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Hey there, welcome~ If you've got any curious coins then I may have something for you. Would you like to browse what I've got?

–The Trader

The Trader

The trader who trades things!

The trader is a mysterious canine woman that can be found hiding in various spots around the stations, perhaps in a maintenance shaft or relaxing beside a lake. She carries a variety of rare wares and is willing to part with them, for the right price. What she wants in return can vary from shift to shift. Sometimes she'll trade for money or other rare items, but quite often she is only interested in curious coins.

The value of money or items that you give to her are banked for that shift, but do not carry over between shifts. Be aware that the banked money is shared between all crew who interact with her, so if you don't want other people spending the currency you've given her, you can withdraw them!


The trader has a large number of items that she may have in stock, but will only ever have five of them available on any given shift, the most likely of which is a capture crystal. Here is a list of all the items that she might sell, and the price that she charges for each (in terms of curious coins). Many of these items are described in Special Items

Item Price
Capture Crystal, Basic 6
Capture Crystal, Random 15
Personal Translocator 20
Chameleon Projector 20
Size Gun 10
Gradual Size Gun 10
Size Control Implant 10
Bluespace Jumpsuit 10
Kitsuhana NIF 100
Bosun's Whistle 1
Infinite-Capacity Power Cell 20
Void Cell (Machinery) 20
Void Cell (Device) 20
Jellyfish Core 3
Denecrotizer 20
Boots of Speed 20
Bluespace Harpoon 20
Quantomatically Entangled Digicube (Locus) 50
Body Snatcher Device 20
Surfluid Shelter Capsule 10
Luxury Surfluid Shelter Capsule 20
Luxury Surfluid Bar Capsule 25
Pop-Out Cabin Shelter Capsule 10
Escape Surfluid Shelter Capsule 30

Curious Coins

The primary way of trading with the trader is by the use of these strange coins that can be found rarely in trash piles, in points of interest or loot on exploration missions. There are four types of these coins that can be found, in ascending rarity and value:

A curious coin! The basic coin, with a value of 1.

A curious coin! The silver coin, with a value of 5.

A curious coin! The gold coin, with a value of 10.

A curious coin! The phoron coin, with a value of 20.