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Trans-stellar corporations are large, multi-billion Thaler companies whose influence spread over multiple star systems. In some cases, these corporations have enough in power and assets to nearly be considered government forces of their own. The seven largest human trans-stellar corporations are known colloquially as the "Big 7"

(The main articles for the individual companies is currently somewhat outdated, however this page is not.)

Human Corporations


A high-tech research company with a majority holding on phoron claims in the Nyx system and throughout the galaxy.

Ward-Takahashi GMB

A manufacturing company that produces everything from consumer electronics, like PDAs and laptop computers, to home appliances and other miscellaneous items.

Gilthari Exports

A large producer of luxury and alcoholic goods based out of their headquarters on Mars.

Grayson Manufactories Ltd.

A mining company that serves as one of the largest providers of raw materials in known space. Recently, it has also begun to sell generic assembly materials for use in construction projects (metal beams, lattice, coils, etc.)

Aether Atmospherics and Recycling

An atmospherics and recycling company based in the Sol system.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

A pharmaceutical company renown for its recent advancements in medicine and questionable business practices.

Hesphaestus Industries

A renown arms manufacturing and general security equipment company. Commonly known as the first trans-stellar to develop after the formation of the Commonwealth of Sol-Procyon.

Skrellian Corporations


The premier provider of biosynthetic products, creating soft biorecursion products and lifelike prosthetics. Their presence in human space comes especially due to an ongoing partnership with Gilthari Exports, who provide outlets and stores for their products.


A skrellian manufacturing company that specializes in drone designs and utilitarian, cheap robotics. They are present in Human space mostly through their ongoing contract with Sol to maintain the Dyson swarm.

Advent Life Biolabs

Advent Life Biolabs is a corporation focused on synthesizing and creating new lifeforms for industrial purposes - often assisting Human and Tajaran geoengineering projects with their expertise.

Tajaran Corporations

Royal Meralar Shipyards

A successor to the nationalized shipyards of the Tajaran home planet, the RMS is now a private entity and a premier provider of affordable interstellar vessels, often under license for other corporations.

Mahrar-Kitsurah Industries

A hostile takeover of Mahrar Mining by Kitsurah Manufacturing created the largest Tajaran company known colloquially as MKI. Their business model is similar to Grayson, leading to direct competition.

Miscellaneous Corporations

StarFlight Incoporated

Founded in 2137 by Astara Junea, StarFlight Incorporated is now one of the biggest passenger liner businesses in human-occupied space and has even begun breaking into alien markets - all despite a rocky start, and several high-profile ship disappearances and shipjackings. With space traffic at an all-time high, it's a depressing reality that SFI's incidents are just a tiny drop in the bucket compared to everything else going on.

SFI's fleet is, somewhat endearingly, named after various species of bird, though the designation Pigeon was removed from the lineup after a particularly unusual chain of events involving a business liner. For reasons that have continued to remain unclear since the company's foundation, SFI vessels are permitted to use the same high-level identifier pattern as governmental vessels.

Their distinctive, immaculate white 'flattened teardrop'-shaped liners are a common sight throughout the starlanes of the galaxy, whether shuttling the wealthy to exotic hunting retreats in the Elysian territories, or ferrying hundreds of migrant workers to new job sites.

Coyote Salvage Corporation

The threat of Kessler Syndrome ever looms in this age of spaceflight, and it's only thanks to the dedication and hard work of unionized salvage groups like the Coyote Salvage Corporation that the spacelanes are kept clear and free of wrecks and debris. Painted in that distinctive industrial yellow, their fleets of roaming scrappers are contracted throughout civilized space and the frontier alike to clean up space debris. Some may look down on them for handling what would be seen as garbage and discarded scraps, but as far as the CSC is concerned everything would grind to a halt (or more accurately, rapidly expand in a cloud of red-hot scrap metal) without their tender care and watchful eyes.

Many spacers turn to join the ranks of the Salvage Corps when times are lean, or when they need a quick buck. The work is dangerous and the hours are long, but the benefits are generous and you're paid by what you salvage so if you've an eye for appraising scrap you can turn a good profit. For those who dedicate their lives to the work, they can become kings of the scrapheap and live like royalty.

CSC Contractors are no strangers to conflict either, often having to deal with claimjumpers and illegal salvage operations - or worse, the vox.

Chimera Genetics Corporation

With the rise of personal body modification, companies specializing in this field were bound to spring up as well. The Chimera Genetics Corporation, or CGC, is one of the largest and most successful competitors in this ever-evolving and ever-adapting field. They originally made a foothold in the market through designer flora and fauna such as "factory plants" and "fabricowtors"; imagine growing high-strength carbon nanotubes on vines, or goats that can be milked for a substance with the tensile strength of spider silk. Once they had more funding? Chimera aggressively expanded into high-end designer bodies, both vat-grown-from-scratch and modification of existing bodies via extensive therapy procedures.

They are currently positioned as one of the primary competitors to Advent Life Biolabs.

Independent Pilot's Association

Though less common now than they were in the decades before the Sol Economic Organization took power, independent traders remain an important part of the galactic economy, owing in no small part to protective tariffs established by the Free Trade Union in the late twenty-second century. Further out on the frontier, independent pilots are often the only people keeping freight and supplies moving.

The IPA serves as something of an ad hoc union for independent pilots, and works closely with the Free Trade Union.

Proxima Centauri Risk Control

Not a whole lot is known about the private security company known as PCRC, but it is known that they're irregularly contracted by the larger TSCs for certain delicate matters. Much of the company's inner workings are shrouded in mystery, and most citizens have never even heard of them. Amongst those who do know of them, they enjoy fairly good PR for a private security group, especially when compared to Stealth Assault Enterprises.

HIVE Security

HIVE Security is a merging of several much smaller freelance companies, and operates throughout civilized space. Unlike some companies, it operates no planetside facilities whatsoever, opting instead for larger flotillas that are serviced by innumerable smallcraft. As with any PMC there's no small amount of controversy surrounding them, but they try to keep their operations cleaner than their competitors. They're fairly well known for running 'mercy' operations, which are low-cost no-strings-attached contracts for those in dire need.

Stealth Assault Enterprises

Stealth Assault Enterprises (aka SAARE) consistently have the worst reputation of any paramilitary group. This is because they specialize in deniability and secrecy. Although publically they work in asset recovery, they have a substantiated reputation for info-theft and piracy that has lead to them butting heads with the law on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, they are an invaluable part of the Solar economy, and other TSCs and small colonial governments keep them in business.

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