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VORE Station offers a variety of fun items to mess about with, many of which are designed with ERP, vore and scenes in mind! You can find the majority of these hidden in trash piles in maintenance, and some can be made by science. If you find yourself unable to get ahold of an item that you 'really really' need for your scene, then you might want to consider praying for it, or even using adminhelp (just don't abuse it).

Many of these items are also sold by the Trader.


Capture Crystal.pngCapture Crystal

The capture crystal is a rare and strange, legally distinct, ball like crystal. It can be used to capture your fellow crewmates, and force them to bend to your will! Using this item on another player character, by either clicking them with it or throwing it at them, will give them an OOC prompt as to whether they would like to allow themselves to be captured. If they agree, they will be advised that they are now under your command and they will be placed inside of the crystal! You can then release your captured crew my clicking the crystal in your hand, and they will appear in front of you. You are now free to command them to do your bidding. As long as they are within (a rather generous) range of you, you can click on the empty crystal to teleport them back inside of it.

You can swallow the crystal with the trash can trait, placing it inside of your active belly, even with a person inside of it! If you digest the crystal with a person inside, the crystal will break and the occupant will be released into that active belly.

NewSizegun.pngSize Gun

Prerequisite: Targets must have their resizing preference enabled.

This fancy little gun can be created by science or found in the trash, and is capable of changing the size of other mobs, people included! Clicking on the size gun when it is in your hand will give you the option to set what size you'd like to resize your target to. This works on a scale of 25% to 200% outside of dorms, or 1% to 600% inside of a dorm, (be aware that making a character too small can make them pretty much impossible to click on!). It has a limited number of shots available (defaulting to 10).

There is an unlocked version of this gun that will allow you to use dorm sizes outside of the dorm, but is restricted to admin spawn and should not be abused in public.

Gradual Sizegun.pngGradual Size Gun

Prerequisite: Targets must have their resizing preference enabled.

This variation of the size gun allows you to switch between grow and shrink rays by clicking on the gun in your hand. It can also be created by science or found in trash piles. By firing a shrink/grow ray at another mob, you will cause the mob to decrease/increase in scale slowly, rather than instantly. This works on a scale of 25% to 200% outside of dorms, or 1% to 600% inside of a dorm, (be aware that making a character too small can make them pretty much impossible to click on!).

Compliance.pngNIF Uploader (Compliance)

This little piece of tech is technically contraband and you shouldn't be waving it about, it can only be found in trash piles. This uploader can be used on a person who has a functioning NIF to give them a law that they must follow. When you upload this law to another person, you are given the option to write the law for them, and it can be as intricate as you like. Generally, it's assumed that these laws wear off at the end of a shift, but that's really up to you and your scene partner to decide. It is common for these laws to be used in scenes to force your partner to do vore or kinky stuff, but it is not limited to that in any way.

However, don't abuse this and give people laws to grief the station or otherwise act as an antagonist. If you find yourself on the receiving end of such a law, that does not give you an excuse to actually carry it out and ruin the game for other people. For example, if someone gives you a law to release the tesla, and you carry it out, you're probably looking at a ban.

Mouseray.pngMouse Ray

Prerequisite: Targets must have their Spontaneous TF preference enabled.

This quirky little gun can be used to transform people into mice (and back again), and can be found in trash piles. Using this gun on a target will instantly transform them (and anything they're wearing) into a mouse, and they will be able to do everything that a mouse can do (including being picked up effortlessly). If someone dies as a mouse, they will be transformed back into their normal form. Even if they are digested, everything that they were carrying before being transformed will be deposited into the belly, so there is no risk of accidentally losing their items. This gun uses charge to fire and can be recharged at charging ports around the station.

A recombobulation ray is available in medbay to transform mice back into their normal forms when the mouse ray is not around to do it.

Rays that transform you into other mobs do exist, but are currently admin spawn only.

Chemkit.pngGender Chemistry Kit

Prerequisite: Users must have their Spontaneous TF preference enabled.

A pre-arranged home chemistry kit, often found in trash piles. This one is for rather specific set of gender-altering chemicals. This kit can be used to create a vial of a gender-altering chemical, but there's only enough material for one. It is also possible for chemistry to make those gender altering chemicals directly. Using one of these chemicals will change the characters physical sex instantly.

The chemicals available include:

  • Androrovir - Changes physical sex to male.
  • Gynorovir - Changes physical sex to female.
  • Androgynorovir - Changes physical sex to mixed.

Do not abuse these chemicals to spike OOC unwilling/unwitting players. It is possible that they have their spontaneous TF preference enabled for other uses, and would not want their sex changed.

BluespaceHarpoon.gifBluespace Harpoon

A bluespace harpoon is a tool that can be fired at any specific point that you have line of sight on, and upon hit, will teleport you to it! They can be made by science or found in trash piles. However, if both you and your partner have drop noms enabled, then it has another use! Throwing it at another person will end up with one of you eating the other! Who gets eaten depends on the characters' spontaneous pred and prey settings, and it follows the drop nom rules described in the Guide to Vore. Be aware that the harpoon does have a chance to fail.

HyperJumpsuit.gifHyper Jumpsuit

This special jumpsuit can be found in trash piles, made by science or even chosen in the character loadout screen! Got a lot to hide on your body? Well, this Heavy Yield Protrusion Erasing and Retracting suit seems perfect for you. Hides any bulges on your body, as well as conceals your true weight. Wearing this suit will hide any belly examine descriptions, so that no one will know that you have prey inside. You can also, of course, roleplay it as hiding other features of your body. You can use the "Adjust Fibres" verb to toggle hiding bulges.

Bluespacesuit.gifBluespace Jumpsuit

This variation of the jumpsuit can be found in trash piles or made by science, but can not be chosen in the loadout screen. Do you feel like warping spacetime today? Because it seems like that's on the agenda, now. Allows one to resize themselves at will, and conceals their true weight as well as any bulges or protrusions on their body. Adjusting your fibres in this suit will instead give you the ability to resize at will. However, taking the suit off will cause you to instantly return to your previous size.

Sleevemate.pngBody Snatcher Device

Prerequisite: The target must have body impersonation set to allowed in their character set-up.

An extremely illegal tool that allows the user to swap minds with the selected humanoid victim. The LED panel on the side states 'Place both heads on the device, pull trigger, then wait for the transfer to complete.' That's right, using this tool on another person will swap your mind with theirs, putting you in their body, and putting them in yours! The target must be alive and have an active player at the time, or it won't work. It can be used on organics, synthetics and even borgs! Be aware that using this item sends a message to the admins, so they know who is who easily. It does take care to transfer your OOC notes between bodies too.

Implanter.pngSize Control Implant

Prerequisite: The user must have their resizing preference enabled.

This implant allows your size to be controlled simply by speaking instructions, and it can be found in trash piles. However, there is a twist! The person who can control size of the person who it is installed into, depends on who installed it! If you install it into another person, only you will be able to control their size. However, if you install it in yourself, everyone can control your size! Except you, that is, you don't get a say in any of this!

Some of the phrases that you can use to control the size of a person with this implant:

  • 'Shrink' - host size decreases.
  • 'Grow' - host size increases.
  • 'Resize (NUMBER)' - for accurate size control.
  • 'Ignore' - keywords in the speech won't have any effect.
  • 'Implant-toggle' - toggles whether the implant is active or not, to avoid accidental changes.


Icon for the electronic lockbox.

There are "electronic lockboxes" around the station that can be used to safely store fun items for future shifts! There is always one of these boxes located in the dorms area. Items placed in one of these boxes will remain there until they're taken out later, and can stay in there between shifts. These items are tied to your CKey (your Byond username), and not your character, so you can use this to pass items between characters. The intention of these boxes is that if you find something really cool, but don't have an opportunity to use it in the current shift, you can save it for a future one.

Some things to note:

  • Only one item can be stored in the box at a time.
  • Only certain items can be stored in them, generally rare things. This includes all of the items listed on this page. You won't be able to put common items, such as a stun baton, in there.
  • Once an item is taken out, it can not be put back in. So you can not repeatedly put the same item back in at the end of each shift.
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