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A small and dying star called Erigone is at the center of the Virgo-Erigone system.

Discovered in 2241 by NanoTrasen, the Virgo-Erigone system was named after Erigone, daughter of Icarius of Athens. Icarius, who had been favored by Dionysus, was killed by his shepherds while they were intoxicated, after which Erigone hanged herself in grief. In some versions of the myth, Dionysus is said to have placed the father and daughter in the stars as Boötes and Virgo respectively.

Virgo can be found along the same vector as Spica along the galactic plane from Earth. The star system was originally named Virgo because of a cartography entry mistake that initially described the star being within the Virgo constellation, even though the coordinates were completely wrong. This name was later changed to Erigone when the error was corrected, but by then, star maps were already programmed to direct searches for Virgo to the new system, while Erigone did not turn up an entry at all. Rather than correct the mistake, and replace Virgo with Erigone, NanoTrasen decided to change the official name to Virgo-Erigone, so as to avoid confusion among pilots. This way, both entries of Virgo or Erigone will bring your navigation computer to the correct system.

The Virgo-Erigone system is a home to the Virgo Orbital Research Establishment.

Behind the Scenes

Images for the Virgo-Erigone system are saved at

These images were produced using a free software called Space Engine.

In the early days of Vorestation, it was initially called the Venus Orbital Research Establishment, and was said to be orbiting Venus. This was quickly changed however, as it contradicted established Space Station 13 lore, of which Ace wanted to stay true to the spirit of.

The first version of the Virgo-Erigone star was supposed to be placed somewhere in the Virgo constellation, but this was later retconned as any undiscovered star along that trajectory would have put the star system outside of the Milky Way.