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This page contains a list of languages available for characters to speak in game.

Speaking languages

To speak in game, you simply use the say command, in the format of: Say "MY WORDS GO HERE!". This will automatically use your default language, which can be changed with the check known languages verb. To speak languages other than your default language, you can start your message with a key that will let the game know which language you are trying to speak. These keys by default are listed with the languages below, and are activated with the , key first. As an example, if you would like to speak in siik, the default command would look like this: Say ",j MY WORDS GO HERE!" Be aware that you can change your keys and the activation key, and the list here only shows the default. The language key , can be changed in the character set up language section.

The lists further down this page display the default keys used for each language. However, you can define your own key in character set-up. If you define a new key, the default key will also continue to work for that language, unless you have overwritten that default key with a custom key for another language.

Selectable langauages

Here is a list of all languages that are available to be chosen in character set-up and their context in the game. When in character set-up, you will have access to a number of languages, and a limited number of slots for known languages. You can take the positive perk of "Linguist" in the Vore tab of character set-up to gain an additional three known languages.

Global Languages

These languages are available regardless of your chosen species.

Language Key Context
Galactic Common 0 The common galactic tongue, engineered for cross-species communication. Every spacer there is knows this!
Sol Common 1 A bastardized hybrid of many human languages, including Chinese, English, French, and more; it is the common language of the Sol system.
Terminus 4 A group of languages spoken by the Zorren with a certain degree of mutual intelligibility under each other. Evidence shows it was a single lingua franca which has diverged into many sub languages due to isolation.
Tradeband 2 Maintained by the various trading cartels in major systems, this elegant, structured language is used for bartering and bargaining.
Gutterband 3 Gutter originated as a Thieves' Cant of sorts during the early colonization era. The language eventually spread from the cartels and triads to the disenfranchised people of the Bowl.
Sign Language s A sign language commonly used for those who are deaf or mute. Especially popular with spacers, due to practicality in airless environments.
Common Skerllian k A set of warbles and hums, the language itself a complex mesh of both melodic and rhythmic components, exceptionally capable of conveying intent and emotion of the speaker. Native to Skrell; most other species require an implant to speak it.
Sinta'unathi o The common language of the Moghes Hegemony, composed of sibilant hisses and rattles. Spoken natively by Unathi.
Siik j The most prevalant language of Meralar, composed of expressive yowls and chirps. Native to the Tajaran.
Encoded Audio Language 6 An efficient language of encoded tones developed by positronics, although compatible with any synthetic lifeforms. Requires an implant to speak if you are not a full-body prosthetic, protean, or cyborg.
Schechi v A trilling language spoken by the Teshari.
Vedahq z A harsh buzzing language created by the Zaddat following their exodus from their homeworld.
Birdsong G A tweety language primarily spoken by Nevreans.
Sagaru T The dominant language of the Sergal homeworld, Vilous. It consists of aggressive low-pitched hissing and throaty growling.
Canilunzt V The guttural language spoken and utilized by the inhabitants of Vazzend system, composed of growls, barks, yaps, and heavy utilization of ears and tail movements. Vulpkanin speak this language with ease.
Ecureuilian S The native tongue of the inhabitants of Gaia. Squirrelkin and other beastkins of Gaia can use their ears and tails in addition to speech to communitcate.
Daemon D The language spoken by the demons of Infernum, it's composed of deep chanting. It's rarely spoken off of Infernum due to the volume one has to exert.
Enochian I The graceful language spoken by angels, composed of quiet hymns. Formally, Angels sing it.
Vespinae X A jarring and clicky language developed and used by Vasilissans, it is designed for use with mouthparts and as a result has become a common language for various arthropod species.
D'Rudak'Ar K The native language of the D'Rudak'Ar, a loosely tied together community of dragons and demi-dragons based in the Diul system. Features include many hard consonants and rolling 'r's.
Spacer J A rough pidgin-language comprised of Tradeband, Gutter, and Sol Common used by various space-born communities unique to Humanity.
Tavan E A language native to the rat-like Altevians, it has been adopted by other rodent faring species over time.
Echo Song U An ultrasound-based language, inaudible to those unable to understand it, spoken by few species capable of actually hearing it.

Tajaran languages

These languages are relevant to tajarans specifically, and some are unique to them (those denoted as exclusive can not be chosen by other species).

Language Key Context Exclusive
Siik j The most prevalant language of Meralar, composed of expressive yowls and chirps. Native to the Tajaran. No
Akhani h The language of the sea-faring Njarir'Akhan Tajaran. Borrowing some elements from Siik, the language is distinctly more structured. Yes
Alai l A standardized Tajaran sign language that was developed in Zarraya and gradually adopted by other nations, incorporating hand gestures and movements of the ears and tail. Yes

Promethean languages

These languages are relevant to prometheans specifically, and some are unique to them (those denoted as exclusive can not be chosen by other species).

Language Key Context Exclusive
Promethean biolinguistics t A complex language of prometheans, composed of guttural noises and bioluminescent signals. Yes

Unselectable languages

There are a number of languages that can not be chosen and are innate to certain species, mobs or occur under specific circumstances.

Innate species languages

These languages are unique to certain species, these species will always have these langauges available to them, they can not be removed or chosen by other species.

Language Key Species Context
Shadekin Empathy M Shadekin and Black Eyed Shadekin. Shadekin seem to always know what the others are thinking. This is probably why. All shadekin within a certain range can hear this. To non-shadekin, it sounds like a mar.
Local Rootspeak q Diona A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses high frequency waves for quick communication at short ranges.
Global Rootspeak w Diona A complex language known instinctively by Dionaea, 'spoken' by emitting modulated radio waves. This version uses low frequency waves for slow communication at long ranges.
Binary b Cyborg and AI A computer language that is unintelligible to organics and some synthetics. This language is used by AI and cyborgs to communicate over the station communications network.

Simple mob languages

These are languages spoken by simple mobs, allowing them to communicate in their own way.

Language Key Species Context
Animal C Animal A collection of noises made by animals.
Mouse m Mouse A set of squeaks that only mice can understand.
Teppi i Teppi A set of gyohs that only teppi can understand.


These are other languages that may be encountered under specific circumstances.

Language Key Event Context
Gibberish r Attempting to speak a language that you do not know. A completely incomprehensible gibberish that can barely be called a language.
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