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The Nanite Implant Framework ("NIF") is a sophisticated implant designed to provide features over the span of several shifts. It's a persistent inter-round item that once implanted, can be used indefinitely, provided the character takes care to not lose it. The NIF is an implant that constructs other implants or body modifications by using nanotechnology 'blueprints' called NIFSoft. The design was originally by Kitsuhana Heavy Industries, however they no longer manufacture them. Instead, NanoTrasen has designed a clone that is becoming fairly common in the Virgo-Erigone system, while there are still some original Kitsuhana NIFs floating around.

Obtaining a NIF

Science can create a standard NIF, though they are fairly expensive to create in terms of materials and research level. If mining has done their job, you may be able to make one or more on a shift. These can be implanted (see below).

It may also be possible to locate second-hand 'used' NIFs that have been discarded, In places such as trash piles. Assuming they are old models that don't have a permanent pairing already activated, you may be able to implant these, though it's not necessarily recommended.

There are prototype 'bioadaptive' NIFs that may allow them to be used in species without a brain (Promethean) or more complex species (Xenochimera) though these are not publicly available. Centcom should be contacted to arrange for exchanging resources and a standard NIF for one of these. They do suffer from their own problems, however.

Lastly, Kitsuhana Heavy Industries manufactured 'authentic' name-brand NIFs that have higher durability, but these are also not available without the individual to receive the NIF having an existing relation with KHI, and resources/Thalers to trade for it.

Installing a NIF

A NIF can be installed via surgery. For organic patients, this is the cavity surgery performed on the head, inserting the NIF in question as the object. For synths this is very similar, opening the head and using a drill to free up additional space and implanting the NIF. Installing a bioadaptive NIF in a Promethean is more simple: Simply shove it directly into their chest. They are amorphous blobs, after all.

The NIF cannot complete a lengthy calibration procedure until the patient is conscious again, at which point it will blind them for several minutes as it attaches to their optic nerve/interface. After they have vision again, they will experience mild to severe pain for around half an hour, along with random blackouts. They should not operate heavy machinery during this time, and may wish to request a brief leave from their job.

Using a NIF

Once installed and calibrated, the NIF is permanently bound to the user. They will have an overlay projected directly into their visual cortex allowing them to see things that aren't there ("artificial reality"). They can enable display of job icons and 'health bars', among other things. After calibration and several hours later, the NIF will finish constructing a 'commlink', which is equivalent to an integrated communicator.

These pieces of software are called NIFSoft. Additional software can be purchased at vending machines ("NIFSoft Shops"). There is a wide variety available, though some is locked to specific access and jobs. There are also rumors of illegal NIFSoft, though these shouldn't be installed and should be reported to security immediately.

When installing a NIFSoft, one should remember that a physical device is being constructed inside the user's body, and this will wear the NIF itself to construct. Some more significant modifications may wear the NIF more than others.

Maintaining the NIF

After many NIFSofts have been installed over time, the NIF may require repairs. This is a simple task that a scientist/roboticist can perform, however the NIF must be removed first. After removing it using the implant removal surgery, follow these steps to repair it:

  • Open the casing after removing the screws
  • Replace any burned-out wiring
  • Use a multitool to reset each circuit
  • Re-secure the mainboard screws and reattach the cover

When re-implanted, the NIF will only take about 60 seconds to calibrate to the user again, as opposed to the more painful original surgery.

Preserving your NIF

The NIF is preserved in resleeving scans, so one can keep their NIF upon death as long as they had a backup implant that successfully recorded the NIF's physical state at least once. It will only be able to reproduce the exact same NIF however, meaning the same durability and already bound to the user.

Surviving the shift is also another way to preserve your NIF for the next one, obviously, and short-range teleporters and cryostorage both preserve the NIF for the next shift.

If one dies without any backup implants and has no body to recover to obtain their original NIF, unfortunately their NIF will be permanently lost and they will need to obtain a new one.

Keep in mind that if the shift ends, and you do not have a NIF, you will not have it in the next round. If you are having your NIF removed for repairs, make sure someone is available to repair and reinstall it!

NIFSofts And You Nifsoft.png

"NIFSoft" is the newest advancement in NT tech, allowing for quick and easy software updates to your NIF system. Most NIFSoft is fairly self-explanatory and the short description on the NIFSoft Shop vending machine ( Nifsoft Shop.png ) can explain their use. Please be advised that you must have a NIF installed to use the store, the stores only offer digital downloads not physical discs. If you wish for a physical copy, speak with your stations science department. However there are a few pieces of software that warrant additional explanation.


Medichines are healing/repair nanites that consume large quantities of energy while in use, but can save a life for organics, or save annoyance for synthetics. There are two distinct versions of medichines: one for synthetic life, and one for organic life.

  • Organic - The organic medichines will begin healing the user when they become significantly injured. If they become critically injured, they will operate at an enhanced rate, but while consuming a significant amount of energy. If the user is subjected to more injury than they are able to heal, the user will be put into emergency stasis, and the medical department will be notified via radio of the user's location.
  • Synthetic - The synthetic medichines are capable of synthetic self-repair, but only to a small extent. Any damage that would show as less than a '5' on a scanner can be automatically repaired by synthetic medichines, allowing the user to avoid buffing out scrapes and dents, saving them time from common workplace accidents that cause them.


NB: This does not mean 'metaphysical magical energy', it's just the name.

This NIFSoft is designed to preserve minds in case of emergency, and would be a useful feature for a combat medic. The NIFSoft makes a live mind-backup of the user should they die, and hosts them in a VR environment until they are rescued. Additionally, it can do the same to others, should they die while being held by or inside the soulcatcher user. This will load their mind into the same VR environment, and they will be able to communicate directly with the owner until such a time they are revived elsewhere.

The SleeveMate 3200 handheld brain scanner can also place stored minds into soulcatcher owners, allowing one to load critically injured patients into the soulcatcher to prevent unnecessary pain, or to allow patients who are unable to undergo surgery or anesthetic treatment to be stored while surgery is performed. Simply use the SleeveMate 3200 to store the 'whole mind', and then aim it at a person with a NIF and the Soulcatcher NIFSoft. An additional option will appear to load the mind into them.

The soulcatcher can also perform backups of the minds installed inside, just like a backup implant. This will prevent the notification to medical that the user has died needlessly, as the soulcatcher user is likely working on the issue already, or they are just storing them for recreational purposes and there's no need to resleeve them yet.

Others may come up with additional 'creative' uses of the soulcatcher.

Ghosts may also join into a Soulcatcher by picking the "Ghost > Join Into Soulcatcher" verb, similar to how ghosts may make communicator calls. It is not possible to resleeve ghosts into physical bodies from this method, there's no way to ghost into a soulcatcher then gain a new body. Ghost out of the Soulcatcher to leave, and join the round normally.