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Working Science within Virgo-Erigone is not restricted to merely calibrating protolathes and producing experimental gadgets. One might argue such is self-evident: robotics, xenoarcheology and xenobiology exist after all! However - those are jobs for specialists. There is phoron research - but that job only pertains to production of bombs.

But what if there was something more engaging, more mysterious in its fruits? Enter the Particle Smasher!

Creating The Particle Smasher

  1. Order a Singularity Generator (it is a good idea to have senior oversight or an explanation for why you need it when confronted.)
  2. Bring it somewhere safe & isolated
  3. Use a screwdriver on it
  4. Modify it using a Transmission Coil as you would a SMES

The Research

The Particle Smasher is a device used to take one form of matter, contained securely within a beaker in a ground form, and transform it to a wild new state!

Four key variables determine what is produced:

  1. High-power beams of energy to trigger reactions and changes.
  2. A source of intense ionizing radiation to bombard target material - Beware! More is not always better!
  3. Specific atmospheric conditions - this can be particularly finicky, just ask your xenoarcheologist friends/colleagues!
  4. Target material, elements, or other things. The particle focus has a fitting to attach beakers to safely introduce catalysts into a reaction!

Remember, the most important part of doing science is taking detailed notes on what you did, how you did it, and what happened. Being able to replicate your results in a controlled environment is key!

The Safety

  • The Particle Smasher is a challenging experimental tool. It is advisable to work with others to avoid disaster.
    • Requesting assistance from engineers familiar with atmospherics and radiation can make the difference between death and a successful publication! You may also need their help powering the Smasher and any equipment you subject it to.
    • Medical can help with more than just saving you from the inevitable radiation poisoning. After all, we're basically doing alchemy! Chemists might know a thing or two.
  • Depending on how you go on to produce the background radiation, it is a good idea to do your experiment somewhere it won't hurt others who were not involved in the mad science.
  • Sometimes the fruits of your labour may reject attempts at holding them with bare hands.
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