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This page is a compilation of frequently asked questions, particularly those that do not have an obvious page of their own.

How Long Do Shifts Last?

The shift lasts six hours before a shuttle is called to take everyone home. The shuttle arrives after another 10 minutes, leaves after another 3, takes a couple of minutes to arrive at central and five more minutes before the round actually ends. This means that each shift lasts about 6 hours and 20 minutes. It is possible, in the case of a dire emergency, that the shuttle may be called early.

How Do I Get A Speech Bubble When I Speak?

To have a speech bubble appear, you need to bring up the say or me box with a hotkey (F3 for say, or T in hotkey mode. F4 for me, or 5 in hotkey mode). Bringing up the box by clicking the say or me button in the verb list, or by typing it into the bar at the bottom, will not bring up a speech bubble. The speech bubble closes either when you close the box that you opened, or when send any say or me message.

How Do I Emote Over The Radio?

To do an emote over the radio, simply enter ! immediately after the radio key. For example:

  Say ";! lets out a disappointmented sigh.
  Say ":h! coughs directly into their microphone.

Keep in mind that these are things that people are supposed to be able to hear and not see!

How Do Linebreaks Work?

Use shift+enter when typing into the emote box, or \n when typing into the command line at the bottom. You can only have up to six of these in one message, if you have more than six, it will ignore all linebreaks

How Do I Move My Characters Position Within A Tile?

This is called pixel shifting, you can do this by holding control, shift and tapping the arrow keys to adjust your position.

How Do I Give My Character A Taur Body?

Taur bodies, or other lower half bodies such as lamia, can be selected in the character-setup tail options.

How Do I Wag My Tail?

If your characters tail is able to be wagged (usually denoted by vwag in the tails name), the wagging can be toggled by using the *vwag emote. To use this emote, simply type Say "*vwag

Is It Possible To Have A Visible Large Belly When Eating Someone?

Generally, the answer is no. There are multiple reasons as to why belly sprites have not been added for humanoids, these vary between the staff. Some involve bystander consent, being consistent with types of vore, and encouraging good roleplay outside of scenes. However, the main reason is that this would be a large amount of coding work to an already rigid carbon mob sprite system, would require all clothing to be adjusted, and it simply would not look very good.

There are exceptions to this, generally where these are able to look good in a consistent manner and clothes are not an issue.. Multiple feral mobs have visible bellies when full. Dog-themed cyborg modules have belly sprites. Some taur bodies can toggle between a thin and fat sprite using *vwag.

Where Can I Access The Vore Panel?

You can only access the vore panel whilst actually playing your character on station. The way in which it is tied to mobs means that it can not be editted via character set-up or whilst you are observing as a ghost.

How Does Spawn In Belly Work?

The spawn in belly verb allows an observer to spawn as their selected character inside of another persons bellies without arriving normally. They spawn naked without any equipment. When a ghost uses the Spawn In Belly verb, they are given a list of characters that have their spawn in belly preference enabled. When they choose a character to spawn in, that character is given a confirmation that they would be happy for the character to spawn inside them. The character being spawned into then gets a choice as to which belly the person will spawn in. The ghost is then given a final option for whether they are happy to spawn into that belly, and if they agree, they spawn inside of the belly. The primary intention of this verb is to allow people to continue scenes across multiple shifts, or to imply that the prey ended up there between shifts.

Is There Any General Advice On Finding Scenes?

The number one tip that people should take for finding scenes is to be active! Generally speaking, people are more likely to interact with you if you are moving about and doing things. Don't be afraid to talk to people, you're less likely to be approached if you're sat alone at a table silently. People that are looking for scenes generally like to see how you type and RP before they'll start working towards a scene with you.

Can I Keep Items From One Shift To Another?

Yes! Sometimes! You can store one item at a time in an electronic lockbox, but only certain (generally uncommon and unique) items can be stored within them.

I Need Help With Something That Isn't Listed Here!

In-game you can ask questions to the mentors (who tend to be on frequently) by using the mentorhelp command or pressing F1. They are other players and will answer anything that they can, although they may not know the answer to some questions, depending who is available. Outside of the game, you can ask in the #cadet-academy discord channel, but please word your question in such a way that it does not reveal information about the active round.

How do I Apply For Whitelisted Species Or Fluff Items?

You can find the application templates in the Forums[[1]]. You can also apply by making a thread there, however this is not the recommended approach. Instead, you should join the discord server and look in the #mod-mail-information channel to get instructions on how to send your application. Feel free to send your application in multiple messages if it does not fit within one discord message, they are all added to the same channel on the admin's end! You can also find properly formatted application templates in the #applications-information channel.

How do I copy my character to another slot? (The copy button isn't working)

The copy button is working! However, it doesn't really show it or give any feedback that your slot has changed. Open the slot of the character that you want to duplicate, press the Copy slot button and select the slot you wish to copy it to. You have now copied the slot over and are editting the new slot, but there is nothing that shows this and it is not yet saved at all (so if you check the load slot menu, the slot will not have changed). So, immediately after copying the slot over, simply press save. Now you can check the load slot options and you should see your duplicated character in the new slot.

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