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Please refer to this page if you have encountered any TECHNICAL and/or GAMEPLAY issues. This page does NOT collate ROLEPLAY or RULE questions and answer, for that please see Rules and Admin Rulings .

If you cannot find an answer to your issue here, please press "F1" and mentorhelp and/or ahelp. If that fails, consult the discord channel's #Cadet-Academy. Afterwards, please report the issue on Github (TECHNICAL/GAMEPLAY not working as intended) or General-Feedback (TECHNICAL/GAMEPLAY works as intended, but could use improvement.)

Only add to this page if the TECHNICAL/GAMEPLAY issue is not-fixable, very unlikely to be fixed (but not working as intended), user-side (hardware, software issues) or is working as intended and we don't plan on changing. If you are unsure, please post your proposed addition to the discord thread linked here (opens VOREStation discord!)

If looking for bugs waiting for fixing, see

Technical Issues

Clicking on item in backpack and/or toolbelt or similar UI element fails to interact (pick up) the object even with empty hand

### Fixable/Intended

Not-fixable, the error occurs by user software

### Workaround

If you have software such as "Overwolf" enabled (software that creates overlays for games or windows), please disable it and try again. Failing that, notify a mentor or staff member!

TGUI window(s) and/or the chat crashed with error "Out of Memory" on old hardware

### Fixable/Intended

Not-fixable, issue is caused by user hardware

### Workaround

For Autolathe: Request someone to set it to a category OTHER than "ALL"

For TGChat: Toggle preference to old chat

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