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The following is an excerpt from the "Vilous Journal of Higher Physics"...


Not a single discovery since electricity has been so impactful than the discovery of Bluespace for Humanity. Without it, the interstellar society humanity has built would have been absolutely impossible and just a pipe dream. But what is Bluespace? Which properties does it hold? And how does the scientific community exploit this phenomenon? The following article will try to explain.

Bluespace and Realspace

The excited energy state that is described as "Redspace", and the lower energy state note as "Bluespace" were once thought to only be recreatable within laboratory tests. However from extensive testing done in labs and observatories, have discovered the effects of Bluespace throughout our entire galaxy.

The universe exists on a structure of particle excitement. The universe is formed in a clump of middleground excitement. A pool of low excitement particles push down over this clump of matter and pushes it together, and keep it from drifting apart. This pressure on the universe, keeping it together, is called “bluespace pressure”, and the middleground of excitement is called “realspace”. In our universe, “realspace” overpowers the “bluespace pressure” around it, so it constantly expands out against it.

Relieving or strengthening bluespace pressure over an area can alter the physical properties of the matter and spacetime inside the area, effectively creating a so called "Bluespace Bubble", often being used to alter anything from time, to size, to mass, to weight, to distance, to a whole host of undiscovered effects possible.


These wonderous feats are often accomplished using things called "catalysts", which are objects giving off significant amounts of the Alden-Saraspova particle. When we speak of catalysts, we chiefly speak of a sub particle of quantum mechanics, the Alden-Saraspova particle. Currently, only the material "Phoron" is known to exhibit Alden-Saraspova particles naturally, making it chiefly used to facilitate Bluespace Effects, as the synthetic process of creating these catalysts is both dangerous and energy intensive. Enriched phoron is an extremely important resource for Humanity, as it makes extrasolar travel both possible and comfortable. These effects also happen naturally throughout the universe, often coming in the form of bluespace wormholes, redspace rifts, and theoretically, further planes of stable particle existence.

How do we use Bluespace

The main use of Bluespace is evident as soon as we gaze upon the stars - Travel amongst them. This is facilitated by the acceleration of a ship capable of interstellar travel and opening an isolated spot of Realspace and enriching it with the catalysts needed and boring through this bubble into another spot of Realspace, creating a tunnel. Then, through aforementioned excitement through electrical currents, the catalysts are arranged to compress their volume between these two spots. The ship passes through the bubble to the destination by a much shorter, compressed distance. This is not quite true faster-than-light travel, as the ship never reaches relativistic speeds, but currently it is impossible to reach lightspeed in Realspace anyway.

The other main use is communication, where ansibles and quantum entangled is supplemented with optical light signals through miniature bluespace tunnels to communication satellites and towers, creating a sort of optical network similar to early 21th century Internet, making it possible to near lagless communication across vast distances. An email from Vilous to Sol takes only a couple of seconds! However, due to quantum uncertainty, packet loss and corruption is a grave concern for larger files, making anything bigger than video data a chore to transport reliably. The verification needed to compensate for these issues causes pseudo-latency because overcoming this problem means sending multiple copies of the same file to find and remove inconsistencies before a file can be read by the end user. For example, a small text file that produces the HTML of a web page might be sent up to ten times, and any mistakes would be found and written out near-instantly. For streaming a real time 3D hologram of a live person, it's doable, but you have to trade accuracy of the data for speed or vise-versa. The result is usually a somewhat grainy but decent hologram. However, the larger a file is, the more times it has to be verified, and the more time it takes to do each run of verification.

Since the advent of Resleeving, experiments have been made to try sending or streaming mindstates across the net in order to make bluespace obsolete for things such as business travel. While it is possible, it is not feasible or in any way superior to physical travel. The human brain is believed to have a capacity of up to 2.5 petabytes. Sending the first pass of data may be nearly instant, but sending billions of redundant copies and then checking over all that data to reliably fix errors is extremely time consuming. The more data a file has, the more times it has to be verified, and so the time it takes to verify increases exponentially, and that's not even accounting for the possibly limited storage space of the destination receiving this data. To verify it properly would take so long that you would be better off just shipping the data on a storage drive to its destination. However, to skip the verification process means to risk corrupting the mindstate file in severe and unpredictable ways that usually renders the mindstate unusable.

There are several, more esoteric usages of bluespace, like hammer space backpacks or experimental teleportation devices. There is even rumors of extra-dimensional travel or Einstein-Rosen Bridges into the future or past. This, however, is still unproven and likely not possible.

Redspace and Beyond

When the middleground of the universe is excited too much, the fabric of space can fold in on itself, leading to pocket realms where the physics of space and time are altered. These higher excitement pockets of space and reality are referred to as “Redspace pockets”, due to the fact that they consist of what is referred to as “Redspace.” Redspace is a state of matter and spacetime that acts in anomalous and often unstable ways. These pockets of redspace may also have rifts in space that leads to them or spatial and or temporal anomalies that serve as their entrances, varying from pocket to pocket. The physics inside of these pockets are a throw of the dice, being unpredictable at best and illogical at worst. “Redspace” is also capable of existing outside of “Redspace Pockets”, interactions between redspace and realspace being known as “Redspace events”.

Naturally Occurring Bluespace and Redspace Anomalies

While using phoron to abuse the Alden-Saraspova particle gives civilization the ability to play with bluespace, the universe has a wondrous display of naturally occurring bluespace and redspace events, rifts, wormholes, pockets, etc. Sometimes facilitated by the sheer movement of the expansion of space causing friction over a certain stretch, sometimes centered around a dying star crushing together a cache of Alden-Saraspova, or a door into a hellish realm full of strange creatures, kept stable by a collection of relics in the shape of pretty spoons held high by those in power.

The forms that redspace and bluespace anomalies come in is hypothetically limitless, which gives research teams quite the job to keep themselves busy. New anomalies are discovered every day by astronomical teams, and lab-bound researchers, along with new ways to use and exploit them.

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