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Your Job is what NanoTrasen has assigned you to do aboard Virgo Orbital Research Establishment. It defines what equipment you start with, your ID card access, and what you're actually supposed to be doing when not being eaten.

Some useful links:

It is also advised to read up about Corporate Regulations, so you know your rights.

Due to equal rights laws, you might encounter some interesting new Species working alongside you.

Heads of Staff

Job Role Difficulty
Colony Director.png
Site Manager
Oversee Virgo Orbital Research Establishment and its staff. Coordinate the heads of each department. Eat a CentCom Officer after they attempt to demote you, order security to eat the ERT sent to investigate their disappearance. Become a shining example of upholding SOP and Corporate Regulations. Use your translocator to warp straight into a sly predator's stomach to get around faster. Use your energy gun on hungry assistants grubs. Hard
Head of Personnel
Be in charge of personnel and the service department. Reassign crew to jobs upon request. Never bother asking the head of a department before putting a psychopath in the job. Wonder where the Colony Director went. Try to act as the voice of reason between the Head of Security's Militarism and the Site Manager's Authoritarianism. Rub the fact that you're the de facto second-in-command in everyone else's faces. Wonder why your holdout gun has so few shots well after it's too late. Hard
Generic hos.png
Head of Security
Oversee your Security Officers and uphold Corporate Regulations or die trying. Bellybrig criminals without a second thought. Commit war crimes without a second thought. Shoot a IA Agent for "Mutiny" when they attempt to fax Centcom about your war crimes. Wear your cool voidsuit that looks about as imposing as the rest of your edgy wardrobe. Order more ridiculous equipment for your already-gigantic armory. Medium to Hard
Chief Engineer 2.png
Chief Engineer
Direct your Engineers. Get cool power tools and a sleek hardsuit. Berate the engine tech for using Nitrogen. Call out the lazy Atmospheric Tech for not optimizing Atmospherics. Fix disasters once your engineers rush to the dorms immediately after everything is setup. Get yelled at by the Colony Director when nothing is fixed within two minutes of something breaking. Have the best pet on the station. Hard
Research Director
Attempt to direct the Research department. End up just counseling newer Scientists on where to find everything to max research levels. Prepare for the worst when Xenobiology mentions they have orange slimes. Watch Xenobotany go up in a cloud of smoke when they grow explosive corn. Witness an intern make an integrated circuit with the power of seven suns shoved inside. Butt heads with the QM over who's in charge of resources. Wonder why no research has been conducted for four hours. Run your mouth about Bluespace. Pet Kendrick. Medium
Generic cmo.png
Chief Medical Officer
Direct your soldiers in the warzone known as the Infirmary. Fill in for positions that other doctors do not know how to do. Accidentally donate all your blood restocking the resleever. Screech when an EMT sets cryo to 0 Kelvin. Frown furiously when the chemist renames KeloDerm to "Dermotane." Completely forget about medical records. Genuinely smile when you're thanked in an otherwise thankless job. Point to the "NO SMOKING" sign. Get eaten by Runtime for being a micro. Soul Crushing


Job Role Difficulty
Generic security.png
Security Officer
Ask your boss what to do. Get told to patrol wherever. Frequent the bar because that's where all the filthy criminals hang out. Rush to an assault call and find out it's just two people in a scene. Listen as they berate you in LOOC. Bellybrig without looking at prefs. Get bwoinked. Get your stunbaton disarmed and hide behind a window to use your taser. Accidentally let go of a suspect when you try handing them to the Warden. Medium
Kick back and doze off in your office. Observe ERP crime from afar with your sick binoculars. Order a riding crop to abuse discipline prisoners. Shoot your shotgun at prisoners from the catwalks. Watch one prisoner eat another. Froth at the mouth when a virus blasts the brig. Leave handcuffs on your prisoners for kinky roleplay. Only timeskip vore offenses, everything else (resisting arrest, sparking a manhunt, etc) does not get timeskipped. Medium
Swab everything. Scan everything. Analyze everything. Everything everything. Wave your gold holobadge around. Investigate a kidnapping. Get kidnapped yourself. Drink your sorrows away at the bar. Tip your hat. Lose your gun. Start an investigation into who stole your gun. Swab everything. Scan everything. Ad infinitum. Hard
Ia consultant.png
Internal Affairs Agent
Get summoned by pubbies that are accused of actual crimes more than people accused of crimes that genuinely deserve your attention. Sit in your office positioned on an eerily quiet floor. Put the internal in internal affairs when you get eaten. Send faxes to CC on rare occasion. Medium to Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Station Engineer
Ask the Chief Engineer if you can start the engine. Get denied. Try to keep track of all the ridiculous steps they take to optimize the setup. Consolidate the solar SMES coils. Flip tables once grubs show up thirty minutes into the shift. Try to understand the pipes in Atmos and get chased out by the baron of the land who wasn't doing anything before you showed up anyway. Realize there's nothing left to do and disasters only happen when you go to the dorms. Hard
Atmospheric Technician
Fix pipes. Place pipes. If people are telling you that you're useless, then you probably haven't failed at your job yet, and people are breathing safely. Max all the pumps. Unclog the algae generators. Cry when superheated Phoron comes tunneling down the scrubber pipes when you haven't even bothered setting up the purge valves. Hard

Cargo and Supply

Job Role Difficulty
Pretend to be a head of staff. Listen to the Head of Personnel anyway because you have to. Remind the Research Director he isn't your boss. Uphold bureaucracy and paperwork. Watch people just scribble silly words on a piece of paper asking for crayons to chew on anyway. Order carpet and foam swords and knight visitors into your kingdom. Tell miners not to get eaten by the wildlife. Break into a weapon crate; get gunned down by sec. Medium
Cargo Technician
Move freight. Almost get sold by your boss on account of how useless you are. Send empty implanters back to medical and screech that they can be refilled. Get ignored because no one cares. Watch idiots fly onto the conveyor with every bone broken and four different instances of internal bleeding. Eat them. Easy
Shaft Miner
Ask for a mining mech. Get ignored and mine with your bare hands drill and satchel. Accidentally destroy an artifact and get assblasted with radiation. Die alone and cold because you're out of sensors range. Throw your hands up in the air when you find diamonds. Get yelled at by Research when there aren't enough diamonds. Never get thanked for your efforts. Easy


Job Role Difficulty
Medical Doctor
Hawk over suit sensors. Ask people to turn around for implants. Continue waiting until they do. Slam dunk people into the body scanner. Operate on all of a patient's limbs at the same time. Use opiates willy-nilly. Fold scan reports into paper airplanes. Ask for ridiculous custom medicine mixes. Wordlessly inject/shove pills into someone's mouth when they ask for treatment. Shake your fist at the patient's right to refuse treatment. Scene in the infirmary instead of the dorms because something is bound to happen sooner or later. Medium / Hard
Sprint out the door at the first mention of injury. Sigh when no one tells their position and only screams for help. Toss people onto your roller bed and stabilize their critical injuries. Realize you don't have medkits Laugh because you have a belt full of bottles of medicine. Realize you don't have access Laugh because you brought the Hardsuit and can gain access to pretty much anywhere someone is injured. Hard
Genuinely listen to the crew's problems. Assist them in identifying the underlying issues and how to overcome them. Declare people mentally ill after they escape being your dinner. Conduct different types of therapies. Get a cool, roomy office which is basically a bigger dorm room to do lewd stuff. Mind Bending
Push buttons on the chemical dispenser. Find yourself unable to recall the recipes for medicines but do them anyway because it's all muscle memory at this point. Stock the h*ck out of the fridge with medicine that most doctors will probably just overlook. Ask mining for Phoron sheets for fun slime reactions. Make pills sometimes. Act surprised when someone actually comes in with a prescription. Easy


Job Role Difficulty
Put things in an analyzer and watch numbers go up on a console. Rush research levels within minutes. Nag mining for diamonds. Make upgraded machine parts for departments. Shoot fuel rods at high velocity just because you can. Singe your eyebrows off. Fall over the railing. Medium
Make robits that go beep boop. Unleash an army of cleanbots that all give up and get lost sooner or later. Accidentally turn on the farmbot's setting to harvest and stare in awe when hydroponics is filled to the brim with plants. Build cool stompy mechs. Look suspicious when you ask security for a helmet and baton to build securitrons. Repair synthetic crew on occasion. Easy
Breed gooey slimes. Love the slimes. Watch when one slime decides to bully another because their color is different. Teach them speech. Accidentally put an amber with other slimes and get overrun with constantly repopulating slimes. Get your DNA digested. Death
Destroy your lab when you create a plant that grows plasma. Be slightly safer than the Xenobiologist. Get eaten by sentient plants. Medium

Service and Civilian

Job Role Difficulty
Run around without a job and be lazy. Get eaten. Backseat professionals and tell them how to do their job. Get eaten. Get implanted and cryo right after. Get eaten. Get eaten. Get eaten. None
Mix drinks. Line the table with alcohol that will probably vaporize someone's liver. Build a sick web nest in your back room Complain because web nests were removed due to abuse. Wave your shotgun around. Shoot rowdy customers with your shotgun. Get arrested. Easy
Ask the Chef what they need for ingredients for their cooking. Don't get a reply and grow Ambroisa Deus potatoes. Find the chef missing and do all of the cooking yourself. Construct an apiary for bees! Toss mutagen into the tomato tray and get eaten by an angry tomato. Easy
Manage Botany and the Kitchen simultaneously since no one likes going Botanist because who likes eating vegetables? Make a menu. Lay utensils out on the table. Stick around and take orders from the crew. Cook all of the meat in the fridge into meat steaks, toss it all onto the tabletop, and run to the dorms to scene. You careless monster. Easy
Not good enough to make it through Clown college? Can't stop coughing in all that Mime makeup? Yet the sight of smiles still gives you drive. Then It's time to slip into the shoes of an entertainer! Spend the whole shift in the bar singing, joking, gambling, kissing the rest of the crew to help them unwind after the FITH phoron breach this shift! Very Easy - Very Hard
Couldn't get yourself a job with NanoTrasen, due to those incredibly high hiring standards presumably? Not to worry, you can kick start your own career by setting up a business of your own! Unbound by the limited job description of anyone who actually matters, you get special permission to market yourself on NT property as a totally reputable dentist, a perfectly competent private investigator, or even the most valuable of all professions: An influencer! Easy
Make Pastafarianism as your religion and praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Get patrons asking if said deity has meatballs. Reply yes and get millions of fanatics that secretly only want to eat the deity, and you by extension. Wave your useless null rod around. Sit bored in your chapel because no one ever visits it. Easy
Command Secretary.png
Command Secretary
Be an assistant but with a suit, briefcase, and bridge access. Keep the Guide to Paperwork open in a window and pretend you know what you're doing. Get lewded by the command staff. Wish you were a department head. Easy
Lead a losing battle against station filth. Regret taking the job when you come across the dorms. Get sat on. Never visit the top floor and allow it to get unreasonably dirty. Place signs. Point to your signs. Complain about janitor borgs doing your job better than you. Easy
Keep the library shelves stocked. Ignore that and only fill the adult shelves. Create your own newscaster channel that no one will ever check. Host games of dare dice which usually just amounts to everyone getting eaten. Write steamy fan fiction about two crew members. Easy
Fly the crew to places they need to go to do their jobs or vacations. Wear cool sunglasses. Make movie references to entertain your passengers while ferrying them around. Try to remember the atmospheric composition of each planet. Medium / Hard


Job Role Difficulty
Essentially be the station. Wonder if having people inside the station counts as vore on its own. Get funny laws from ion storms that will probably get you carded. Crash because of bugs and z-code. Quietly disappear when you realize this is a boring job to play for five and a half hours. Extremely Hard/Boring
Generic borg.png
Follow your laws and listen to the AI if you're shackled to one. Ignore the many amazing borg sprites and skip to dogborgs because BARK I'M A DOG. Get inferior tools as a result. Wish that the gods your designers gave you hands. Walk clueless roboticists through upgrade installation. Flip the bird to department SOP. Medium to Hard
Maintenance Drone.png
Maintenance Drone
Become what is essentially a robomouse. Silently fix issues around the station before the engineers can. Laugh at them in robotic speech they can't understand, otherwise just ignore anything that isn't a station issue or fellow maint drone. Medium
Personal AI
Be a pocket companion. Download useless TOTALLY NECESSARY programs to aid your user. Door jack random airlocks without care and get your user arrested. Essentially be a sentient search engine for whatever dumb VERY IMPORTANT questions your user asks. Fold out into the shape of a house pet and go on a quest to eat all of the maintenance mice. Very Easy
Fly around and scope out intense ERP scenes. Frequent the round as a ghost whenever you can't decide what loadout options look best on your character. Have a short respawn timer. Realize that Runtime is your only bridge between the supernatural world and the realm of the living. Complain. None
Pretend to be a regular mouse. Infiltrate areas that you should never be in. Hide under tables and anger the chef. Be the biggest turnip ever and try to get eaten. Get stomped instead and complain in deadchat. Very Easy

ITV Talon

These roles are assigned to their own special vessel outside of normal station play, in this case the ITV Talon. They are their own free people and are not held under any regular NT policy. On the flip side, they are not guaranteed the same benefits such as help from Centcom. Playing these roles means you will only have your fellow crew to rely on. Care to put your SS13 skills to the test?

Job Role Difficulty
Talon Captain
Command the Talon. Command nobody but you because nobody else showed up. Very Hard
Talon Pilot
Fly the Talon. Be the pilot but with a bigger ship to fly. Go on wacky adventures with the rest of the crew when you fly the Talon to somewhere. Very Hard
Talon Guard
Guard the Talon. Be a security officer but with no oversight. Beat another crewmember to death when they commit a crime. Protect the rest of the crew during an adventure. Very Hard
Talon Doctor
Heal fellow Talon crew members. Act as a field medic when people are injured on adventures, die in the middle of healing them. Very Hard
Talon Engineer
Be a engineer but on a smaller ship. Turn the Talon into a catgirl brothel. Tell the Talon Pilot to stop at the fueling station to refuel, yell at him when he says no and you end up dead in space. Very Hard


These roles only appear during events. Some of them are antagonists, some of them are just visitors. Either way they only appear during events, and you cannot play them even with a whitelist.

Job Role Difficulty
CentCom Officer
Act on behalf of CentCom. Avoid interfering unless absolutely necessary. Seriously, let them handle their own god damn problems and just fire whoever's responsible if they survive the disaster they caused. ERP in your private CentCom office. Slowly go insane as you serve as an in-character form of admin. Very Easy / Endless Suffering
Generic nukesyndie.png
Get paid to look after the interests of your wealthy employer. Mostly look after yourself. Very Hard
Generic cultist.gif
Sing praises to Devoratrix Mundi, the Redspace Deity of Devouring. Decorate your trophy rack with eyeballs. Sow panic and glorify in the cold darkness of the void as you crush the station in the bowels of your Lord. Sometimes inside actual bowels. Very Hard
Plunder booty from th' station! Capture thar crew in yer belly! Very Hard
Be friendly, polite, and have a plan to consume everyone you meet. Revel in paranoia, panic, and terror as you turn good men and women on their own loved ones. Walk right into the Armory wearing the Warden's face. Hard
Grow. Eat. Spread. Repopulate. Maul xenophiles. Hard
Sort of like a Space Wizard you may have seen in the movies, only REAL. PROBABLY. Hard
Sell copious amounts of dangerous contraband to the crew. Laugh in Security's face as they legally can't stop you. Laugh at people who step off your ship and immediately get arrested for bringing contraband aboard the station. Laugh as the crew has a mass shooting with all the guns you just sold them. Laugh all the way to the bank. Get eaten and robbed blind. Easy / Medium
Asset Protection
Get overpowered weapons and armor, then murder the ever-living fuck out of whatever CentCom told you to; usually attempted mutinies. Cause a lot of collateral damage in the process. Be an asshole to the crew for making you come here. Be an instrument of flagrant admin abuse. Robust


These jobs either require a whitelist, or only appear under special circumstances. An admin is not needed to spawn these roles.

Job Role Difficulty
Emergency Response Team
Respond to the emergency, join the crew in the stomach of what caused it. Wish you were as well armed as Deathsquads Asset Protection. Be sent to deal with issues that Asset Protection would have better success with. Medium / Hard
HONK! Get your clown SCA shot down because you made it edgy. SCA for a Clown because you have a clown fetish want to entertain your peers. HONK! Go to college for five years for a degree in honking. HONK! Yell at Louie for not having a degree. HONK! Wander around the station for an hour before afking in the bar and complaining that the H.O.N.K mech is gone. HONK! Sell nonexistent insurance. HONK! Praise the Honkmother. HONK! HONK!
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