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Space suits are split into three categories: Softsuits, Voidsuits. and the more advanced Hardsuits.

  • Softsuits are little more than a means to keep all your vital fluids from evaporating, keep contaminants away, and keep the air in your lungs, and so are really only used in emergencies. They can be worn by pretty much anyone with a minimum of fuss thanks to their flexible materials, but they're not exactly comfortable.
  • Voidsuits do all of the above, but better; more pressure/heat protection, more radiation protection, and they use hardened panels that provide greater protection against regular threats as well - like knives, bullets, or laser beams. The downside is that means they need to be refitted for alien anatomies using suit cyclers: by default, voidsuits are fitted for humans.
  • Hardsuits are even better, but throw in powered assistance. For more about those, see the Hardsuits page.

Not wearing one of these out in space will almost definitely lead to your demise, unless you're some kind of special alien species that can survive hard vacuum for extended periods. There are several models designed for different departments, usually showing off the department colors if it isn't obvious. The Guide to EVA may be a good page to visit.


Below are voidsuits that can be found at the start of each shift, as well as some additional basic info about each of them.

Grey space suit.pngSpace Suit

Perhaps the most basic of all of the suits about to be mentioned here, this suit offers all you need to go out into space. Nothing more, nothing less. Actually this isn't even a voidsuit, I lied. Found in EVA and Expedition Prep.

Engineer Hardsuit.pngEngineering

Probably the most iconic suit, this engineering voidsuit has decent radiation protection, though not complete immunity. Found in Engineering EVA. Used by engineers.

Atmospherics Hardsuit.pngAtmospherics

A suit similar to the engineering hardsuit, but it can withstand an incredible 30000 Kelvin atmosphere, provided the user isn't on fire. Found in EVA, Engineering EVA, and Atmospherics. Used by atmos techs.

Mining Hardsuit.pngMining

A hardy suit for hardy labor, providing protection against melee and explosions. Found in Mining. Used by miners.

Medical Hardsuit.pngMedical

A white and blue suit for when medical inevitably gets breached by debris or something, nothing really notable about it. Found in EVA. Used by Medical Doctors.

EMT Voidsuit.pngEMT

A blue and yellow voidsuit with the medical cross on it, denoting that the user is either an EMT or Paramedic, same as the medical voidsuit. Found in the EMT Bay. Used by Paramedics.

Security Hardsuit.pngSecurity

A bright red suit that pretty much screams "hey I'm security," provides good all-round protection. Found in EVA. Used by Sec Officers.

Pilot voidsuit.pngPilot's

A bland grey voidsuit with red or blue trim, used specifically by Pilots. Solid melee protection, but poor against bullets.

Explorer voidsuit.pngExploration

A sleek black voidsuit with purple trim, worn by Explorers and the Pathfinder. Pretty decent save that it kinda sucks against bullets.

There's also an alternative version with green trim and a green cross on the chest, plus the option of a big 'bubble' style helmet, for the Field Medics.

Site Manager's voidsuit.pngSite Manager's

A fancy blue and gold voidsuit for the Site Manager. It offers significant protection against most threats, but all that bling slows you down a little more than regular voidsuits. Site Manager use only.

Experimental Voidsuit.pngExperimental

A voidsuit just for the Head of Security, this is... exactly the same as a regular security voidsuit in terms of performance, just fancier looking. Found in the HoS' Office. Used by the Head of Security.

Skrell Voidsuit.pngSkrell

A voidsuit fitted for Skrell users, providing good energy and explosive resistance. Actually these aren't even voidsuits. Found in EVA. Used by Skrell crew. Why are these here again?

Alternate Suits

These voidsuits aren't normally found on station, and may be acquired through cargo or exploring various Points of Interest. These suits aren't necessarily better but rather flip some stats around, making them situational.

Reinforced Voidsuit.pngReinforced Engineering

A much bulkier engineering voidsuit, mostly used if you plan on deflecting meteors with your fists. Also immune to radiation. Used by Engineers.

Heavy Voidsuit.pngHeavy Duty Atmospherics

A heavier variant of the regular atmospherics voidsuit, mostly used if you want to dive head first into a phoron fire. Used by Atmos Techs

Construction Voidsuit.pngConstruction

A bright orange and yellow suit, basically a bulky space-proof hazard vest. It offers the same protection as a regular Engineering suit. Used by Engineers.

Hazmat Voidsuit.pngHazmat

A bulky yellow modification of the engineering voidsuit with a simple black finish to it, grants improved protection against explosions and total immunity to radiation. Used by Engineers.

Frontier Voidsuit.pngFrontier

A heavily plated voidsuit with a neat mohawk that apparently trades radiation resistance for a tiny amount of bullet defense. Used by Miners, theoretically, but rarely worth the hassle of dragging home.

Biohazard Voidsuit.pngBiohazard

A booger green and white voidsuit that's about the same as the other medical voidsuits, just with more radiation and melee protection at the cost of explosive resistance. Used by Virologists. Why more melee protection? Nobody knows. Subduing rowdy quarantine patients, maybe.

VMVoidsuit.pngVey-Med Streamlined

A streamlined, lightweight voidsuit that trades protection for unhindered movement. Used by EMTs. Unlike most other voidsuits, it uses new high-tech autoadaptive systems so that you don't need to refit it for most humanoid species, except for major divergences like Vox or Teshari. Teshari paramedics will need to request a species-specific version when ordering!

Riot Voidsuit.pngSecurity EVA

A sleek and edgy suit with a bit of a goofy helmet, it's less use against melee weapons but provides improved defense against ballistics and lasers. Used by Sec Officers.

Crowd Voidsuit.pngCrowd Control

A black and intimidating voidsuit used in containing large crowds of filthy rubberneckers or unusually aggressive wildlife. Exceptional melee protection, but poor against ranged weapons of all kinds. Used by Sec Officers.


Out of reach of cargo and otherwise hard to obtain suits that may actually end up on the station.

Autolok voidsuit.pngAutoLok Voidsuit

Technically a high-tech softsuit, the AutoLok is a snug pressure suit capable of fitting most species with a minimum of effort, and features an integrated helmet. Usually used in emergencies, or by pilots. They are flexible and lightweight but offer very little protection from harm. A fairly modern design so unlikely to be found just laying around in derelicts, but it might be possible to find someone with a couple for sale.

NASA Suit.gifBasic Voidsuit

A clunky red suit that's about the same as the first entry but with the same temperature resistances as the other voidsuits. You will almost never see these. If you do find one, maybe donate it to a local museum.

Gem Voidsuit.pngGem-Encrusted

This odd suit is encrusted with jewels and gems, almost like it belongs to a wizard of some sort. Or maybe just someone with more money than sense. Sometimes found in the Vault.

Vintage voidsuit.pngVintage Voidsuits

Outdated voidsuits from past ages of human space exploration, these old suits tend to be a bit run down and don't offer as much protection as 'modern' models, but they still look pretty sharp. Their low cost and surplus spare parts make them easy to use and maintain. The crew of the ITV Talon receives a set of these, to set them apart from the regular station crew. More suits can sometimes be found whilst exploring the local sector, usually in wrecks and derelicts.

Available in Crew (White/Gray), Marine (Light Blue), Mercenary (Red), Officer (Gold), Medic (Green/White), Engineer (Orange/Yellow), Mining (Brown/"Gold"), Pilot (Royal Blue), and Scientist (Purple). Protective values and slowdown differ between variants, with more combat-oriented roles having better protection but more slowdown and vice versa for supporting roles like Medic. Some schemes also have a cosmetic 'bubble' helmet style available.

Hephaestus voidsuit.pngHephaestus Mark 7

Sleek, high-tech combat voidsuits produced by Hephaestus Industries. They offer great protection against most threats (including full radiation protection) with minimal slowdown and automatically adapt to almost all humanoid species, much like Vey-Med's special suit. Notably used by NanoTrasen's Emergency Response Teams. Cannot be worn by Diona, Vox, or Teshari.

Available in ERT Commander (Blue), Assault/Combat (Red), Engineering (Yellow), Medical (White), and Emergency Cleanup (Purple) variants. Main variants all offer the same level of protection, whilst the Janitorial version has fairly poor protection but doesn't slow the wearer down as much and makes them unslippable.

Mercenary Voidsuit.pngMercenary

A blood red voidsuit with ominous green lighting, fit for combat scenarios like raiding a station full of hungry and diverse crew, for instance!

Firebug voidsuit.pngFirebug

A toasty-looking voidsuit with spooky flame decals. Extreme temperature resistance, unsurprisingly.

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