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Flighty and avian, the Nevrean share their home planet with the Sergals, who is their relatively close genetic cousin, although their appearance is quite different, rather looking like a mixture between a feathered dinosaur and a bird, with the sexual dimorphism leading to females being bulkier, flightless and also more aggressive in their cultural mores, while the males are slimmer, more colourful and are capable of flight.

Nevrean live traditionally in nomadic societies, roaming the savannahs and mountains of Tal, where permanent agriculture is next to impossible, relying on a rich oral tradition to pass down knowledge and their culture. Sometimes at odds with Sergals, sometimes their allies, their history with the second sapient species of Tal might have been the reason why some of their cultures are very much accommodating to xenos.

Nevrean are perceived as industrious and excellent crafters, which led to many communities of Nevrean eventually folded into the more urbanized life of Sergals, attracted by supply and demand economics. These urbanized Nevrean generally adopt Sergal writing systems to their own language, which led to many myths and legends being much more accessible to more book-loving cultures - like the humans.