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You've decided to create a character that comes from somewhere other than the established lore planets, and now you want to make sure that it fits into the galaxy without stepping on any toes? That's great! The lore for this server is deliberately left open ended so that you have a large number of options for creating your characters, whilst still having a solid core story going on. This page is here to advise you on how to create a background for your character that fits in with established lore, these are not rules, just tools to help you get started.

However, keep in mind that whatever you make must remain appropriate for the server.

Using server species

Want to use a specific species that already exists in the canon? Excellent! There is likely already established lore that you'll want to get yourself at least somewhat familiar with. However, you are still free to create a large amount of that characters backstory, these races are expansive and not every aspect of their cultures are written down.

Where to find the established lore

Most of the established species are listed in the backstory, however a lot of their sections on this page are brief. Many of the species pages themselves, such as Unathi or Skrell have much more detail on the species. You might also with to read the timeline to get a better understanding on how humanity reached it's current point and what interactions they had with other species in the last few centuries.

It is a good idea to have a look through the languages and see which of those it is appropriate for your character to know. Most humans from the Commonwealth, for example, will know Sol Common.

Creating your personal backstory

Now that you've found the pages detailing all the lore available for your species, you have a good idea of what specific traits to keep in mind when developing your character. However, you've probably noticed that there is still a lot of room to be flexible, and that the lore almost never says "All of species X thinks in the same way".

  • What culture does your character come from? Most species have some sort of general culture described on their pages, but that doesn't mean that there aren't hundreds, maybe thousands of sub cultures within those. Feel free to experiment with this a bit.
  • What sort of living conditions did your character experience before moving to the station? This can directly tie into established lore, but there is a lot of varience within most cultures and there will almost always be some people more well off or poorer than others. This can really change your character interacts with the world.
  • Why did your character leave their home to go to virgo? (Or in the case of the Zorren, why did they leave V4 to visit/work at NT facilities?)
  • What sort of education did your character have, and what sort of work might they have done before coming here?

Creating a whole species

Found the "Custom Species" option and want to make something completely new from scratch? You're perfectly welcome to do so! Obviously this gives you a lot of free range in how to write your backstory, but maybe there are a fair few things to consider if you want your species to be interesting and believable.


If you're making a new species from scratch, there are a large amount of things to consider. You don't have to have an answer for everything, this is for fun and not your job, but it can be really fun to think about these.

  • What planet(s) do your species inhabit? Are they the only sapient species present?
  • Single biome worlds are a little boring and unbelievable, but not everything has to look like earth either. It can be interesting to have a planet be majority desert, but with some tropical portions at certain latitudes, for example. Does your species inhabit all of them to some degree?
  • What sort of cultures are present within your species? Much like humanity in real life, your species doesn't have to just contain one culture.
  • What sort of system of government did your character live under?
  • Were there conflicts between cultures and countries? Did this affect your character directly?
  • Where does your species sit on the tech scale? They can be fairly primitive as long as you have a good reason as to why your character might have been able to leave and work aboard a space station, or they can be a little more advanced in certain areas of technology than NT has access to (but don't go overboard on this).
  • How does your species differ in anatomy to humans? Thinks from blood colour to a few different organs can all spice things up a little, just bear in mind that most of these won't be mechanically represented in game.

Fitting into the lore

Universal constants

There are a few facts of this server that you need to consider when creating your character, and most of these are detailed in the backstory and timeline pages. However, here are a few things that you should make sure that you know.

  • Your character is in the virgo system, aboard NT properties. They have to be able to get there and cooperate with NT to some extent.
  • The money used in this system is the Thaler, a currency dictated by the cost of bluespace travel. This is what you will be paid in, but it likely won't be the currency of your home world.
  • There are a number of established factions. Ensure that you aren't just overwriting this lore when you make your own.
  • Consider the available Infrastructure of the galaxy, these are descriptions of what space technology is capable of. You may find inspiration in there for the technology and history of your own species.

Where does your species fit in?

Now that you have an idea of what your species is, it's time to figure out where they fit in the galaxy. Have a look through these considerations:

  • How has your species come into contact with other established lore species?
  • What sort of relationship do they have with other species? It can sometimes be interesting to have your species be heavily dependant on another species in some way.
  • What sort of relationship do they have with corporations, such as NanoTrasen? Do your species have an active trade relationship for them. Keep in mind that NT isn't outright evil here, unlike other servers, but they are still greedy.
  • How does your character speak their languages? You might have decided to give your character the Sinta'unathi language because they're lizard like. However, this is the language of the Moghes Hegemony, how does that tie into your species? This question can be asked of almost any language short of galatic common. There is also nothing wrong with your character speaking an additional language that doesn't exist on the server, just that nobody will understand them.

Things to avoid

  • Don't make your species inherently evil.
  • Avoid having vore at the forefront of your culture. It's a vore server and you're probably here to be vorny, so there isn't anything wrong with mixing it into your species lore in some way! However, if the rest of the galaxy looks at your species and immediately thinks "Those guys just want to eat and digest other people!" They're probably not going to be too keen on having you aboard their stations.
  • Avoid making your character racist. This almost never turns out well. They can be wary of other cultures, and quite strongheaded in their own beliefs, but outright racism isn't welcome.
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