart[7] and nobel science award.[8]

However, despite his achievements, perhaps the most interesting thing about Kisuke is the fact that he's precious and must be kept from harm at all times, preferably through means of protective endo.[9]

For a detailed, ideal habitat to keep Kisuke in, please visit the following website for a Central-Approved habitation: - It is important that this particular nerd is kept in containment as often, and as long as possible, in order to ensure his safety and well-being.

Edit: The author of this page has been placed into protective custody following an alleged noogie threat. [10] More on this as it develops.