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Star System
Solar system.jpg Official Name Sol
Colloquial Names: Cradle of Humanity
Government Type: Federal member of the Commonwealth
Population: Incredibly dense in Aerostats and Arcologies
Economic Strength: Industrial and Agricultural backbone of Commonwealth
Military Strength: N/A
Political Importance: Member of the "Big Five"
A map depicting the VOREStation setting's relevant areas. It shows the alien factions and where Sol is in relation to everything. It is a highly central location.
Sol, where all Bluespace Gates lead

The birthplace of humanity, the world where NanoTrasen and numerous other Trans-Stellar Megacorporations make their headquarters, where the Sol-Procyon Commonwealth is legislated from. As one of the founders of the Commonwealth, with the immense wealth and influence that brings, trying to become a permanent resident of Sol is a highly privileged opportunity if not already born to a local.

It is a thoroughly exploited system - asteroid bases, deprecated space stations litter the belts as consequences of Humanity’s history before they discovered phoron. Although part of the Big Five - seen as one of the first places to most likely reach post-scarcity within the near future - these habitats out in the rings and the lower levels of Earth’s Arcologies still remind of the inequalities that dominate the Commonwealth Culture. Particular snobbish elements may find such realities proper - after all, everyone has their rightful place within society, there is no need to uproot what works.

Beyond its undeniable cultural significance, Earth and Venus make Sol a veritable powerhouse - producing immense amounts of biomatter to feed the growing sprawl of humanity.

Sol 2 - Venus

A world that has proven far too challenging to bother terraforming despite numerous attempts to do so - politics, corporate greed and sheer logistics have continually stood in the way of a second Earth.

However, this today is more of a blessing than a curse. With an atmosphere containing all the necessary chemicals to produce rich fertilisers, with heat and density that permit a fleet of aerostats to float and thrive and produce power - Venus challenges Earth as its equal for agriculture through accelerated hydroponics development.

Engineers, tradespeople and researchers flock alike to this very day to Venus in pursuit of tapping her immense economic output, to themselves earn wealth people in the territories can only dream of.

Sol 3 - Earth

As the birthplace of Humanity, Earth had faced the most varied histories of all worlds within the Commonwealth. Stricken, scarred by war and industry, it is a true marvel that after courting climate disaster, the blue jewel remains livable - in fact, not even livable: its ecosystem and natural world thrives.

As polluting, heavy industries left the planet for the asteroid belts and other systems, as urban engineers reinvented living within incredible arcologies of staggering density - much of the surface and oceans were freed from Human use and returned to either agricultural pursuits, or sanctuaries for wildlife to ensure a balanced ecosystem.

While its beauty and significance may imply only the wealthiest can live on Earth, as a place of retirement - someone still needs to keep the lights on, to clean the streets and make the trains run on time. Where the fairy-tale heights of arcologies grant luxurious housing for politicians, star scientists and wealthy corporate leaders, if one travels to where earth meets the sky or indeed, where earth itself becomes the sky - sometimes many kilometers below the surface, density increases exponentially as workers toil away in hopes of affording living in the higher levels or in case of synthetics and immigrants - citizenship. It is a gruelling task, unloved and even taboo at times - to deal with waste, to keep the air clean and to stop nature from reclaiming its elements.

Social mobility is difficult for these tradespeople and even engineers, but not impossible. Some however may yet believe leaving for the Coreward Periphery to be far more fruitful - even if doing so may mean returning as anything more than a tourist becomes but a fanciful daydream.

Sol 4 - Mars

Once a promised paradise, a second Earth - much like Venus, Martian terraforming fizzled out. This time - not due to its impossibility, but the consequences of greed and oppression. Twice did Mars revolt, and twice did its brains and brawn dwindle and fade. Twice were its dreams of paradise crushed, and recovery has never come.

Halbach satellites still ensure Mars is livable - granting Him a magnetosphere to shield from the fury of Sol, and within particularly industrious craters - illusions of the world that could have been echo from the past. Magnificent biodomes span from cliff to cliff over Hellas, Isidis and more. Below the rusted surface, busy hands toil at industry.

Although driven out, although Mars is now likewise a lynchpin of the Commonwealth - traces of the Ares Confederation still remain. A pride in labour. A pride in innovation, in challenging the impossible - a willingness to dream big and to keep at it across generations! Some of Humanity’s best universities thus make themselves home upon the Martian surface, offering more than competitive education for those who can make their cut.

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