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Access: You can go anywhere with a blue toolbox! None
Difficulty: HONK!
Supervisors: The Honkmother N/A
Duties: Be "Funny"
Guides: No external guides.


Not much is known about this occupation, as no one's allowed to play the fucking job it is shrouded in mystery. What little is known about the clown, is that they wear a mask, a silly outfit, and shoes that don't fit, and get gurgled for slipping someone with a banana peel play harmless pranks on their crewmembers. The tradition of clownery dates back hundreds of years, to a secret alien race of clown people, hailing from the forbidden clown planet "Big Top" ancient Sol tradition.

Clown Traditions

Clowns have traditional rituals, that, while not confirmed by actual documented data, have been passed down by word of mouth. The clown, as per a nonverbal agreement, has the permission to act like they have brain damage do things that would land a normal crew member in the Psychiatrist's office, or worse, the Brig. These include, but are not limited to: hiding your identity, being a greytiding little piece of- acquiring tools they don't really need, and using them for Hacking into places that don't come with their occupation, and annoying everyone playing pranks on their fellow crew, using tools such as, the slippery skin of the banana, the horn from a bicycle, and many other things.

Jobs on Vorestation


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