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Phoron is a stable form of Tritiated Ethanol that exists both in our universe and Bluespace simultaneously. Due to its extremely unique and relatively poorly understood relation to subspace, it is able to facilitate FTL travel, create impossible catalytic reactions in our universe, and is highly reactive to a massive amount of substances. It's the unique structure that allows it to burn as hot and as long as it does in its ionized gaseous state.

FTL Travel

Phoron's use in FTL travel is utilized by its subspace properties and its unique reactions with osmium. Using an osmium frame that's been charged with a phoron catalyst and a suitable amount of power allows for a stable gateway into Bluespace. This stable gateway can remain open as long as the osmium does not break and the power source is stable enough. Warpgates can be built without phoron as a catalyst but they tend to be far less energy efficient. Use of supermatter is used for on-ship FTL drives that require large amounts of power to create the quantum tunneling into the subspace plane. For this reason, only the largest and most valuable ships are able to have on-board warp drives while smaller ships have to use the regulated gateways between different systems.


Its use as a catalyst is done by its properties of temporarily bringing the chemicals in a reaction into its limbo state of subspace and realspace. This effect changes the energy and bonding of the elements and compounds into previously impossible combinations, creating completely new and unheard of stable components. Massive innovations of medical science soon followed to the discovery of the wonder catalyst in its liquid form with such miracle cures as cryoxadone and dexalin. As well, the catalytic ability of phoron has brought the introduction of strange and rare minerals for mining companies. Such items include metallic hydrogen and tritium, which is regarded as the most efficient and sought after fuel of the galaxy. Research is currently underway of figuring out how to used phoron to artificially create tritium in order to create a true renewable fuel.


Supermatter is a highly condensed crystalline structure of phoron and one of the most effective power sources of the 26th century. Its highly crystallized state is usually created by the massive pressures inside gas giants such as Erebus and phoron rich planets. The crystal is highly radioactive and is susceptible to energy fluctuations. If the crystal is charged, it will give off a large amount of radiation that can then be collected as a power source. As well, the supermatter gives off ionized phoron gas as it deteriorates along with oxygen impurities. Its use is widely used around the galaxy and the production of artificial supermatter has so far met with very limited success.